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Tonight ` a new air travel terror alert.


The new alert is linked with a printer cartridge bomb at E`st


Midlands airport. Stay away, Ofsted bash why this


private school does not want the inspectors in. They can't gdt a full


hitch of the education that this and many other independent schools


provide for their children. A fertility clinic celebratds its


25th anniversary. The dark days we have been through, I never thought


we would be here. Happiest loment of my life and it is just getthng


happier and happier. They are electric cars, but not as wd know


them. Formula E racing is at Minton Park. It may just be the future ``


Donington Park. First tonight,


experts say bomb`making techniques used in a plot that was foiled


at East Midlands Airport ard thought America has urged all countries that


operate direct flights to the US, including the UK,


to step up their checks. To tell us more our reporter


Simon Hare is at Castle Donhngton. Good evening. America calling on


countries to beef up their security after receiving intelligencd that


two terrorist networks could be working on a new type of bolb that


may evade existing security checks. It is thought to be the inspiration


of one man, already known to the security staff here at East Midlands


airport. Four years ago East Midlands airport found itself at the


centre of an international one plot. An explosive device hhdden


inside a printer cartridge was recovered from a cargo pland bound


for Chicago. Now security experts say the man behind that is thought


to be responsible for this latest scare. For the last five ye`rs there


have been done in Yemen, an expert Saudi bomb maker has been btilding


viable explosive devices, vdry small, innovative and clever, some


of them disguised as Inc cartridges, and he has been able to


get them through airport security and on to international flights The


fear is that he has taught ` new generation of Al`Qaeda oper`tives.


The Department for transport says it has stepped up security across all


UK airports. It is keen to dmphasise that there has not been a change in


the threat level at news of any alert is bound to cause concern


What does the airport have to say? The airport says it is not changing


its advice for passengers and they should turn up as normal, ldaving


the same amount of time the check`in as usual on about it is cle`r some


changes have been made, but we are not being told what they ard for


obvious reasons. We have bedn told they are not as obvious as hn the


past, other scares such as the so`called liquid bomb threat, but


the Department of Transport say they have taken these steps to sdcure


public safety. Still to come `


a new dawn for Nightingale Road Development plans are revealed


for the street in Derby that was Racing company has been cle`red of


wrongdoing after a spectator suffered an eye injury.


David Matthews was injured by rouble thrown up by a car.


Mallory Park had already adlitted a health and safety offence. Today


charges against another company were dismissed.


David Matthews still bears the scars of his last trip to Mallory Park. I


have been going to Mallory Park all my life. I was hit in the exe by a


stone and the next thing I knew I was going to hospital. It h`ppened


at a rally cross event in Atgust 2010. Today the lid on Hill racing


circuit company appeared in court charged with three breaches of


health is beef. The prosecution claimed it was organising the event


but the defence said it was simply promoting it. Delivering his


verdict, the judge said it needed to be proved beyond reasonable doubt


that the company was responsible for organising the event and thd


prosecution failed to do so. He found the company and its m`naging


director not guilty. Really pleased. It has taken five xears to


get to this point and I was always confident. Hinckley and Bosworth are


council says it is disappointed with today's version `` verdict but


pleased that Mallory Park h`d already pleaded guilty. Davhd


Matthews says it has changed his life for good. Before the event I


was a sailing instructor, spuash player, keen gardener, I can't do


any of them any more. He just wishes the event had never happened.


A teenager from Leicester is in intensive care in Turkey after


Declan McNulty, who's 18, was attacked outside a bar


He suffered a serious stab wound to his stomach.


A 19`year`old from Scotland has appeared hn court


Declan's the second UK citizen to be stabbed


A controversial bare`knuckld boxing fixture planned for this wedkend


in Hinckley has been postponed. Organisers have called off the event


at the Greene King Stadium while licensing and planning issuds are


sorted out. It follows a medting yesterday between them, the ground's


owner, the police, and the local council. Some critics had ddscribed


Members of the Royal Enginedrs in Nottinghamshire have marked


The soldiers, based at Chetwynd Barracks in Chilwell, held ` special


Around 30 personnel were also awarded medals for their duties


The 63 Works Group has spent the last eight months based in


The head teacher of a top private school in the


East Midlands says he doesn't want government inspectors in,


claiming it would ruin the puality of education his school provides.


And he's not alone, because a teaching union agrees, saying Ofsted


It is said the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of


Eton, but here at Trent College in Long Eaton there is a more lodern


battle brewing. Keith Morrow is head of its junior school and nursery.


Despite being a former Ofstdd inspector he has publicly click ``


criticised plans to send thdm into private schools. The teams `re small


and fen `` spend a few days in a school like this and I am worried


they will not be able to get a full picture of the education th`t a


school like this and many other independent schools provide. The


headmaster is expressing concerns that education will not be hmproved


by Ofsted inspector `` inspdctions, which we have been saying for many


years. The Department for Education says it has been listening to all


views on the subject and will announce the results of the


consultation soon but it wants to tighten up regulation in prhvate


schools and make sure inspections are robust. I am relaxed about


having won Lee `` one level playing field for all schools but there


needs to be lots of observations so it is about children who cole to our


school and not being a political Inspectorate. He says sending in


Ofsted here would simply result in the end of their existing stccesses.


Next tonight ` a new era for Nightingale Road.


Plans have gone on display showing how a historic former factory site


A builder wants to put up htndreds of homes on the century`old former


Rolls`Royce site ` land that's stood derelict for the past six ydars


Once proudly displayed, the famous Rolls`Royce name on the front of the


Marble Hall on Nightingale Road looks the worse for wear. Where the


factory behind it stood is just cleared wasteland. At the local


community centre the developers and officers for Derby city homds show


local people the plans for tp to 380 houses and some flats that could go


on the site. Consultation showing local people what housing there not


green space, but good links to parks and amenities nearby. It is about


creating links to the park. The factory was first opened in 190 and


saw production of engines for planes in both wars. In the 1990s ht was


changed to rope `` robot opdration and in 2011 it was demolishdd. This


development will link to thd history. There is a rather large


historic window in the back of the marble hall and we are trying to


make a feature that of the site to maintain some of the historx in the


area. Only a quarter of the homes will be for rent, the rest for


sale. If developers get planning permission house`building could


start in 12 months but the site could take eight to nine ye`rs to


finish, linked to a parallel plan to preserve and reuse the historic


marble hall. It's been a day of celebrathon


for two organisations which, each in their own way, have played


hugely important roles in the East One of them,


Leicester's Fertility Centrd, based at the Royal Infirmarx,


has helped bring 2500 babies into We have two reports,


the first from Helen Astle. All babies are special, somd extra


special. Meet Oliver, aged 04 weeks. For Rachael and Rich`rd it


has been a 10`year wait to become parents. They were referred to the


Leicester Fertility Centre, where Rachael underwent IVF, costhng them


thousands of pounds. We had six attempts where it failed and it was


gut wrenching. On the seventh attempt it was... Absolutelx


fantastic. The centre has hdlped bring around 2500 babies into the


world. For us it is a wonderful achievement, not just the b`bies but


the impact on the families, the grandparents, the wider famhly


circle, not just a couple. For us it is a landmark achievement. Rachael


and Richard still can't belheve that they be Oliver is still herd. `` is


here. In the dark days we ndver imagined we would really be here. We


are smiling all the time, wd look at him. Especially as he gets older and


gets more character, the little smiles, it is the happiest loment of


our life and getting happier and happier each day.


Wonderful. Well, we said it was an important


day for two organisations, and this one back also goes back to


the '80s, when a grieving d`ughter, Cally Cheetham, began the c`mpaign


to start a hospice in Derbyshire. Since then the Treetops Hospice


hasn't stop growing. Today Cally, the founder, w`s back


to open a new support centrd. As our health correspondent


Rob Sissons reports, There is me, ladybird outfit. It was


1983 when Cally took to the streets of Derbyshire campaigning for a


hospice after losing her parents. Having nursed my mum some 13 years


earlier and then my father, everything had changed, obvhously.


Their words nobody to help xou. `` there was. The day centre at tree


tops is busy. These people have multiple sclerosis. It is great


seeing friends, socialising. I really look forward to coming to


tree tops. It is the only thme I ever go out. We help about 300


people in year as we currently stand, and that is much smaller


premises. This is one place where people can come and say the word


death. This 14`year`old belheves he has benefited from the counselling.


He lost his grandmother thrde years ago. It makes such an impact on


people's lives when they have somewhere like this to go to. The


new building named after thd founder. She lives in Francd but was


back in Derbyshire to do thd honours. It is emotional, btt it is


not just me, it is me and htndreds of people. It is a brilliant,


brilliant place. I spent thd day there once, love it.


In a moment, in sport, Formula One goes electric.


And, later, Maurice gets to grip with a prickly problem.


They survive in some of the most hostile places on the planet and


they never need pruning, whhch is just as well, because with these


spikes you would have to be pretty brave or foolish to do it. Ht is a


brand`new motorsport and Colin is at Donington Park.


The first public test of formula E here at Donington Park. It hs


totally new and it means a lot to Donington. There are ten eldctric


racing teams, or based at Honington Park, they all do their devdlopment


work here and they are pumphng a lot into the economy. `` will b`sed We


have been with virgin Racing as they have been putting these cars


together almost from scratch. `` Virgin.


For these engineers it is both very familiar and very new.


Formula E is not only setting out to transform racing.


Within months what they learn here could be in production cars.


We are excited because it is the beginning of a new era.


We are pretty confident in terms of the car, how it operates,


the mechanics and the chasshs, but what we are curious about is the


electrical parts, how much dnergy we are using, how we are gohng to


It does not always feel like a garage.


And cars that arrive a bit like flatpack furniture.


The first car came fully buhlt but the second car arrived


These guys can rebuild a car in two hours so it is not really a problem.


In just a few days the cars being assembled


Every team has the same one so the question is obvious.


What are you going to do th`t gives you an advantage out there?


I would like to think that the team I have


These cars will carry batteries running at astonishing volt`ges


but they insist it is all thought through and this is the futtre.


The more you learn it the more you become accustomed to it.


For us it is not a big thing, it is just a new thing.


Now the new thing is ready to roll and hoping to be a very big thing.


It is not Formula one and they are keen to say that some, but they ``


but people will say that. The top speed of Formula one is arotnd 25


mph. A much calmer 144 formtla either. A Formula one car goes


through 100 kilograms of fudl in a race. Formula E, precisely none at


all. It will be up to the pdople who watch whether this takes off. Let's


talk to a few people with their noses pressed up against thd fence.


It has been a great day, re`lly enjoyed it. The noise is very


different. It is, I actuallx prefer it. It does not send me to sleep.


Enjoy the rest of the day. There has been plenty happening elsewhere


notably at Derby County, whdre Craig Bryson has signed a new fivd`year


deal. Derby County showing a real


statement of intent with thd five`year deal for their prdy ``


player of the season. Craig Bryson becomes the fifth star of the club


to commit his future there hn the space of a week. It was a chance to


go and play in the Premiership but I would love to get to the Prdmiership


with Derby County. I have loved every minute here, it is a lassive


club, the fans have been excellent, the management staff, everybody has


been excellent, and I am delighted. Matthew Fry says he had no


hesitation in turning down the opportunity to stay in the Premier


League with Hull City. He told me today why he opted for cap `t Forest


instead. `` for Forest instdad. As soon as I knew the manager was


interested, it was an easy decision. Hopefully we can do really well this


year. Cricket, and Derbyshire havd been


beaten by three wickets at the County ground.


Katie Boulter lost her singles girls match at Wimbledon in straight sets


today but did at least win hn her doubles match.


I have been taken inside ond of the garages. You are not just a driver


of some repute but your namd is above the door. How are thex to


drive? It has been a diffictlt day for the team, we have had some


problems, but it is the first day, so... Why have you come in `s a team


principal for formula E? I like the concept, it is new and very


attractive. It is amazing to have you all here. What kind of ` host


has Donington Park being? It is really good, I am enjoying being


here. Tell me a bit about Mhchaela as well. Why did you bring her on


board? We truly believe she is a strong driver, and is being next to


me with 15 years of experience, I can bring it all to her to lake her


a better driver. Thank you very much indeed, we will let you get back to


it. He is leading his own tdam here in formula E. We will try to follow


this story for you as much `s we can.


Nice cars, nice accents as well Yes, the Italians are Very Reverend


mantic. `` very romantic. Now, when you think of romantic


plants, most people might sdttle on But for plant lovers,


as in the wider population, beauty One East Midlands couple were swept


off their feet by something altogether less


voluputous and fragrant. Yes,


their love blossomed over a cactus. A greenhouse full of so much more


than green. These cactus flowers last just two days but cacth have a


life span like a tree, hundreds of years. For more than 40 years these


have been one couple's obsession and it was their love for these that saw


their love for each other blossom. We were having a walk in thd Park in


Sheffield and there was a greenhouse in the middle and I said to Brian,


they have some of those cacti! Not instantly the most romantic of


plants. He said to me, come and see my cacti. He had glass housds full


of them and I had about thrde. Other couples might send roses at


anniversaries, you exchange cacti. He sometimes sends me a bunch of


characters for hours. Their prickly nature has sedn them


rather unimaginatively named the hedgehog cactus but they can get a


lot larger than their names`ke, up to half a metre tall. Not to be


confused with the globe this all, this cactus is found wild in Bolivia


and Argentina and in the cactus community it is their trumpdt like


flowers that sets them apart. Jail and Brian have added almost 200


named hybrids, all by propagating them by hand with a cotton bud. In


the 40 years I have done thhs I think I have named 170, 170


different named hybrids. Brhan does all of the technical bits and I come


up with the names. We thought it was the colour of sunset so we have


called it Sunset. People associate us with it and hopefully for many


years asked `` after we havd gone it will still be around as a mdmory of


this place. We have a change coming in the


weather. We certainly had a warm day today but across parts of the region


it was very cloudy as well, not much sunshine across Derbyshire.


Leicestershire just about hdld onto it but that is changing through the


evening. We will see the cloud increasing further and quitd a warm


night. Just a patch of rain coming into the Peak District but the


night`time temperature in chties dropping no lower than 16, perhaps a


degree or two lower in rural areas. The cloud still low in the lorning,


the chance of rain in the north`west corner, but we could see it thinning


across Leicestershire and Rttland, which is where we will see the


warmest temperatures, up to 25 degrees, but also turning qtite


windy. Quite gusty south`westerly wind this evening and a band of rain


travelling in, producing sole heavy bursts of rain. It clears, we think,


by the afternoon, but some heavy showers following. Quite a showery


day on Sunday, with temperatures coming down to 18 or 19 degrees A


quick hello to the kids havhng a go at the weather at primary school




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