03/07/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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At the local community centre, the developers and officers from


Derby City Homes showed people the plans for up to 380 houses `nd some


not green space, with good links to transport nearby.


The idea is to look at the `rea and create links to the park.


The factory was first opened in 1908 and saw the producthon


of aero engines for First and Second World War planes.


Rolls`Royce cars were also built there.


In 1990, it was robotised but ten years later it was dmpty


The Marble Hall has been for some time and there is a large whndow at


the back of Marble Hall and we tried to make it a feature for thd site to


If the developers get plannhng permission, house`building could


start in 12 months with a p`rallel plan to preserve the Marble Hall.


With your weather, here's Sara Blizzard.


It was certainly a warm day today. Not everybody saw the sunshhne. What


we we will start to see is cloud increasing further. A small amount


of light rain affecting Derbyshire and the peak district area. A warm


night. A fair bit of cloud `round first thing tomorrow with a small


hint of light rain. But we should see the sun breaking through at


times, albeit hazy. Then thd first signs of a band of rain working its


way southwards overnight and into the early hours. But in the daytime


tomorrow, very warm indeed. A very wet start to the coming weekend as


that band of rain works its way eastwards, producing heavy bursts of


rain. That is how the weathdr is looking for the weekend. Here


outlook for the weekend is quite different.


For those of you who haven't already heard, we've recorded our highest


temperature so far this year, and that was in Writtle in Essex. It


looks highly likely as well that we could see temperatures of a similar


value for tomorrow. Anywhere through central London to the east could see


highs of 27 to 29 degrees. But that is only one part of the story. The


second part of the story is rain moving in as we speak across the far


north and west. Some of that rain will turn heavy through the night


across Northern Ireland and into western Scotland. I had a bit, cloud


with pieces of rain but


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