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This is East Midlands Today with so it's goodbye from me and


This is East Midlands Today with Sarah Teale and me Dominic Heale.


Tonight: A grieving family's agonising wait for answers. First


tonight: The brother of a tdacher who was murdered on the holhday


island of Bali says his famhly are enduring an agonising wait for


answers about how she died. When the alleged assailant broke ten, was she


asleep, did she come back to the villa and find him there? Wd do not


know. And bare knuckle boxing comes to the region but is it barbaric or


just a bit of fun? Plus the killer who murdered his love rival starts


the 23 year jail term. And the farm where animals die of old agd. Good


evening and welcome to the programme. The brother of the


teacher who was murdered on the holiday island of Ali says the


family are enduring an agonhsing wait for answers about how she died.


`` Bali. Anne`Marie Drozdz was found dead at her home in May. Her family


here in Hinckley say they'rd horrified that photographs of her


body are online. And that they still have no idea about what happened.


Anne`Marie's brother, Greg Drozdz spoke exclusively to our reporter


Helen Astle. It has been a terrible nightmare. At times it has been


overwhelming. We have thrown ourselves into the practicalities of


trying to deal with the aftdrmath. Then in the quieter moments when we


start to reflect we become very very sad. The 49 euros was working


as a teacher in Bali. Six wdeks on from our death her family still have


questions as to what happendd. Was she in the villa at the timd when


the alleged assailant broke in, what's she asleep, or did she come


back to the villa and find him there? We still do not know. What we


do know is that she was in ` fight, it she put up the struggle `nd she


lost. She was strangled with a rope. Because the Indonesian medi` is not


quite as restricted as it is here you do not have to go very far


before you find a picture of a corpse. Indonesian police h`ve been


investigating a suspect. He has been in custody for a month. The family


say the waiting for an cancdr is a nightmare. It is a very distressing


time. Bali has the dual repttation, some people call it paradisd but for


us it is hail. Next tonight, a bare knuckle boxing night is due to take


place in Hinckley on Saturd`y. It has been described as are B`rry for


some people. Our reporter h`s been following the story. `` described as


barbaric. Whether it is Carol Froch at Wembley Stadium or a grotp of


kids training at their local cop `` club on a Wednesday night, ht


attracted interest. A planndd fight this weekend is proving


controversial. The gloves are off and this man cannot wait. Hd is


training for the bare knuckle boxing event at Hinckley on Saturd`y. It is


exciting. It is what people want to see. It is an old generation thing


that you cannot find in othdr combat sports. The hope to post thd fight


here at the Hinckley United football club. Ill macro I was brought up


here at a young age. It is ` gentleman's sport. Every fighter I


have ever known has always been a gentleman. Today, reaction to the


sport is mixed. I do not like it at all. It sounds barbaric. I think it


will be good. It is a sport that has been away for many years. If they


want to have a punch`up it hs their choice. I'd macro it is thotght to


be one of the biggest public events of this sport in the UK. Thd


question is, is it safe? Anxone participating or supporting the


fight was also acting illeg`lly I do not think this has changdd. It is


the practice that was banned for good reasons a century ago. We


cannot have people attempting to seriously injure another person We


have medics, an ambulance on stand`by, a hospital tent. Ht is


better on the wall for safety. I am hoping it is a very quick fhght and


I knock him out. I am a strhpper on the weekends and I have a couple of


jobs booked in for after thd fight! Whether this weekend's fight is even


legal should become clear l`ter in the week. Should fight like this


even take place? I do not think so. It is very dangerous. You are


hitting somebody's body and head with bare knuckles. You are not only


damaging your own hands, it is much safer with gloves. They would say


they have a long history and the long tradition, does it not deserve


a place in the sports books? I do not know whether they deserve a


place in history, it is all gone. You have got to be safer now. Before


we hear from the police we have to assume this weekend's game will be


going ahead but it is controversial. You're watching East Midlands Today.


Still to come: The farm where cows can end their days naturallx, away


from the shadow of the slaughterhouse. Plus, as thd pollen


count peaks, a warning, it hs an offence to drive if your hax fever


tablets make you drowsy. The father of two young children has


been told he will serve at least 23 years in prison, for murderhng a man


who was having an affair with his wife. Heteny Tarsoly was fotnd


guilty on Monday of killing David Hunter with a crowbar. Sentdncing


him at Derby Crown Court today, the judge said he understood thd


provocation Tarsoly was suffering, but that was no justification for


such a murder. James Roberson reports. It was in January this year


that 54`year`old a good hunter was found dead. He had had and ` fair


Isle with the hon Mary and ` fair Isle with a handy alien wom`n


colleague while they both worked as bus drivers. `` he had an affair


with a hunky avian colleagud. `` Hungarian. Her husband attacked Mr


Hunter when he heard his wife was having a relationship with him. The


judge accepted that he feardd he would lose his relationship with his


wife and children because of the divorce but that was no exctse for


hitting his rival with a crowbar and killing them. We are pleased justice


has been served and it is over but that does not bring David b`ck. Two


families have been destroyed because of the actions of that night. When


released from jail, he will be deported back to Hungary. Hd is not


expected to see his children again. Portuguese detectives investigating


the disappearance of Leicestershire girl Madeleine McCann are bdginning


to interview 11 possible witnesses. The questioning of four suspects has


already taken place. Our Correspondent Jeremy Cooke has just


sent this report from Praia da Luz. We now know that the questioning of


the four new potential suspdcts in this case was concluded last night.


Today, the focus of attention has been on a list of 11 potenthal


witnesses. They have been interviewed down the road at the


local police station. Local police officers have been asking the


questions but Metropolitan Police officers have also been in


attendance. This whole development in the case seems to have come from


the work of the British teal of place officers investigating this


case. No`one is making any comment on or off the record for thd link


with these witnesses might be to the suspects from the case all those


years ago. We were told the questioning of the four suspects was


concluded yesterday evening and unfortunately the interviews have


led to no new developments `nd we are back to where we were sdven


years ago. A man from Nottinghamshire has been ch`rged


under terrorism laws. 19`ye`r`old Adeel Ulhaq from Sutton`in`@shfield


will appear before the Old Bailey on the 18th of July. It's alleged he


was raising money for charity, which was to be used to fund terrorism in


Syria. It has been announced the Queen is to visit Derbyshird next


week. She'll be in Matlock on the 10th of July along with the Duke of


Edinburgh. The royal party will visit the John Smedley knitwear


factory nearby, before going to meet the crowds at Chatsworth Hotse. Next


tonight: A Police Commissioner says the way to stop the children of


criminals from offending thdmselves is to offer them more support. Clive


Loader was speaking as agencies across Leicestershire and Rttland


launched a new Young Adult Project. The aim is to stop youngsters


getting involved in crime. Our Social Affairs Correspondent Jeremy


Ball reports. This boy finally has somewhere to lay his hat after three


years without a home. He moved to this supported bedsit just weeks


before his birthday. He was only 15 when his mum kicked him out because


of trouble. His life was sphralling out of control. I was staying out,


drinking, I was then with the wrong crowd. It led to problems, stealing


from shops, eventually I got arrested. His story is all too


common. Tonight the project met to discuss how to stop young pdople


getting drawn into crime in the first place. There are stark


statistics about young people who end up behind bars. 25% of xoung men


locked up in young offenders institutions are already fathers.


65% of the children of prisoners go on to offend themselves. We can give


them skills, look after thel, mentor them and give them support. When I


was on my own I thought it would not make any difference, I would go to


jail and I could not be doing better than I was doing anyway, I had no


peers about anything. I'd m`cro he is living proof that young offenders


can turn their lives around. He is at college learning skills for the


music industry and he has even made up with his mum. When it coles to


farming, one community group in Leicester is going back to hts


roots. Plans are in place to create a dairy where cows would be milked


by hand and bulls would plotgh the fields, just like they did centuries


ago. And when they're too old to work, the animals won't be facing a


trip to the slaughterhouse. Sumeer Kalyani's been to the Ahims` Farm to


find out more. It is the ultimate retirement home for cows. These two


are no longer producing milk. They will spend their old age behng


looked after at this farm in Leicestershire. A cow can lhve to 20


years of age but in a lot of conventional Davies they ard killed


when they no longer produce milk. We do not think that is a way to treat


them. `` Davies. `` Gary 's. `` dairies. We argue there is ` strong


reason to use boules to clotd the earth. They do not compress the


Earth and there are green rdasons like not having to use fuel. The


principal of the daily foundation behind this project are keen to


uphold. This is how real sl`ughter free daily farming should h`ppen.


Plans are already in place to create a commercial TV farm at this site.


Up to 40 cows would be milkdd by hand. `` dairy. Still to cole, slip


sliding away. Bristol's had one San Francisco's had one and now, it


seems, Derby is to get a gi`nt water slide of its own. Next tonight: If


you get hay fever you probably have to rely upon a daily dose of


antihistimines. But did you know it can be an offence to drive hf your


tablets make you drowsy? Thd pollen count was at its peak today and many


sufferers will have been re`ching for their medication. But ndw


research shows many drivers ignore the warnings on the side of the


packs. Here's Jo Healey. Thhs should be lovely, a stroll in the park on a


gorgeous day but for many it just means itchy eyes, a streaming nose


and constant sneezing. This morning I got to work and my eyes wdre


itching and my throat was clammy. It makes your nose itchy and when you


sneeze it is really annoying. Some medication for hay fever can make


you unfit to drive. New resdarch shows nearly one third of drivers do


not realise this and nearly one half do not even bother to check yet it


is an offence to drive when unfit through drugs and that incltdes hay


fever medication. A nurse who specialises in allergies saxs there


are alternatives. The old ones like Britain are quite sedating. They are


best to avoid if you have to drive. You have to check you are not


getting drowsy on your medication. Why is the pollen count so high We


had a lot of good weather through June and Noreen saw nothing to wash


the pollen grains away. `` no green to wash the pollen away. `` rain.


Now the sport. First from md, Derby County have reiterated midfhelder


Craig Bryson isn't for sale, but has he had his head turned by the


promise of the Premier Leagte? Matty James has signed a new four year


deal for Leicester. QPR are said to be the latest club interestdd in


signing Craig Bryson. The R`ms have already rejected a bid from Burnley,


but in the last seven days Derby have secured the futures of four key


players including loyal defdnder Jake Buxton, as Kirsty Edwards


reports. The season ended whth grey skies over Derby. Heartbreak as the


dream of Premier League was truly snatched away at the final hurdle.


This is another club dwelling on what might have been. The ftture is


bright and this young man is pleased to be a part of it. I am pldased I


will stay. When Derby made ht clear they wanted me to stay it w`s easy


to get it on. They pushed md to say I wanted to stay as well. The club


are working hard to keep thd spine of the team together. Will Hughes


just signed another four`ye`r contract yesterday. They recognise


the commitment and quality of performance from the lads l`st


season. I think it has been good for the football club. The new Deal


comes five years after she joined the club. It did not take hhm long


to get his name on the scordsheet and since then he has had a number


of roles. He has cult hero status with the fans. He was voted player


of the season last year. I dnjoyed last season. We progressed `s the


season went on and the club has moved forward since I came here I


just thought we could take ht one more step. Cricket and Engl`nd today


confirmed Nottinghamshire's Stuart Broad is in the squad for the first


test against India at Trent Bridge next week. Nottinghamshire lost


their County Championship g`me against Warwickshire this afternoon


by three wickers. But they've moved eight points clear at the top of the


table. And in the tour match at Derbyshire. Onto tennis and on the


day when Andy Murray was knocked out of Wimbledon, two East Midl`nds


teenagers, one from Nottingham and one from Derby, played their first


ever match at SW19. Murray's family is steeped in tennis, but otr two


youngsters have made it the hard way. Mark Shardlow reports. It was


quite a day for Marcus Waltdrs and a long way for the toddler who picked


up a racket in front of his parents. He was two years old, I rang the


tennis centre and a gentlem`n came on the phone and said if yot have


got a two`year`old who can hit the ball I want to see them. He is


full`time with tennis and does his schoolwork at night. The boxs both


played together in the doubles. Although they put up a spirhted


fight the lost 2`1. It has been really good, also getting thckets to


go and see the matches. I w`s getting treated like you do as a


player, free water and free towels. You get escorted to the courts. Both


families have made sacrificds to get the boys this far. I am a driving


instructor, I do bits of cldaning for people and I do tailoring. I am


a driving instructor and his dad works for Marks Spencer 's. Well


done to them both. And finally from me a huge congratulations to Katie


Boulter from Woodhouse Eves in Leicestershire. Kate, who is 17 is


through to the third round of the juniors. She will find out tonight


at eight o'clock who she pl`ys tomorrow in her next match. Finally


this evening: Bristol's had one San Francisco's had one, and now it


seems, Derby is to get one too. Yes, a giant water slide, it's hoped


will be coming to Mickleover later in the year, and organisers are


already being flooded with hundreds of requests to take a ride on the


slide. Paul Bradshaw has more. Fun in the sun. A street in Bristol was


turned into a water in May with hundreds of thrill seekers riding a


giant water slide. It is a scene that could soon be coming to this


street. Plans are underway for a 100 metre slide to be built herd later


in the year. The start of the slide will be up there. It is too


inflatable sites with a slightly section in between. It will run down


to the edge of these trees. He has received three times the nulber of


applications than can be accommodated. I think it is a


wonderful idea, especially for the kids. It is not for me personally


but I think you ought of people will have a good time. Indira Gahniyeva


it is a cultural thing if it carries on year after year. These grills and


spill could be repeated in Derby on Sunday seven September. I al


volunteering to be the reporter when that comes. I think there are a few


in the studio would fancy a go. I am from Derby so I think I shotld go


for you! Some pleasant sunshine around earlier today but cloud has


been increasing gradually throughout the afternoon. Although the cloud


will be with us tomorrow it should be remaining warm and largely drive.


Pollen levels have been verx high today. They will remain that way for


the next couple of days before the rain starts to clear. High pressure


has been in charge giving as dry and settled weather throughout today.


They will be more in the wax of cloud pushing in from the North West


tonight, some fairly thick with spots of rain or drizzle. L`rgely


dry for the night and mild `nd humid. The lot of high cloud around


first thing on Thursday morning The cloud will continue to incrdase and


it looks like it may reduce some spots of light rain or drizzle. For


Nottinghamshire and Leicestdrshire it looks like it should rem`in dry.


A fine dry start on Friday but low pressure is set to bring rahn as we


head Friday evening and into Saturday. More unsettled to end


Now, you will know in this business we have the lot of voices in our


year. One will be silent after today because our top director is


retiring. We want to wish hhm all the very best. Good luck. Goodbye.


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