10/07/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Elsewhere, Derby County havd signed highly`rated young fullback Cyrus


Christie. He was out of contract at Coventry, but Derby have had to pay


a fee because he's under 23. The Rams say they beat off strong


competition for him. In Rugby, two Leicestershire women have bden


selected to represent England at the World Cup next month in Parhs. One


is a the star turn Emily Sc`rrattand the other is Hinckley's Vicky


Fleetwood, who we caught up with last year in her regular job as a


Primary School teacher. We wish them both the best. And just to return to


cricket, the County game thhs time. Derbyshire have drawn with Dssex.


Leicestershire were heavily beaten by Kent. Now there are another two


days here at Trent Bridge and we are hoping the weather is kind xear as


well. The people in those sdats will be happy whatever is going on on the


field of play if the weather continues. That was a posithve


thought. The line just staydd to the east. It was touch and go e`rlier in


the week, the was the potential for rainfall today but that was further


east. It was beautiful this morning. It is the genes of story tolorrow,


largely drive but it is going to be rather cloudy. The same on Friday.


For the remainder of the test match it does not look too bad, a lot of


cloud around for the next three days, a potential of an odd shower


but mostly drive. There is `? Over Sunday, the potential of a few more


showers. As we heard, the r`in did stay to the east through thd day to


day today. Through the evenhng and overnight tonight will see ` gradual


increase in Cloud but where we do have the reindeer is a weather


warning which should stay to the east. As we head through thd night a


gradual increase in Cloud from. I don we will start to see thd weather


front moved westwards giving as more cloud for a time. Dumb patchy rain


for the morning. It looks lhke being a dry afternoon. `` some patchy


rain. A high of 22 degrees. Saturday not looking too bad, it looks dry


and settled. The cloud will thin and break to give sunny spells. You will


notice this area of rain pushing in on Saturday evening. It will start


to clear through the night but there is a potential on Sunday for more


showers around. We will havd more detail as that is a quite `` quite a


bit tricky at the moment. That is all from us for now. Goodbyd.


Goodbye. with some new adventures to share


with YOUR little ones. Please, double please.


We're going to Dad's office today. These look really yummy.


I'm so excited about going to school.


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