02/07/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East at Wimbledon.


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. First tonight, the growing safety concerns surrounding a


controversial boxing event hn Leicestershire this weekend. A bare


knuckle boxing night is due to take place in Hinckley on Saturd`y. It's


been described as barbaric by some local people. Today organisdrs met


police and the local council to discuss their safety plans. Tom


Brown reports. The gloves are off and this man cannot wait. Hd is


training for the bare knuckle boxing event at Hinckley on Saturd`y. It is


exciting. It is what people want to see. It is an old generation thing


that you cannot find in othdr combat sports. They hope to host the fight


here at the Hinckley United football club. I was brought up here at a


young age. It is a gentleman's sport. Every fighter I have ever


known has always been a gentleman. Today, reaction to the sport is


mixed. I do not like it at `ll. It sounds barbaric. I think it will be


good. It is a sport that has been away for many years. If thex want to


have a punch`up it is their choice. It is thought to be one of the


biggest public events of thhs sport in the UK. The question is, is it


safe? We have medics, an ambulance on stand`by, a hospital tent. It is


better on the whole for safdty. I am hoping it is a very quick fhght and


I knock him out. I am a strhpper on the weekends and I have a couple of


jobs booked in for after thd fight! Earlier this evening I spokd to the


local MP for Hinckley and bdgan by asking him if he thought thd event


was legal. It was outlawed hn the last century. There is a strong case


law which found that anybodx participating in this, even if they


gave consent to be in this kind of fight, it was illegal and actual


bodily harm. Anyone supporthng the fight was also acting illeg`lly and


I do not believe this has changed. This is an attempt to turn the clock


back on a practice that was turned back for good reason. The s`y it is


not actually be a knuckle bdcause there is some padding on thd


competitor's fist, does that not make a difference? Queensbury rules


require boxing gloves. The was a man killed on Monday in a punchhng


competition, in London, a young father. I very much want to resist


turning back the clock to the times when men eat themselves to ` pulp


for prize`money. A man from Nottinghamshire has been ch`rged


under terrorism laws. 19`ye`r`old Adeel Ulhaq from Sutton`in`@shfield


will appear at the Old Baildy on the 18th of July. It's alleged he was


raising money for charity, which was to be used to fund terrorisl in


Syria. It's been announced the Queen is to visit Derbyshire next week.


She'll be in Matlock on the 10th of July along with the Duke of


Edinburgh. The royal party will visit the John Smedley knitwear


factory nearby, before going to meet the crowds at Chatsworth Hotse. If


your eyes have been streaming and nose running all day it won't


comfort you to know the pollen count has been at its peak. Many hay fever


sufferers reach for medicathon to ease the symptoms unaware that it


can make them drowsy. And that brings it's own problems. Jo Healey


reports. This should be lovdly, a stroll in the park on a gorgeous day


but for many it just means htchy eyes, a streaming nose and constant


sneezing. This morning I got to work and my eyes were itching and my


throat was clammy. It makes your nose itchy and when you snedze it is


really annoying. Some medic`tion for hay fever can make you unfit to


drive. New research shows ndarly one third of drivers do not realise this


and nearly one half do not dven bother to check yet it is an offence


to drive when unfit through drugs and that includes hay fever


medication. A nurse who specialises in `llergies


says there are alternatives. The old ones like Piritin are quite


sedating. They are best to `void if you have to drive. You have to check


you are not getting drowsy on your medication. Why is the polldn count


so high? We had a lot of good weather through June and no rain, so


nothing to wash the pollen grains away. This high pollen count is set


to drop at the end of the wdek as the weather cools. That's your news.


So, it's goodbye from me but with your weather now, here's Anna


Church. Thank you. Things whll improve if you are suffering from


hay fever for the weekend. @s we head into the there will be a lot of


cloud around and that is how it will stay throughout the day on Thursday,


mostly dry and warm. A lot of cloud this evening and tonight, some


lower`level Cloud pushing in from the north as we head towards dawn.


That may produce spots of lhght rain in the far north. A mild night.


Tomorrow we will have high`level clouds in the South and East, some


brightness year, then the cloud will start to increase as we go through


the day, again some showers are possible in the north of thd region.


Am brightness and highs of 23. through this weekend. With more on


that here's Louise. Temperatures up to 25 degrees, 7


Fahrenheit. A different story north and west. Particularly in western


Scotland. Only 17 degrees. But the winds were a feature here, gusting


to 50 mph from time to time. And there was rain as well. That weather


front continues to meander south and east through northern


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