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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from


This is East Midlands Today with Sarah Teale and me, Dominic Heale.


police and care`workers over their handling of a mentally ill lan.


William Barnard was due to be arrested for a robbery on the day he


stabbed his grandfather to death. If you had been arrested, he would not


be at liberty to kill. Also tonight, delays hit knocking Nottingham's new


tramlines. So when will thex be finished? Will it be the 14th of


January? It will be as earlx as we can possibly make it. Will ht be the


14th of February Western markets it will be as early as we can lake it.


Mums Art in Leicester are asked for their views on the shake`up in


maternity services. And how the Imperial War Museum has bright


provided the ammunition for a ashen line. `` a fashion line.


Welcome to Friday's programle. First tonight, the missed opportunities


that led to the violent death of a man described as the "centr`l


figure" in his family. But ht was a family member ` his own grandson `


who killed John McGrath. A coroner today concluded that if mental


health workers and police h`d acted sooner over the care of William


Barnard, he wouldn't have bden free to kill his grandfather. Silon Hare


The family of John McGrath `nd William Banat arrive at the inquest


in Nottingham to hear the coroner APPLAUSE


Findings. A conclusion was simple. If mental


health workers and police h`d done their jobs properly and thoroughly,


William Banat would not havd been free to kill his grandfather. John


McGrath was stabbed to death at his home in Nottinghamshire in July


2009. It has been very frustrating and embarrassing at times, having to


listen to the feeble excuses as to why they didn't do more for


William, and in turn to prevent the deaths. William had been di`gnosed


as a paranoid schizophrenic but hadn't been taking his medication


for months. He had also been the prime suspect any street robbery,


but hadn't been arrested by police. The coroner said:


There were times when the mttation was not as good as it might have


been, organisation of the w`s not as good as it might have been, and of


course we apologise for that. We have, however, put in a number of


changes as recommended by the coroner. An independent enqtiry


found that two police officdrs had a case to answer for misconduct. The


police have since issued thdm with management advice. When Mac we have


had an opportunity to apologise to the family and we would likd to


discuss how we can maintain further contact and assure them that we are


doing everything we can. Mr McGrath's family fought to have the


hearing held but with help from their MP. They say it was m`king


sure that John had not died in vain that had always been their lain


division. Struggling businesses hit bx the


construction of Nottingham's tram extension say they're furiots that


the work won't be completed on time. The ?570


million project should have been up and running by Decelber But


the contractor now says it won't be ready until the first part of next


year and couldn't tell us exactly Mike O'Sullivan's in Chillwdll.


Mike, what's been the reacthon of the City Council, they're the


customer after all? That is right. They say thex are


upset and disappointed that they will not have two new tramlhnes for


Christmas. They are having talks with the contractor to see hf they


can recover some of the timd was, but it is out here at the sharp end


that businesses are feeling. Toiling on the tram extension in


Chillwell High Road. But thd contractors have missed the December


deadline which would see paxing passengers using the tram hdre.


Instead, it will now be ready sometime in the first part of 2 15.


Struggling businesses are not happy. The whole of Chilwell High Road


is struggling. From very early on we were OK, but now we have had to


close on a Thursday because of the impact because peopld are


frustrated about how to get here. I am absolutely furious,


to wake up this morning and see it in the headlines, and for


them not to have the integrhty to Julie Cameron's gift shop is,


like other businesses, getting compensation


from the city and county cotncils. She is receiving around ?1500 per


month, but she is losing ?4000 Typical of the independent retailers


here, who can only claim back 7 % It has been obvious to anybody who


looks at the mess behind me that this wasn't going to be finhshed


by the end of August, and the trams were not going to be


running by the 14th of Decelber As recently as Monday,


the contractors assured us that they were still on course for about,


but it was clear that they weren't. We have got a number


of opportunities which we are looking to try and


bring that as early as posshble It is not going to be the 14th


of December or 15th of Decelber It will be as early in the New Year


as we can possibly make it. It will be as early as New Xear


as we can possibly make it. It will be as early


as we can make it in the New Year. Things have been


so tough that a special hardship fund has already paid out ?000, 00


with the prospect of more to come. Let's find out more by speaking to


Paul Harris from the contractors. Good evening, Paul. Paul, gdtting


around the utilities have bden a big problem for you, why is that? You'll


Mac this area is particularly challenging, because of the nature


of the underground services. We have had to hand deck extensivelx, and


the services are very conjectured it. It is not practical to bring


large machines in here. Shotldn t we have known about that befordhand? We


did know, we did many survexs to establish we are the servicds were,


but the survey is only told part of the story. It was only when we


opened up that we saw how challenging it was. Financi`l


penalties, are you going to incur them? Yes, there is a series of


financial power penalties that we will incur. Thank you very luch for


that. We will have to leave it there. Tomorrow, the workforce will


be back here to crack on. Thank you, Mike.


Still to come: The former phone magnate who's connecting with


Opera. David Ross founded C`rphone Warehouse. Now he's thrown open his


Plus in sport we are with some of the stars of the future with less


than a month to go until thd start of the Commonwealth Games.


Next tonight : Mothers have expressed concern about the


controversial idea of merging two maternity units in Leicester. As we


revealed last night there's to be a radical shake up of NHS services


across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. And a review of whdre


babies are born is part of that process. Our Health Correspondent


Just three hours old, Leicester General's latest arrival. The proud


parents are the unit's newest bands. After a 27 hour labour, this woman


left her husband to some up his feelings on the suggestion of the


merger. It will be in what busier, which will be difficult. Thd need to


move some services to other hospital sites have been identified. That


threatens maternity continuhng at the General, because there would not


be the right medical back`up on site for all but the most low risk


births. We need to have paediatricians they are. Generally,


of the woman that go into l`bour, about one quarter will need to


transfer in labour because of competitions. The Leicestershire


Royal Infirmary has around 6400 births per year, Leicester General


around 2450, but this month isn t convinced that one unit makds sense.


The Royal is notorious for trying to get to its, and car parking is very


pure. Whatever happens, midwives want to see choice, and scope for


all medical intervention. It is very important that we have thesd result


is for women, because often women don't want a medical life approach


to care. Today, Newbury and services were opened at the General Hospital,


paid for by a charity. The local MP did the honours. Her older sister


was stillborn. Otherwise have never met her, I know that she totched the


lives of my parents. This is the best modernity in anywhere hn the


United Kingdom, and I will fight tooth and nail to ensure th`t the


hospital begins the excellence that it has at the moment. Nothing is


decided, and the review is just beginning.


The promoter of a boxing match in Nottingham, in which a man died is


calling for fighters to havd thorough annual medical checks.


Lance Ferguson`Prayogg, frol Liverpool, died after a so`called


'white collar' fight last Stnday. The Coroner's Service says ht could


take weeks to determine the cause of death. The fight took place at the


Forum Nightclub. The promotdr, Damian Hucker, has decided not to


Police say a teenager who's gone missing from Nottingham could be in


14 year old Sandra Gazikova has not been seen since last Saturd`y. She's


missing from her home at Thd Vistas at Stapleford in Nottingham.


Officers say she has links to Derby and may be in the city.


A takeaway in Nottingham has been shut down after 13 people wdre


admitted to hospital with food poisoning.


Boulevard in Hyson Green was closed by the City Council under an


emergency order. Officials say anyone affected should get ledical


help and contact the council. And customers who still have food from


the premises, even if it's been frozen, should dispose of it


A Nottinghamshire company s`ys it's bringing an estimated 20 million


pounds a year into its local community, and yet many people


barely realise it's there. Center Parcs is based in Ollerton on the


site of the old colliery. Btt it seems the firm's developments `


including a two hundred and fifty million pound investment in a new


leisure park ` aren't widelx known. James Roberson reports.


It is 20 years since the last meeting took place at Ollerton


pit, but its sudden closure in 994 traumatised the village that had


relied on it for employment for seven decades. Today, the pht site


is thriving once again as a business site. Center Parcs HQ was one of the


first to move on. Now it employs 200 people who come from all ovdr the


area. I think it has been hugely


important. I think such a bhg company, to have it on your


doorstep. Especially with the pit closures and those sorts of things,


it has meant that there has been plenty of opportunity for elployment


in the local area. There have been a lot of ex`miners working since I've


been here that have come out of some states. Yes, a of ex`miners work


here. I came up here and I fell in love with it. It is just lovely


isn't it? But it is the firm's latest


development, the ?250 million Woburn Park in Bedfordshire, just


opened, that seems to surprhse Ollerton people. Do you know which


Ollerton`based company has just invested ?250 million? No, H do


know, honestly. That is the first I have ever known about it. No. No,


we don't. Center Parcs boss, whose office overlooks Ollerton


village, says the East Midl`nds people forget that what the


Nottinghamshire`based busindss HQ and leisure site bring to the local


economy. Sherwood Forest, just three and a half miles down the


and we have another 1500 employees there as well. So very important for


jobs in the local area. We have estimated something like ?20 million


of money goes back into the local economy every year as a restlt of


is thriving once again as a business site. Center Parcs HQ was one of the


first to move on. Now it employs 200 people who come from all ovdr the


area. I think it has been hugely


important. I think such a bhg company, to have it on your


doorstep. Especially with the pit closures and those sorts of things,


it has meant that there has been plenty of opportunity for elployment


in the local area. There have been a lot of ex`miners working since I've


of money goes back into the local economy every year as a restlt of


Center Parcs' presence, so we are really significant in this part of


the world. Center Parcs now turns over over


?300 million per year, and the Woburn site may not be its last


development. It is considerhng another, possibly in Ireland, in the


Now fashion designers often seek inspiration from the past and that's


certainly been the case for the Leicestershire company Reall and


Empire. From t`shirts to knhtwear ` all their designs have been based on


archives held at the Imperi`l War Museum. In the last of our series on


local designers, Geeta Pendse has been finding out how military life


Founded in 1970, the Imperial Royal Museum has bden a


vital resource for visitors keen to learn about our military past. But


for one Leicestershire comp`ny, it also provided the inspiration for a


brand`new fashion label. Ex`mining an American bomber jacket ftrther


next collection. This is ond of several trips Norman and Richard had


made to the Imperial War Museum in London. From badges to stitching,


their clothes are inspired by design techniques from the past. So this is


a jacket that would have bedn warned by an American pilot in the Second


World War. What is it you look for? With this leather jacket, you


have got little poppers unddrneath the collar which is a nice detail.


You got these beautiful little bits of stitching. Just a really simple


thing that brings your colldction together. Although it is such a


small thing in a jacket, it is actually just a really nice detail.


And curators at the museum have also been surprised by the way Realm


and Empire have reimagined their artefacts. The most impresshve thing


I have seen is the item of wallpaper. That was taken from a


German trench during the First World War by a British soldier. This has


inspired a whole collection based on the First World War. The colpany


based in Leicestershire and Nottingham, where Norman designs


each garment. The bulk of the outfits are made in the UK, with


their knitwear produced at ` Leicester factory. It has bden nice


when it was done properly. @nd kind of try to capture that look. Of you


know, although we are a moddrn company and every thing we take is


revamped to appeal to the modern diet, it has still got that love


attached to it. With celebrhties endorsing the


brand, realm and Empire want to fashion the modern man with designs


Time for sport now and Derbx County have signed up defender Crahg


Forsyth on a four year deal this afternoon, meanwhile Colin has been


Well, it is summer, even though it doesn't feel like it. It is an


extraordinary summer of sport ahead. By way of a warm up, we camd to this


school sports day. Over 1000 pupils here and lots of sports. We wanted


about the hockey, and we want to talk about the Commonwealth Games,


because today team England `nnounced their squads for the Commonwealth


Games hockey, and they are both packed full of people from the east


Midlands, as Christie reports. They are still in the process of handing


out, not games gets to the role of team England. Amongst those in the


changing rooms today, the mdn's and women's hockey teams. There is no


one more excited for the gales than Holly Webb. It is going to be 8 to


dream that has come true. As a child, I have always wanted to


compete in major competitions, and I didn't ever really think it would


happen. It means everything. Colin Love games, like the Olympic Games,


they are things that you watch every four years on the television, and


you see great icons taking part and to be part of it will be incredible.


Tim is one of three players in the men's team along with Harry Martin


and Adam Dixon. A man looking to book penalty heartbreak behhnd


inform the last Commonwealth Games. If you put that penalty misdry


behind him, and take a lot of inspiration from him and thd way


that he approached sport, so for me it is just to get on with it and to


try to bury those demons. They got their official get started today,


then, and there photographic memento is, complete with some very serious


props. Time for some fun photos today. But in just 26 daytile, these


guys will be flying the flags for England for real. Kirsty Edwards,


BBC East Midlands Today, St George's Park. Now, if you pick will


close attention to this programme, you will remember Lucy Garndr, who


is double world junior road race champion, a real star in cycling.


This is her sister Grace, who is also going to be a cycling star


What do these do for the chhldren? It gives them a really great


opportunity to get involved with competitive sport, I mean you don't


get anything like this in Leicestershire. It is reallx good to


get involved in. And is it important, do you think, for


children to get used to the idea of competition, because it is vital to


what do you do? Yes, definitely It will help progression. We whll let


you get on with that. The khds are very pleased is the EU. Another area


where there is great, edition is in the world of motorsport. Especially


in Sidecar racing, where we have the former world champions the Burchill


brothers, who are astonishingly back on the track this weekend. Despite


having suffered an absolutely horrible smash in the Isle of Man TT


just a few weeks ago. Natalhe Jackson reports.


This, the moment Ben Birchall was fired out of his bike at 120 mph. We


both got thrown off the thing and ended up in a big heap. One each


side of the road. You don't have to think very hard or for a very long


about what's involved with that race and what could have bedn.


Brothers Ben and Tom from Mansfield were leading the race at


of June at the Isle of Man TT when the crash happened. The first


my mind is, where is Tom? And I could see that he was, therd was a


bit of movement there, and he was making some noises, so... That was


good enough. And then when Ben went to see Mark Eaton, the spechalist


there, in Wigan, well he got on a level with Ben, I think, and said, I


realise what you want to be doing, you want to be racing, but we need


time to put it right. For what he has done, Mark Eaton is incredible,


really. Some of the stories Ben s told us after, what he to gdt into


his head, that he possibly could lose the power of his hand. It took


a bit of revaluation that d`y, it gives you a bit of a slap in the


face. This is it, and it cotld have been a lot worse.


really race again, but astonishingly, tomorrow, he and Tom


are back out on the track at the world Sidecar Championships in the


Netherlands. I can certainlx ride, as to what level, we will fhnd out


when we get there, but a bit of red mist about that, I'm sure. We will


give it 110%. I'll tell you that, but we'll see what the points are


like, you know, it is a long year, anything could happen. We h`ve


already proved that. We will be trying. We will be trying otr best.


Well, after all, they are two of the best in the world. Natalie Jackson,


Back here at the school gamds, the matches are still going on. I have


two things to mention to yot. Follow the cricket action on the BBC sport


website, and a huge well done to Jocelyn Rae, who won mixed doubles


gold in the column of games. Now they have got to the first round of


Wimbledon. So well done to them Let's talk to the young people


you're been taking part tod`y. You had been playing basketball, has it


been fun? I have really enjoyed myself, especially with all my


friends, it has been an amazing experience. Is this really


competitive? Yes, it is really nerve wracking. Well done. Whatevdr you're


doing for the summer of sport, enjoy it too. That was a quality cheer.


Finally tonight, he made a fortune from mobile phones and


the trappings of success. D`vid Ross, the former Carphone W`rehouse


tycoon, is a noted philanthropist whose roots, he says, are fhrmly in


the East Midlands. For one week a year he opens up his countrx mansion


in Leicestershire to host a lavish opera production. And today he


allowed us a very rare glimpse behind the scenes at his hole.


For one week a year, the sound of opera fills thd air


at this spectacular country mansion in Leicestershire.


Carphone Warehouse entrepreneur David Ross opens his grounds


So it was opening night last night, how did it go?


think it was a triumph. It `ll went very well and I think the


audience... All the feedback I got was that it was the best show we


have ever had here. We've still got three more nights of La Boheme,


and then we've got two nights of Turn Of The Screw.


And your son is in this production. What is it like watching, when


you're watching as a dad as well? Just to realise what it is hnvolved


and I'm delighted he's enjoxing it. I think Neville Holt is, for me


It's not a traditional country house.


The gardens, they're not traditional country gardens.


You come across Mark Quinn sort of hiding,


or in the case of Mark Quinn, not hiding in the middle of the lawn.


David Ross grew up in Lincolnshire and was educated in Ovinghal


and studied law at the Univdrsity of Nottingham, where he still


He went on to set up Carphone Warehouse with a friend.


We always imagined everyone would want to have one, but I don't think


we were envisaging, back in 198 , 1981, that people would be tsing


them for sending e`mails, sending texts or taking selfies


I guess we always thought there was the opportunity there, but H don't


big the opportunity was to become. How proud are you? Very protd. But


He ploughs much of his forttne into charity projects are partictlarly


His other big passion is collecting art, much of


And how important is it to xou to do something like this


and welcome people into your home and your grotnds


I think the house comes alive when we have the opportunitx to have


people enjoying, not only the opera, but also the garden and the ambience


enjoys all there are only a few tickets left, so snap them tp. I


thought you looked very at home there. Shame I had to leave. Things


brightened up a bit in terms of the weather. Yes, but the rain `rrived,


as we expected, which wasn't great news for the cricket. I don't think


these sheep are very happy, either. There will be some dry weather


around, even though there whll be plenty of showers first thing in the


morning. It will gradually hmprove, and Sunday looks like it will be


mostly dry, with sunny spells. For now, we do have a Met Officd warning


in place by rainfall. It will be for the next 24 hours, with a rhsk of


torrential downpours and thtndery showers, which may lead to some


localised flooding. I expect that the showers will be concentrated


butter south, which I will tell you more about any moment. For now, low


pressure is in charge, keephng the crowd and the rain with us. Adding


to the north of the region `s we head through the evening, and it


will linger there throughout the night time, also a few showdrs


pigeon into the South East. As we head towards dawn, the rain starts


to come lighter and fairly patchy, with minimum night`time temperatures


of 11 Celsius. A bit of mist tomorrow morning. As we head through


the day on Saturday, a cloudy start, the rain that we have in thd


morning, like an patchy, but the weather will gradually start to push


the rain further south and then the improvement starts. So we should see


some bright or sunny spells as we head through the afternoon, with


just the risk of the odd isolated shower. Temperature is still a


little bit disappointing for this time of the year, with maxilum of 18


Celsius. An improvement on Sunday, with high pressure in chargd, so it


should be largely dry and I am hopeful we will see plenty of


sunshine, soul and improvemdnt across the weekend. At least we will


see some sunshine on Sunday. By goodness. Whatever you're doing this


weekend, have a great time. Goodbye.


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