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from Brazil. That's all from


Welcome to East Midlands Today with me, Anne Davies.


Cutting congestion with a whder M1.


The hard shoulder is to become a fourth lane with peak time speed


limits. Also a county counchl's landmark HQ, but is it time


Derbyshire downsized? Plus calls for earlier diagnosis of dementha as


experts warn of an Alzheimer's timebomb. We think that all ``


there's all sorts of reasons why a timely diagnosis, when you start to


have symptoms, is really important. In the sport, it might be a monsoon


now, but we're promised an p an Indian summer of cricket. The Test


series on the verge of starting at Trent Bridge.


??EDITNEXT Good evening. Good to have you with


us tonight. First, the hard shoulder of a stretch of the the M1 lotorway


is to be converted into a fourth lane in a multi`million pound


project aimed at cutting congestion in our region. The Department for


Transport has admitted it's likely to break EU pollution limits. So now


the Government's looking at ways of reducing the fumes, including a


60mph speed limit at peak thmes It's a plan designed to cut motorway


congestion, the hard shoulddr of a 30`mile stretch of the M1 whll be


turned into a fourth lane. But it's likely to break EU pollution levels.


People I spoke to living ne`r the M 1 at south Normanton said they


hadn't been consulted. It's disgusting. We haven't been


consulted at all. The pollution I believe, is high now, espechally


rush hour. The non`consultation you know, are letting people know what's


happening, when it's happenhng, don't agree with it at all. By next


year the M 1 between junctions 8 to 31 will be upgraded at a cost of up


to ?225 million. From there to junction 35 A, the cost is lore than


140 million. The whole secthon will be a managed motorway, with displays


on gantries controlling spedds and lanes, a 60mph speed limit lay be


introduced at peak times. An earlier plan for a 12`hour 60mph lilit has


been abandoned by the Government. It doesn't want to slow down traffic


for long periods. The boss of this haulage firm is pleased at the


outcome. It's great for bushness. It's going to enable us to get to


our destinations quicker and time is money in our industry. We w`nt to


get there and get tipped off and get to the next Other ways job. Of


reducing pollution, such as barriers at the side of the motorway and a


Dutch`designed canopy will be looked at.


Staying with big transport projects, it's been revealed that


controversial proposals, to locate a rail`freight interchange


on farmland near East Midlands Airport, will bypass


That's because the plan, which will create 7,000,


is regarded as an infrastructure project of national significance.


Residents fear it'll mean their concerns will be ignored


Here's our Political Editor John Hess.


Tucked away surrounded by brambles, a notice of consultation for a


controversial project. Located near junction 24 of the M1 plans for huge


interchange to swap freight between rail and road. There'll be new


warehousing, a new rail link and access improvements to the L1. On a


day like today, it's hard to think this farmland could make wax for one


of the biggest rail/freight hubs in Europe. After two years of


consultation it's up to Govdrnment ministers to decide. That worries


people here in this village. It may be under the flightpath of Dast


Midlands Airport, but they fear their opposition to the new


development isn't being heard properly. You've got historhc


buildings up there. You've got listed houses up there. Thex have an


ally in David Parsons, who hs now UKIP's would`be MP for North West


Leicestershire. Because the development is considered a project


of national importance, it's taken out of the control of local planning


councillors. It's being takdn out of people's hands. Local peopld have a


lot to say about this. They're not being listened to. We have to be to


Eric Pickles to make our opposition known. The constituency's


Conservative MP has consistdntly backed the development. It would put


over ?10 million of business rates into the local council as wdll. We


do need jobs and economic growth. That is a major factor. Davhd


Parsons' council welcomed it as well. Have you changed your mind?


No, when I first saw this, H thought it was crazy. I'm surprised it's


been resurrected. Tonight, some comfort for the villagers, dven


though formal consultation hs over, the developers say they'll consider


further representations before it all goes to the Government hn the


autumn. Next tonight, more fallout from the


news that one of our councils needs Among the services in Derbyshire


that will be affected is colmunity Meanwhile,


the County Council says it lay have to consider selling off its Matlock


headquarters, but only if the town's With more details,


here's Simon Hare. Gloom y skies over mat lock and the


former Med Liz hydro, which dominates the town, now homd to


Derbyshire County Council, the authority admits it may havd to sell


the building to cope with btdget cuts from central Government. We


would want to leave this buhlding as a white elephant in the middle of


Matlock, this town and the dconomy of the town and surrounding area


relies on the council being here. We wouldn't want to blight this area by


moving, without a plan for the sustainable use of the building in


the future. Rob helps to st`ge a weekly market here. He's concerned


what effect the council leaving could have. Would another btsiness


go in there? Well, there's ` reason they're coming out and it's to save


money. Would somebody else go in or would it turn into housing? A lot of


variables at the minute that unfortunately will keep people


nervous about their own bushness, not just here, but in the


surrounding area. Doing her shopping in Matlock today was Marjorhe. She


only managed to get here th`nks to community transport. All eight such


schemes in Derbyshire could lose all of their County Council funding


because of the cuts. I rely on this transport. Yeah, but it's vdry, very


hard without this bus. I don't know how we're going to manage. Hs this a


bit of an outing, is it sochal as well? Of course it is. It's a


morning out to me, when you live on your own. Without this they're going


to be stuck at home. Without this, their next port of call, if they're


house bound, will be Social Services. The council's cabhnet will


consider all the proposed ctts at its meeting next week.


Still to come: When the Red Arrows were yellow.


the founding members of the world's best`known aerobatic team.


And all eyes to the sky was the weather, watch out, there are


thunder storms around, all the details coming up later.


The eyes of the world will be on Trent Bridge cricket grotnd


tomorrow in Nottingham for the first major Test match


The TV audience across the globe is expected to


The cricket club says hosting such a large sporting event is worth


tens of millions of pounds and has a far`reaching impact


Tonight, our sport presenter, Colin Hazelden, is at Trent Bridge.


A very good evening to you. If you look around the place at thd moment,


it looks calm, but behind`the`scenes and for days now, this placd, Trent


Bridge, has been a hive of `ctivity. It's a key, major, internathonal


sporting convenient up for ts. As you suggested there, bringing


world`class cricket to this venue is a massive boost to the businesses,


the tourism industry around here and further afield. In fact, thd club


goes even further. They say that you simply cannot overplay the hmpact on


the regional economy of these Test matches against India. Engl`nd in


the spotlight today. From tomorrow, tens of thousands will be. Test


cricket is about so much more than sport. It gives us a chance to say


Trent Bridge is in Nottingh`mshire and to use that because Indha is


such an important target for inward investment in terms of job


opportunities and creating growth within the local economy. Over


80,000 tickets have been sold, a worldwide TV audience in excess of


500 million will see images of knot ham and `` Nottingham and experts


say the package of internathonal matches at Trent Bridge frol 20 3 to


2016 is worth ?30 million to the local economy. They would t`ke into


account the spend that's coling into the county from outside of ht,


ticket sales revenue, what the spends in hotels would be and then


the global TV audience and what s the value of actually advertising


your city, your county, your venue to that global reach. According to


marketeers, it's advertising you can't buy. It puts us on thd map.


Hopefully, people will see the county and see what it has to offer


and want to come here, not just for the cricket, but for everything else


that the county has to offer. There's been a spin`off too across


the region with tour matches at Derbyshire and Leicestershire. On


the first day, we had a crowd of about 2,000. Second day, it rained.


Still, people came in. We h`ve h a crowd of over 3,000 on the third


day, which was superb. The atmosphere was fantastic. The boost


to the income of the club is very, very welcome. Businesses around the


ground say takings triple dtring a Test Match. I normally just have a


couple of people on. For thhs, I will have six people working perm


neptly. For an `` permanently. And for an India series there's the


appetite to learn about the city. As broadcasters we take it upon


ourselves to educate people a bit, so they know about the Robin Hood


angle, know about the history of the city. Over 50% of the crowd will be


from outside the East Midlands, so volunteers will be on hand who can


speak different languages. Xou use your catch phrase, like "Hello,


welcome. Due enjoy the game." Just so they feel appreciative. Ht's key


people get the best impresshon of the region because Trent Brhdge is


currently bidding for the ndxt round of international matches.


These seats are all but sold out now for this Test Match and we'll be


back later on to talk about what the spectators will actually be watching


out there. Kate McCann has spoken


of the moment her son asked her about claims that she was involved


in the disappearance The three`year`old disappeared


in Praia da Luz in 2007. Mrs McCann was speaking


at a Portuguese libel case, relating to the allegations made by former


police detective Goncalo Am`ral The court heard her son Sean asked


about whether she "hid Madeleine", but she told him Amaral had said


"a lot of silly things". Patients on two wards at Lehcester


General Hospital couldn't shower for most of today, after the legionella


bug was found in the water supply. The hospital says the showers are


now back on, but bottled water is still being provided for st`ff


and patients to drink. It says it's taken the meastres


as a precaution and that the risk of someone contracting


legionnaire's disease remains low. Meanwhile, the Trust managing


Nottingham's hospitals says it's A new mother is


the latest to complain. She says she was greeted by clouds


of smoke as she left Nottingham Last year,


the UK Institute for Health and Care Excellence said hospitals should be


doing more to help patients give up ` including making hospital grounds


totally smoke`free. Next,


good news and bad news on ddmentia. Scientists have predicted they're


only two years away from a reliable blood test to diagnose the


most common form of the condition. The bad news is with our agding


population the number of people with dementia in the East Midlands is now


expected to double in just 05 years. That was the warning today


from the woman who chairs Speaking on a visit to Notthngham,


Dame Gill Morgan told us it was simply unacceptable that


so many people living with Are we on top of dementia? Dame Gill


Morgan says services are patchy Not everywhere has a support group like


this. She sees dementia as the biggest health challenge of our age.


We have an ageing and fairlx fit population and it's a challdnge


because when you have dementia it's very demanding on your family. So


what's likely to happen in the future in the East Midlands? In


2012, there were around 56,400 people, aged 65 and over, who were


estimated or predicted to h`ve dementia. By 2020 it's projdcted


that will have risen steeplx. By 2030, the region could have nearly


100,000 elderly people with depen shoo. Ken wonders how the c`re


system will cope. He looks `fter his wife at home, she's in the `dvanced


stages of Alzheimer's. Therd's got to be a lot more moves and


facilities put in place, without a doubt. I intend to keep Carol


visible. It gives her the opportunity to interact with others.


I can only look at it as a challenge. If I think about it. .


That's it. The NHS and Alzhdimer's Society have calculated how many


people go undiagnosed and there s big variation within the region In


Ashfield the rate is reckondd at 58%. But in Sherwood it's as low as


34%. Some people have the attitude, ignorance is bliss. I think they do.


Sometimes thats in the profdssions as well.


(Inaudible) Many apologies we appear to have had a problem with that


report. We will move on. Police have released CCTV footage,


showing the moment a doorman had his jaw broken from a singld punch,


in a bid to trace the attackers These pictures show the bouncer


being punched to the side of Anyone with information


should contact police. 4 x 4 drivers and motorcyclhsts


who illegally drive through a nature reserve in Lincolnshire,


are being targeted by policd. Officers are working with


the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust to protect The Drift near Grantham


from scenes like this. They say the area is being damaged


by reckless drivers and will be Enthusiasts are celebrating another


?1 million step towards rejoining Cuts in the 1960s meant the


Great Central Railway's bridge over the Midland Mainline at Loughborough


was demolished. Now the Leicestershire and


Nottinghamshire parts of thd Great Central are fundraising to put the


bridge back, and the project's just been boosted with ?1 million from


the Government's local growth fund. They never fail to please, hf they


go overhead, you have to look up. The Red Arrows are celebrathng their


50th anniversary this year. We have been speaking to one of the founding


members of the squad, which is based in Lincolnshire. He's revealed some


little`known information about one of the world's best`loved dhsplay


teams, including the fact you know that they used to be yellow.


It's hard to believe until xou see the evidence, but these yellow


planes wept on to become thd Red Arrows. Nicknamed the yellow Jacks


they were formed in 1964 to show off the aeroplane. They were instantly


loved, but there was a problem. Yellow wasn't a very good colour. On


a grey day, on a blue day, tp against a blue sky, magic. So they


went for red. Yeah, they repainted the planes over the winter. And we


started flying with the red aeroplanes in early Februarx of the


1965. Henry Prince was one of the pilots when the team was relaunched


as the Red Arrows. They probably steal the show wherever thex appear.


This is press day. That's md. They're you're going really low to


the ground. I've got picturds lower than that. Self`styled team mascot


Dusty has observed his mastdr's air battics for over a year. Thd team


were set to have a mascot, Dusty the dog, but he sadly died before the


press day. Dusty was my labrador retriever. He was a very good gun


dog. He was quite a charactdr. Despite the setback, the te`m was


revealed at air shows across the UK and Europe, but minus a few things


you see in today's displays. Hold your breath, and wait for the ace


dare devils of the air, the Red Arrows. We started with sevdn


aircraft, in 1968 it was established fulltime with a nine`aircraft


display. We started with just white smoke because that's all thdy could


organise. Nowadays, the teal fly the hawk, but Henry says some things


never change. They're still performing some of the same moves he


helped create almost 50 years ago. Fantastic Fantastic. It's true


against grey skies they look brilliant. Time now for port. We're


going back to the start of the cricketing summer's main Test


series. It is England against India and it starts at Trent Bridge here's


Colin. before the first day of the first


Test of five between England and India. Two teams both desperate for


a series win. Two groups sthll trying to find the best of the new


players coming through and settle them in. Two sides with Captains


under pressure. Natalie has been here all day looking ahead to this


eagerly anticipated match. Many say Alastair Cook's England can


tincy could be defined by this series here against India. So, the


eyes of the cricketing world are on Trent Bridge and Nottingham. England


have failed to win their past eight Test matches. Cook needs a good


result during this Indian stmmer and runs. I never have felt that I've


been hit particularly badly this summer. I scored runs at thd


beginning of the season. I haven't transformed that into runs for


England. I know how important it is at the top of the order to do that.


I'm desperately keen to lead from the front and score runs.


Nottinghamshire's Stuart Broad says Trent Bridge in his home city is the


perfect place for Cook to bounce back. He just needs to change of


luck. All cricketers go through it from time to time. It's Cookie's


turn. We know he's world cl`ss. He has played over 100 Test matches


with the record he's got, there s no doubt that will change for him.


We're so well supported herd. The crowd loves us to do well. One man


who is hoping they do reallx well is Mick Newell, the director of cricket


here and has been for the l`st 2 years. But in April, he also became


an England selector for the first time tomorrow, he'll be watching at


Trent Bridge, having played a part in picking the team I think this


year, there'll be a bit mord passion,if you like, about ly view


towards the team. Desperately hoping they do well and wanting th`t the


ground and the whole set up around the match to go as smoothly as


possible as well. Cook has to relax and enjoy his cricket. After all,


England have a great record at Trent Bridge, winning their last five


tests here. There's loads to talk about going


into this Test series, it's full of twists and turns. Let's discuss it


now with our guest. Paul Nixon is here, you know a thing or two about


captaincy. What's exciting xou about this first Test? It's battld of the


captains straight away. Alastair Cook under massive pressure, hasn't


got the runs he would have liked. The critics giving him a bit of


stick. It's going to be a tdsting time for both Is that skippdrs. The


interesting thing for you, watching the teams react to the pressure Yes


very much so. Both young sides. Guys who haven't really shown thdir full


potential yet. The Indian ptblic, we know how colourful they are. They


want their team to be in thd international ranks again. @ real


tough time for both teams coming into this series now. Who is going


to excite us here? It's going to be interesting whether England go with


Chris Jordan or bring in Ben Stokes, the northern lad in fine form and


desperate to do well. It's going to be fascinating to Who about see The


bowlers as well? The England bowlers will be loving this rain falling,


because it juices up the wicket for them to get the bounce. Yeah


definitely. The indian batslen looking for flatter pitches. England


were desperate for the rain to moisten it up. This is interesting,


isn't it, approaching a serhes like this with two teams, both of whom


were on top of the world thd last time they met and now struggling.


Yeah, it's like anything. It hurts if you have four or five world`class


stars out of your side. To replace them instantly is tough. Thd Indian


captain will have to work wdll, because India's attack is a little


bit short. If England can gdt in early and make inroads, it will be


Can't wait fascinating. To see it. We are promised the sun will be out


tomorrow. We ought to mention the county cricket before we go. Notts


Outlaws are away in the T20. That game is not under way because it's


raining in Birmingham as well. Derbyshire's game with Essex has got


some play today. Here, at Trent Bridge, when it dries


up, when the covers come off tomorrow, we are looking forward to


quite an adventure here, and it should be quite a Test serids.


Let's hope so, Colin, thank you very much. That's put a lot of pressure


on somebody else here. He's virtually promised nice weather


tomorrow. Did you tell him that No pressure! It's the start of the


cricket, so surely that means a cue for the rain. It's a good job it


wasn't today. We've had heavy, thundery down pours through today.


In fact Newark in particular has had a pasting this afternoon. There are


a few showers around as well. We still have a weather warning in


force that. `` for that. In terms of the cricket, we will get off to a


dry start. Sunshine around for tomorrow. Things turn a little more


troublesome into Thursday. That s not set in stone. There's still


uncertainty in the forecast for Thursday. We have low presstre


towards the east at the momdnt. It looks as though it will be throwing


rain our way later on Wednesday night and into Thursday. But it is


subject to change. So stay tuned to the forecast. For today, we have


home`grown rain to get rid of first, heavy, thundery showers across


northern parts at the moment. They will be slowly fizzling out through


this evening, we will dry up. Clear spells develop once again through


tonight. A little bit of mist and fog again and turning a little


chilly again in rural areas. We will be down to around eight or nine


degrees. Tomorrow morning is a bright start. Lots of sunshhne


through the morning. There will be changes through the day, though


tomorrow. We start to see the cloud increasing from the east later on in


the day and the winds will pick up. They will be the most noticdable


feature tomorrow. Brisk northerly wind is developing taking the edge


off temperatures. Probably not as warm as 20 or 21 degrees suggests.


We should stay dry all day. Here it comes then, Wednesday night and into


Thursday, we have a weather front starting to push in, tightlx packed


isobars, so wet and windy wdather to come on Thursday. It does look as


though it could well stall over us on Thursday, so stay tuned to the


forecast if you're heading off to Trent Bridge.


We apologise as well for getting that Alzheimer's report going badly.


You will see it in late news, whatever time that's on aftdr the


football. See you then, byelent `` bye.


This is the first example we know of of infrared communication.


Imagine if you could talk to the animals.


Zoologist Lucy Cooke is going to show us how.


This is the first example we know of of infrared communication.


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