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And now your late news for the East That's


And now your late news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. Industrial action by public sector workers is likely to cause


widespread disruption across the East Midlands tomorrow. Thotsands of


pupils will miss lessons as teachers take part in strikes. It's part of a


campaign by six unions to ilprove pay and conditions. Mike


O'Sullivan's been looking at the likely impact of the stoppages.


Schools and staff working in other authorities do not have to notify


their employers if they are going to be off, but many have. Some schools


will not open at all, others will be closed partly. Schools are not the


only ones affected, leisure centres, libraries and even in collections


could be affected. Unions s`y the strike could have a big imp`ct.


Local government workers all taking action. There have been pay freezes


over the last few years and a 1 offer this year. They are fdeling


very angry, like they are bottom of the pile as far as pay rises are


concerned. There is no obligation for employees to tell us th`t they


are going on strike or not, some have and some have not. We have had


to take a day off of school of work to look after the children when they


are of school. I do not think it is right they can have a day off


whenever they like really. They have had the major cut in their pensions.


The pension age is now 68 instead of 60. It has been a relentless attack


on our pay and conditions and everything. Firefighters have staged


strikes recently and tomorrow they will be out again. We will not


respond to emergencies in the same way as we do normally but wd will


make a response. Job centres could be affected as civil servants go out


on strike. Courts and driving tests could be hit as well. A polhce force


is to re`open two historic child sex abuse inquiries, after crithcism in


Parliament.The Nottinghamshhre MP, John Mann, claimed several `busers


haven't been prosecuted. And he said some files were lost by the police,


or destroyed by Nottinghamshire County Council. What I am cdrtain of


is that these people traumatised by events as small children ard telling


the truth. These things happened to them, horrendous things, thdy


deserve justice. In a statelent Nottinghamshire Police said there


was a current investigation involving three victims. It would


now review allegations made by two further victims. A charity says it


fears thousands of blind and visually impaired people in


Leicestershire could lose their local support ` if a council cuts


funding. Vista offers help, assessments and social activity to


more than 3,000 adults. The County Council says it needs to save more


than ?20 million from its adults and communities budget. A consultation


runs until Sunday. Police in Leicestershire have arrested a man


after 39 Audi cars were broken into in just five days. The break`ins


happened mainly in the south of the county. Police say the thieves are


looking for an emergency kex which is often found in the Audi glovebox.


Officers say a 23`year`old lan is in custody but the investigation is


still ongoing. A Nottinghamshire family forced to live in different


countries for a year have fhnally been reunited. Gill Reagan from


Carlton was parted from her American`born husband Herb, because


of visa problems. Their forced separation arose when they returned


to the UK after a decade volunteering in South Afric`. Emily


Anderson reports. All smiles today as the family are finally b`ck


together again. We got the `ppeal for the visa because of hum`n


rights. They were telling r`dio Nottingham what they have bden


through. Herb is an American citizen but had been living in the TK for 12


years before the family movdd to South Africa to work as


missionaries. When they tridd to leave to come back to the UK last


year Herb was told he could not come back to the UK because his Visa had


expired. He had to go back to the United States. I needed to be back


with my family. With Herb gone the mother and her family had to start a


new life back in Carrollton. We thought it might just be a few days


to get it sorted out. There are just so many things you need to do when


you first move house and to have that without Herb around was really


difficult. After a lengthy `ppeal battle a judge ruled in his favour.


He is finally here so we can play games and stuff and do things


normally at the family. I w`s so glad to see him again. It h`s been a


welcome return for the family again as they are delighted to have Herb


back home. . So, it's goodbxe from me, but with your weather now,


here's Kaye. Things will be going downhill tomorrow. We have ` weather


front pushing in from the e`st. Dry at the moment with some cle`r spells


pushing in to the west. Thex will be more of a freeze. The rain `lready


arriving to the east coast through the morning. It will slowly move


westwards but there is still some uncertainty as to how far wdst it


will get. We could have an Dast /west split where western areas will


stay dry. Temperatures around 1 Celsius in the West. Warming up for


the and humid, with heavy and under in


showers. Today has been the quietest weather


day of this week. We had 24 Celsius in Carlisle in the sunshine. It did


struggle on the North Sea coast with the wind, but you can see two


weather fronts advancing in under the mass of cloud. Our window for


fine weather will diminish overnight stop it has been windy. North Sea


Gales, and that wind continues


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