08/07/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands.


First tonight, the hard shotlder of a stretch of the M1 motorwax is to


be converted into a fourth lane in a multimillion`pound project `imed at


The Department for Transport, though, has admitted it's lhkely to


So now the government is looking at a 60mph speed limit at peak times.


It is a plan designed to cut waterway congestion. It is ` stretch


of the people I spoke to living near the M1 said they had not bedn


consulted. We have not been consulted at all. The pollution I


believe, is high, and the non`consultation, not letting people


know what is happening, when it is happening, I do not agree whth it at


all. By next year, there will be an upgrade at a cost of ?225 mhllion.


Then there is a ?142 million upgrade. It will become what is


called a managed motorway, with controls on speed and lanes. To


reduce pollution and 60 mph speed limit could be reduced at pdak


times. The government does not want to slow down traffic for long


periods. The boss of this h`ulage firm is pleased that the outcome. It


is great for business, it is going to any bowlers to get to our


destination is much quicker and obviously time is money in our


industry and we want to get there and get onto the next job. Other


ways of reducing pollution such as barriers at the side of the


motorway, and the Dutch style canopy will be looked at.


Staying with big transport projects, controversial proposals to locate


a rail`freight interchange on farmland near East Midlands


Airport will bypass the norlal local planning procedures.


That's because the plan, which will create 7,000 jobs,


is regarded as an infrastructure project of national significance.


Residents in nearby villages fear it means their concerns will bd ignored


Now the villagers have the backing of a former leader


The planning inspectors will decide nationally on this. It is a


thoroughly undemocratic process I am backing over 1000 people who have


signed this petition, in Castle Donington, they are all up hn arms


about this in all the villages, I am prepared to give them all the


backing. Kate McCann has spoken


of the moment her son asked her about claims that she was involved


in the disappearance The three`year`old disappeared


in Praia da Luz in 2007. Mrs McCann was speaking


at a Portuguese libel case relating to the allegations made by former


police detective Goncalo Am`ral The court heard that her son Sean


asked about whether she hid Madeleine, but she told him Amaral


had said a lot of silly things. A ruling is expected


later this year. Next, the number of people with


dementia in the East Midlands is That was the warning today from


Dame Gill Morgan, Here is our health correspondent


Rob Sissons. Are we on top of dementia? Dame Gill


Morgan sees dementia as the biggest health challenge of our age. It is


increasing as we have an agding and fairly fit population. It is a


challenge because, when you have dementia, it is very demandhng on


your family. Ken wonders how the care system will cope. He looks


after his wife at home. She in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's.


There has got to be a lot more moves and facilities put in place without


a doubt. We can only be counted as a challenge. If think about it, that


is it `` we can only look at it as a challenge. The Alzheimer's Society


have calculated how many people go undiagnosed, and there are big


variations in the region. In Ashfield it is thought to bd 58 2%,


but in shower with it is not be much lower. The evidence is therd now


that if you know you have the condition then you and your carers


can do things. This dementi` specialist in Nottingham saxs that


it is well worth diagnosing away. There is a lot that we can do to


help people start treatment as soon as possible, to make plans for the


future and to live their lives well. Today, the development of a new


blood test offers hope and light lead to much needed treatment.


Patients on two wards at Lehcester General Hospital couldn't shower for


most of today after the leghonella bug was found in the water supply.


The hospital says showers are now back on, but bottled water hs still


being provided for staff and patients to drink.


It says it has taken the me`sures as a precaution and that


the risk of someone contracting Legionnaires? disease remains low.


Enthusiasts are celebrating another ?1 million step towards rejoining


Cuts in the 1960s meant the Great Central Railway's bridge over


the Midland Mainline at Loughborough was demolished.


Now the Great Central are fund`raising to put the bridge back


and the project has just bedn boosted with ?1 million frol


That's it from me, so I'll say goodnight.


We have had some really livdly weather around today, some hefty


thunderstorms. They have cldared out of the way and it is looking pretty


good for tomorrow. Looking pretty good for the start of the cricket,


that only compromise will bd on increasing northerly wind. We are


dry and we will stay that w`y for the rest of the night. It whll turn


a little nippy, temperature sliding into single figures, temper`tures


around nine or 10 degrees in some areas. We will start off drx


tomorrow morning, some decent sunshine, the cloud will brdak up


across some western parts. But it. To come in from the East and we will


see the wind pick`up as well. Some brisk winds developing. Not feeling


quite as high as that 21 or 22 Celsius. As you can see, thd rain


will catch up with us through the next few days into the


weekend. Hot on Saturday with thundery showers.


Good evening, the rain in Rio is matching the mood, I suspect, this


evening. Here, we will take a day off from the rain tomorrow, at least


most of us. There will be sunshine around. The showers will be back for


the end of the week. Dry over night virtually everywhere. Winds easing


down in many places except towards the North Sea coasts. The south west


will keep a breeze going. Not a cold night, temperatures holding 12- 4


degrees typically. A dry day virtually everywhere tomorrow. Cloud


breaking up to allow good spells of sunshine coming through,


particularly to Scotland, northern England, Wales and the south of had


west. Rain


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