27/06/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Now it's time for the news where you are.


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


of Nottingham's trams say they're furious work's been delayed.


The ?570 million project should have been ready for passengers


by December, but it'll be next year, although now


Tiling on the road in Chillwell But the contractors have missed the


deadline which would have sden the tram we opened by December. It is


dire. The whole of the road are struggling. From very early on we


were OK, but now we have had to close on a Thursday now, because of


the impact because people are frustrated about how to get here.


I'm absolutely furious, to wake up in the morning and see it in the


papers, without being told `bout it first. It is an absolute disgrace.


Julie Cameron's shop is getting compensation from the city `nd


county councils. She is recdiving around 15 `` ?1500 month, btt she is


losing most of her trade, and traders here can only claim back 70%


of their losses. It has been obvious to everyone here that this was not


going to be finished by Decdmber. As recently as Monday, the contractors


assured us that they were still on course for that, but it was clear


that they weren't. Things h`ve been so tough that a special hardship


fund has already paid out ?000, 00, with the prospect of more to come.


Michael Sullivan, BBC East Lidlands Today.


Contractors say the delay is because they've had to dig some


Mike O'Sullivan pressed the project director on when trams would be


operational, now the Decembdr 1 th deadline is to be missed.


It is not going to be the 14th of December or the 15th


of December, which would have been operational services.


It will be as early in the new year as we can possibly makd it


It will be as early as we can possibly make it.


It will be as early as we can possibly make it.


The failures of police and mental health workers dhrectly


led to the violent death of a Nottinghamshire grandf`ther,


John McGrath from Stapleford was killed by his own grandson,


The family of John McGrath and William Barnard arrive


at the inquest in Nottinghal to view the coroner's findings.


If mental health workers and police had done


their jobs properly and thoroughly, William Barnard would not h`ve been


John McGrath was stabbed to death at his home in Stapleton


We knew as a family all the circumstances, but we w`nted


the wider world to see all the failings that have been out there,


William had been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic


but hadn't been taking his medication for months.


He had also been the prime suspect in a street robbery


An independent enquiry found three police officers had


Nottinghamshire Police has since issued them with management advice.


We have had an opportunity this week to speak to


the family ourselves and apologise for that, and we are writing to them


after today to discuss how we can maintain further contact and assure


Mr McGrath's family fought for the hearing to be held,


They say it was making sure that John hadn't died in vain th`t had


Simon Hare, BBC East Midlands Today, Nottingham.


A travel agents in Derbyshire was robbed today.


Police say a man with a knife threatened staff at Thomsons


He stole foreign currencies, including the Jamaican Doll`r,


Croatian Kuna and Euros, from the safe before fleeing.


Concern has been raised abott the number of solar parks planned


Energy companies want to secure new locations before governlent


But people living in villagds near Loughborough fear they're


In the heart of rural Leicestershire known for its simple yet sttnning


landscape, over 40 acres of this agricultural land could soon


With other solar fields being considered in the local are`,


some residents think that this is not the right location.


I think we have got a tension here between food production on one hand


My view is that the energy parks, the solar parks, could be shted


in other places, so we are not losing valuable land like this.


Emotions run high as the colpany behind this project explain how they


They say it would generate dnough energy to power nearly 3000 homes


while protecting the local environment.


There will be areas for plants to grow, and that


encourages a more diverse r`nge of species and habitats and it


The prospect of it is making me furious.


I think it is industrialisation of the countryside,


and I really don't think it is an appropriate place to put it at all.


Down the road in Wyneswold, one of the largest solar farms in the UK is


The government is proposing to limit the subsidies for large


Developers will be keen to complete new sites as soon as possible,


with the wealth of land in rural Leicestershire, companies m`y see it


Emily Anderson, BBC East Midlands Today.


That's it from me, but after the weather affected some of the


region's cricket matches today, I'll leave you now with Anna and a look


Not great news today for Nottinghamshire and Leicestdr


cricket. We are expecting more rainfall this weekend. On S`turday,


there will be some heavy showers around. With that in mind, we do


still have a warning in force for this heavy rainfall as it m`y lead


to some localised flooding. As we continue through this evening,


cloudy with some outbreaks of rain. Some heavy pulses for a timd. It


tends to become a bit lightdr as we head towards dawn. As we have some


drier spells, we also have some mist and fog. Minimum temperaturds of 11


Celsius. A cloudy start to Saturday, and as I mentioned, there whll be


some heavy rain around. This ring is heading south as we head through to


the afternoon. It made bring the odd rumble of thunder with it.


Disappointing temperatures. A high of 16 Celsius. I will leave you know


which outlook for the next few days. Sunday is looking


move towards Sunday. The top temperature again 20. Fewer showers.


Most out towards the east. That's the way it is looking.


Good evening. For some the weather put on a show today - lightning and


hail. For others more of a no-show. Showers at Wimbledon stayed away.


They were further west. Torrential downpours with the lightning flashes


over East Anglia. Local flooding in for folk. Showers through


Glastonbury. Thunder storms over Mid Wales


currently. Flashes of lightning will ease away during the night. Wet


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