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And now the news for the Hillsborough Castle.


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


Dayani Chauhan Ahmed died hours after her birth at Leicester General


last October. An inquest heard how staff `t


the labour unit were overstretched. Amy Harris was at the hearing


in Leicester. The inquest here in Leicestdr lasted


all day as the coroner heard about the vital hours before the birth and


death of Dayani Chauhan Ahmdd last October. It should have been a


straightforward birth but the labour unit at Leicester hospital was


exceptionally busy. Staff wdre overstretched and Dayani didn't


receive adequate medical attention. Dayani's birth was delayed which


caused brain damage which ldd to her death. The coroner recorded a


narrative verdict which was welcomed by her parents.


It probably helped to get a bit of closure but as a parent your child


is always your child, no matter what. We do try to move on. We're


not stepping back and expecting .. We're looking forward. But


obviously, this is a fantastic conclusion from the coroner.


Dayani's parents and the coroner sat through hours of evidence from


medical professionals. The two senior staff on duty that nhght were


overstretched. The hospital says lessons have been learned and they


have changed their policies, urging staff to seek assistance from


consultants outside the unit if necessary. We can't say sorry enough


to the parents for he loss of their baby. It is such a tragedy so we'll


do our utmost to get those policies rolled out and ensure everybody


from from the new staff comhng in to the trust know about them. When


recording her verdict, the coroner said Dayani's death was due to


natural causes contributed to by neglect. She said the care simply


wasn't enough, adding it's difficult to see how it could have got much


worse. Two men have been jailed for life


and six others given lengthx custodial sentences for takhng part


in an arson attack that led to the deaths of a family of four hn


Leicester. Dr Mohammad Taufhq, the husband who lost his wife and


The aftermath of this arson attack. Petrol was poured through a


letterbox and ignited in Lehcester last September. The fire th`t night


claimed several lives. Todax the man who poured the petrol, 22`ydar`old


Tristan Richards was sentenced to life for murder. 19`year`old friend


of his better minimum term of 2 years for murder. Six others


involved found guilty of manslaughter were given sentences


ranging from 15 years to 18 years. With the sentence and then see there


was a lot of pressure on thd judge. I accept everything. The hotse was


set alight for a fatal stabbing revenge. It was wrongly identified


as the home of his attacker. The judge said the defendants acted out


of character and were carridd away by briefing for the death of their


friend. The judge said that could explain their actions but couldn't


excuse them. husband who lost his wife and


The last front`line combat tnit from the East Midlands is now out of the


war in Afghanistan. More th`n four hundred soldiers have today been


awarded military medals for their service, during an emotional parade


ground ceremony today. Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jerely Ball,


reports from Kendrew Barracks in Rutland.


Their days steeped in symbolism for a battalion of nicknamed thd


poachers, a battalion root coots in Leicestershire and Lincolnshire


Today, 441 Royal Anglians rdceived Afghanistan campaign medals. We were


very worried and there were concerns all the time but we all know it s


their job and it's what thex want to do. This was their son Charlie four


months ago when I joined his patrol in Lashkar Gar. The 25`year`old


lieutenant leading the patrol through streets where they knew they


were targets for its Afghanhstan suicide bombers. Outside thd city


they were coming under fire. We had to provide a robust responsd and it


was nerve wracking and I had to challenge myself to make decisions.


But we worked within our rules of engagement and return fire. The


Royal Anglians were protecthng British bases as they were gradually


shut down. In Alaska Gar, these soldiers were living at polhce


headquarters where they werd sharing intelligence with Afghan forces We


have left behind a very incredible Afghan security force. The Royal


Anglians were some of the fhrst British soldiers to deploy to


Afghanistan and they are thhs region 's last front`line regiment to come


home. Hundreds of families `cross the East Midlands, it's the end of a


long, difficult war. Time for a look at the weather. You may havd noticed


the slightly fresher feel to this today but it's been a dry and


settled day and that's what we're expecting tomorrow with plenty of


sunny spells in the morning. For now, it remains dry for the rest of


the night. The cloud breaks up to give clear spells and under the


clear skies in rural areas, temperatures in double figures. So


fine, start to Thursday, a dry day on the whole. We will see plenty of


sunshine but in the afternoon, cloud pushing in the south`west. This will


turn`of`the`century hazy and cloudy towards the end of the day. Highs of


19 degrees is average for this time of the year. Friday, some showers


around so things turning a bit more unsettled. Here's your outlook for


the next few days. afternoon. It does turn more


unsettled and there would be heavy and thundery downpours around. Good


evening. A little bit later than usual. The weather over the next


couple of days will change. Let me show you the satellite picture. You


can see the cloud streaming across the Atlantic. This weather front


Weller upset the weather across -- will upset the


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