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New security measures for electronic devices have been introduced


Welcome to East Midlands Today with me, Dominic Heale... And me, Anne


Davies. On our programme tonight: thousands of public sector workers


plan strikes over pensions. Back with his family. The Americ`n who


was barred from the UK. We have been out and about again for the first


time, it has been really nice. And thousands flock to the Trent Bridge


test match. And bound for the foundry but they will need far more


than farthings for the bells of St Martin 's. Good evening. Th`nks for


joining us. First tonight, the strike which will see thous`nds of


pupils kept away from school. Teachers are among the many public


sector workers who'll be taking industrial action tomorrow. It's


part of a campaign by six unions to improve pay and conditions following


years of cutbacks and reforls. Whitehall has condemned the


walk`outs. In particular, it says action by teachers will disrupt


pupils' education and damagd the reputation of the teaching


profession. Well, Mike O'Sullivan has been analysing the likely effect


of tomorrow's stoppages and joins us in the studio. Mike, just how


widespread will these strikds be? Well, schools and other council


services don't need to notify authorities if they're going to take


part in the strike but many have confirmed they will be closdd. At


the moment we know that across Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and


Derbyshire almost 300 schools will be affected by the industri`l


action, some will be partially closed while others won't open at


all. But it's not just schools, other services will also be hit A


number of libraries will be closed along with some day centres, leisure


centres, galleries and musetms. And don't be surprised if your wheelie


bin isn't emptied tomorrow. Preparing for the picket line. The


sex unions involved see tomorrow's strike will have a big impact. ``


six unions. They have had the 1 the macro offer this year. They are


feeling very angry, like thdy are bottom of the pile as far as P rises


are concerned. There is no obligation for employees to tell us


that they are going on strike or not, some have and some havd not. We


have had to take a day off of school of work to look after the children


when they are of school. I do not think it is right they can have a


day off whenever they like Julie. They have had the major cut in their


pensions. The pension age is now 68 instead of 60. `` when the light


really. We will not respond to emergencies in the same way as we do


normally but we will make a response. I'd macro the union says


there are around 12,000 govdrnment employees in the East Midlands,


courts and things like drivhng tests could be hit as well. It will bring


disruption for private businesses. We need to find an arrangemdnt that


is satisfactory to both sidds. A Cabinet Office spokesman has


previously told the BBC that pay restraint protects public sdctor


jobs, supports high`quality public sector services and helps ptt the


country back on track. And xou'll be able to get the latest information


on the industrial action including those important school clostres on


your local BBC Radio station, on their breakfast shows tomorrow.


Well, the Prime Minister today hinted of introducing new ldgal


curbs to make strikes in thd public sector more difficult. However, one


of our MPs says the public should be backing tomorrow's action. Let's


find out more from our Political Editor John Hess, who's at


Westminster. John, what's bding said? The Prime Minister's raised


the prospect of banning strhkes in the public sector if there's a low


turnout in a trade union's postal ballot on industrial action. He says


it's unacceptable that many children's education will bd


disturbed tomorrow because of an NUT ballot for strike action based on a


27% turnout. That voter turnout may be higher than some of our recent


council elections, but one Dast Midlands' Conservative MPs says new


union ballot laws are now ndeded. I think we have got to see a higher


threshold for these ballots. The Nu TR striking on a ballot frol two


years ago with a very small majority. `` very small current


note. But one East Midlands Labour MP says he'll be happy to join


public sector workers on a picket line tomorrow. And he's urghng the


public to back them. We havd seen hundreds of thousands of public


sector workers losing their jobs, huge cuts in the level of ptblic


services, I think it is really important then that the public get


behind public sector workers to show the government we actually support


our public services. So, cotld union ballots require a legal thrdshold


of, say, a 50% turn`out before strike action is allowed in the


public sector? There'll be no new trade union ballot legislathon in


this parliament, but don't be surprised if such measures `ppear in


the Conservatives' General dlection manifesto. One of our policd forces


is to re`open two child sex abuse inquiries, after criticism hn


Parliament. The Nottinghamshire MP, John Mann, claims abusers h`ven t


been prosecuted because filds were lost, or destroyed by the County


Council. Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, can tell


us more. What do we know about these cases? John Mann says six of his


constituents have come forw`rd since the start of this year, all claiming


they were victims of historhc child abuse, as far back as the 1890s


when some of them were only five years old. Mr Mann's convinced


they're credible, and now hd's raised concerns in Parliament. Where


he said some victims' files have been lost by Nottinghamshird Police.


While others have been destroyed by the County Council. And he's worried


that no`one's been prosecutdd. What I am certain of is that these


people, traumatised by events at the small Child, they are telling the


truth, these horrendous things happened to them, they deserve


justice. Tonight, John Mann's meeting Nottinghamshire's Chief


Constable and Police Commissioner to press for prosecutions. But the


force told me it's not ignoring these claims. It says, therd's still


a current investigation involving three victims. And it's now going to


review the allegations made by two further victims. Those


investigations had been closed, and the police and County Counchl both


told us that historic child sex abuse claims are taken seriously.


But John Mann still isn't s`tisfied. And he wants the Nottinghamshire


cases included in those new national inquiries. Thanks Jeremy. Coming


later in the programme, a Royal rehearsal. Tomorrow's a big day for


the Derbyshire Dales, and this choir's hoping to hit just the right


note. A family from Nottinghamshire has


finally been reunited after being forced to live in different


countries for a year. Gill Reagan was parted from her American`born


husband, Herb, when they trhed to leave South Africa where thdy'd been


working as church volunteers. Visa problems meant that Herb wasn't


allowed to return to the UK with the rest of the family. Instead, he was


deported to the United Statds. Emily Anderson reports. All smiles today


as the family are finally b`ck together again. We got the `ppeal


for the bees out was becausd of human rights. They were telling


radio Nottingham what they have been through. `` for the Visa. Hdrb is an


American citizen but had bedn living in the UK for 12 years before the


family moved to South Afric` to work as missionaries. When they tried to


leave to come back to the UK last year Herb was told he could not come


back to the UK because his Visa had expired. He had to go back to the


United States. I needed to be back with my family. With Herb gone the


mother and her family had to start a new life back in Carrollton. There


are just so many things you need to do when you first move housd and to


have that without Herb around was really difficult. The Visa was


sorted and he was finally allowed back with his family. He is finally


here so we can play games and stuff and do things normally at the


family. I was so glad to sed him again. It has been a welcomd return


for the family again as thex are delighted to have Herb back home.


Happy days in that household. Police in Leicestershire have arrested a


man after 39 Audi cars were broken into in just five days. The


break`ins happened mainly in the south of the county. Police say the


thieves are looking for an dmergency key, which is often found in the


Audi glovebox. Officers say a 23`year`old man is in custody but


the investigation is still ongoing. Owners of these kinds of car need to


check their glove box to sed if they have this emergency cord in key


within the glove box. Do not leave your vehicle insecure with `ny


valuables in the vehicle. If you see any suspicious behaviour reported to


the police and give other and opportunity to catch them in the


act. House prices could risd by about 8% according to


PricewaterhouseCoopers who say our economy to the among the three best


performing areas in the country With overall growth expected that


just 3% in 2014. People spend more in the retail environment is giving


a good feel `` a feel`good factor. Businesses here should stop and


reflect and think is their strategy appropriate to capitalise on the


growth that is coming in thd year ahead. A charity says it fe`rs


thousands of blind and visu`lly impaired people in Leicestershire


could lose their local support, if a council cuts funding. Vista offers


help, assessments and social groups to more than three thousand adults.


The County Council says it needs to save more than ?20 million from its


adults and communities budgdt. A consultation runs until Sunday.


Basically they would be stuck at home and would not have the


opportunity to meet other pdople with sight loss, issued thehr


experiences and how they have been affected, meet people locally and I


think eventually that has an impact on their health. I know the cuts are


very important and everybodx has to make savings but basically they


would be stuck at home doing nothing. A new group's been formed


to help secure the future of one of Nottinghamshire's most signhficant


heritage sites. The Newstead Abbey Partnership wants to increase the


number of visitors to the btilding and find funding for essenthal


repairs. The ancestral home of Lord Byron was placed on an international


at`risk register, the World Monuments Watchlist, in 2012. The


East midlands is gearing itself up for a Royal visit tomorrow, with the


Queen and the Duke of Edinbtrgh heading for the Derbyshire Dales.


Yes, the Queen has specific`lly asked to visit one of the oldest


working factories in the world, and will then be going on to thd Palace


of the Peak, her first visit to Chatsworth in more than 20 xears.


James Roberson has more on the preparations which are underway


Children from a primary school near Matlock track to sing their special


song that they will be singhng for the Queen and Prince Philip


tomorrow. The song does not pull any punches, it mentions the parachute


jump for instance. Now, it hs her life over the last 60 years. A


direct descendant of the orhginal family in this business will show


them around. They have a grdat piece of prewar company history. This is


the role born of the men who left the factory to go to fight `t the


front. My great`grandfather who was the owner of the business at the


time sent packages out everx week to the front. My job is putting the


label in and made in Great Britain on the back of the neck. Th`t is


what she will be addressed the din. This man remembers the Queen's last


visit in 1968. She was quitd interested in the process. The royal


visit will start tomorrow morning at Matlock Station. Chatsworth will be


a highlight. She has been the before but a long time ago. It will be


fabulous at Chatsworth. There will be plenty of room for members of the


public to see her arriving `nd her departure. These schoolchildren are


just as excited. D G. So, let's go straight over to Trent


Bridge where crowds have bedn enjoying the first test agahnst


India. Natalie is there. Good evening Natalie. Yes good evening


and what a lovely sunny cricket weather we have had today.


Nottingham's Trent Bridge h`s really has shone in on its big day in the


sun. There were a few empty seats today but tens of thousand of fans


have been here and there re`lly is something really very speci`l about


the first day of a test match particularly with India. We have


seen a good hard day of test cricket. India closed 259`4. Kirsty


Edwards has been soaking up the atmosphere. The start of wh`t


promises to be a huge sum of cricket. Fans poured into


Nottingham, all arriving to a very noisy reception. Some travelling in


the real style. With so manx visitors and the worldwide


television audience of millhons death is big business for the local


economy. There will be people travelling from outside the county


who will stay in Wood tells, go to restaurants and bars. `` hotels


There is plenty cricket to come over the coming weeks. Both sides have


plenty to prove what do these fans think the summer has in store? The


way they have been performing lately, I do not know but I am


hopeful. I would like to sax I will leave with a smile but I am not sure


I will. Who argue supporting today? Indira Gainiyeva the winning team.


Diane macro India! Stuart broad was also getting into the action. India


were closing on 259`4. Whatdver happens over the coming days, you


can always guaranteed a special atmosphere here. In a moment we ll


have a special guest live whth us because it's like a crickethng who's


who down here tonight with `ll the big names in Nottingham. Including a


host of former greats. So who better than the retired and much mhssed


England spin bowler Graeme Swann and India's legendary batsman R`hul


Dravid to give us their takd on this test and the whole series. Ht is the


ground that you want to plax as a test cricketer. You hear about it


before he even start playing for your country, you want to do well


when you come here and be ltcky Diane macro nothing is the same as


being out there. I used to love the Trent Bridge test. It promises to be


a corker. In terms of skill and ability I think they have got it. It


is just understanding crickdt and test cricket, succeeding at test


cricket has its own challenges. It is a real huge test for thel. They


need to score runs, he needs to get the monkey off his back. England


need to prove a few people wrong as well, they need to play pretty much


how they did for 90% of the Sri Lanka series. There is 10% the need


to work on, the difference between winning and losing. The Indhans are


dubious when they are playing which brings a lot to the table. Ht will


be interesting to see how it pans out. Test cricket is hard, ht did


the hard and steep curve. They can have a great series. One man who


would be happy to see England when is Chris here. What have yot made of


the day's play? It has been a tough day. Winning the toss was ilportant


for either team, India won ht and decided to bat, England would have


been disappointed with that. I think they have made a decent effort. Your


son has been injured, but hd was playing today. I am sure he takes


painkillers just to get through the day but he bowled very nicely today.


He picked up a very valuabld wicket. That was from a fantastic


player. I think he will be very pleased but there is more h`rd work


to be done tomorrow. Anderson got two wickets. It has been good for


them. Jimmy has an amazing record year in seven test matches but he,


like all the other bowlers, will have some tough work to do tomorrow


to try to bowl India out. It is going to be tough for England


tomorrow but a relatively ndw ball first thing tomorrow morning, the


batsmen will be fresh first thing. Good news for football and Leicester


City fans, it strike David Nugent has signed a two`year contr`ct


today. But in cricket Trent Bridge has looked fantastic. Sun`drenched


here today. We will have thd weather shortly. Finally, ask not for whom


the bell tolls. They toll for Alfreton. The problem is thd bells


of St Martin of Tours haven't tolled for years. But thankfully that's


about to change. It's taken almost a decade to raise the money to repair


and replace them, although when it's done they'll be good for thd next


150 years. Today, local parhshioners turned out in force to see the bells


taken down from St Martin's, the first part of the restoration


process. What goes up must come down, especially when they `re in


desperate need of repair. For an ancient bell it is absolutely


gorgeous. It has taken nine years to raise the ?125,000 needed to fix the


nine bells at this church. So much effort from so many people. The


community have been very generous with their careers, help and


finances. All volunteers have made this project go and it has been


really exciting to see it come to fruition. They are being taken to a


bell foundry in London wherd they will be replaced or recast. Some


will come back like this ond. The fittings are worn out. Thesd people


here will never see this ag`in in their lifetime. This is history The


time I went down to Whitech`pel to see our new bell being recast was


when the realisation came that the project was happening, I actually


cried wolf stop the people hn this community have all heard thdse bells


so when they come back it whll be great for the community to hear them


all ringing again. What better to see them off than the heel of a


handbell. `` peal. Now the weather. We have got the weather front trying


to push in from the East but there is still


spells across the West. The breeze will keep temperatures up. Tomorrow


morning most of ours will start dry, even some brightness across


western parts through the morning. Cloud will start to roll in through


the morning and Cloud will slowly push in through tomorrow. This is


where we think it will be bx the end of the afternoon. And East West


split. Quite a cool day, 18 selfie is the top temperature. Oncd the


rain sets in it could set up on Thursday night. We shall


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