28/06/2014 East Midlands Today


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allow Chile in. Alexis Sanchez only needed a glimpse. It sent the game


into uncertainty and after the break it seemed Hulk could restore the


lead. But Howard Webb gave handball and no goal. The frustration and


saddled Brazil. Chilean advanced and only the goalkeeper's inspired last


line of defence them out. Extra time and tortured nation and falls to


enjoy more. Hulk tried to win it on his own. The goalkeeper thwarted


him. Chile forced themselves forward. Fractions from snatching


it. Instead it was penalties. Brazil's World Cup hopes hinged on a


Chilean kick. The hosts survived but this could hardly have been more


agonising. With your news now for the


East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. The sacrifice


of the region's military personnel Events have been taking place all


day in all corners of the E`st Some also commemorated


the centenary of the assasshnation which sparked the outbreak of World


War I, as Emily Anderson reports. The rain didn?t ruin this p`rade


in Hinckley, as past, present and future generations


of the military marched through the The youngsters over there could very


well be going into conflict There?s a real sense of pride


in Hinckley today as young and old have gathered in


Argents Mead to pay tribute to those who are serving in wars now


and those who have sacrificdd In Heage near Ripley, Crich View


Farm showcased military equhpment as a reminder of the work the Armed


Forces have done over the ydars A Dakota aircraft flew over


Nottingham as part of a day There were re`enactments,


displays and demonstrations I know some people that havd been in


the Army and some people th`t have lost their children in the @rmy so,


yeah, it?s quite a patriotic day. I think it?s


a really good opportunity to come out and celebrate, and show support


for people who put themselvds Across the East Midlands, it?s


certainly been a day to celdbrate. But also a day to remember those


servicemen and women who gave A group of travellers who moved onto


a busy car park Legal proceedings started this week


to remove around 20 caravans from The city council served


an order to leave, and last night the travellers began to movd on


though a few still remain. Fresh delays to the complethon


of Nottingham's tram extenshons mean struggling traders in part


of the city will have to face The works started in spring 201


and were due to finish this side of Christmas, but will last now


into the New Year. Traders


and those supporting them fdar it'll be a struggle to endure another


festive period of disruption. At least we know it won't bd open on


time but we don't know when it would be opened because they haven't been


specific. I want to know about the money that will have to be paid by


TWA, the constructors, I don't want it coming out of the city's covers.


I wanted used to compensate residents. Otherwise people won t be


able to take advantage of the tram. Now a site described as being one


of huge historical signific`nce will be open tomorrow


for everyone to explore. University of Leicester


archaeologists are entering the final year of a five`ye`r


project at Burrough Hill, an Iron Their work has revealed evidence


of life on the site And tomorrow they're inviting


you to visit the dig. On Sunday, it?ll be the verx last


chance for people to come along and There?ll be guided tours


of the hill fort, re`enactmdnt going There?ll be all sorts of thhngs for


people of all ages to get involved with ` local history and archaeology


stalls, that kind of thing. And really it?s


the very last chance to get as many people in as possible for a really


good send`off for this important Let's see what weather you light


face if you're going there, or up Most of the showers are now


starting to clear away. You can see them working


their way in earlier on tod`y, reaching parts of Leicestershire


through the afternoon. They?re losing their intenshty,


and for most places it will be A few clear spells overnight means


those temperatures are going to dip down to lows of around ten Celsius


in built`up areas, but out in the countryside ht will


be a little bit cooler than that. So tomorrow morning gets


off to a dry start and therd will be There will be variable amounts


of cloud around Many places will avoid them, though,


and it should feel fairly pleasant in any sunshine,


with highs of 18 Celsius.


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