10/07/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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deliver better programmes? That s all from us. A


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


The unions claimed a million workers walked out across the UK.


The Government claimed most public sector staff reported for work


But whatever the actual figtres schools, the fire brigade and other


services across the East Midlands were disrupted today by one of the


Here is a round`up from our Political Editor John Hdss.


Library worker Rosie, from Nottinghamshire has lost


She regrets that, but then she has already lost


a big chunk of her salary because of council budget ctts.


That is why she joined todax's national strike


I went from 37 hours just down to 19 at the time.


So, you know, my wages have been greatly reduced


and I have a nine year`old at the moment and it is difficult


sometimes to try to make thd money stretch until the end of thd month.


Teachers, civil servants, and council care workers also backed


There was a similar big turnout in Leicester.


Fire Crews, angered over the raising of their retirelent age,


We are making a stand along with other public services


In Derby, while public servhce workers gathered for a rallx, fire


reservists covering for strhking full time crews were called to a


school. A fire had broken ott in the roof. No one was hurt.


There was a similar incident in Leicestershire.


This is what trade union solidarity looks like.


It is a show of strength but will it change the mindset of the government


on public service pay, condhtions and austerity budget cuts?


I think they are wrong and it will affect services and it


will affect people who have nothing to do with the dispute whatsoever.


I also think they are wrong because some of them are based on b`llots


With a very small percentagd of people actually voting


I personally would not want to see more strikes because these workers


are sacrificing a day's pay and that is because some of these people are


With the government talking about another four years


of public sector pay cuts, there may be further stoppages between now


The national rehabilitation centre for injured soldiers is


The Ministry of Defence says new facilithes


at Stanford Hall near Loughborough will open within the next four years


They will replace the outdated centre for seriously injured


If we start to get a conflict that delivers casualties in the future,


we have a state`of`the`art place to treat them so we will need to think


seriously about how we retahn the skills that we have learned


tragically, over the past fdw years with the levels of complex trauma


that we have had and the levels of head injury trauma that we have had.


Figures show 13 people have been fined for hogging the middld lanes


The new powers to levy fines were granted to


Officers can hand out on the spot penalties of up to ?10 .


It has been a day of Royal celebrations across Derbyshhre


Thousands of people lined the streets to welcome the Pueen


The Royal couple arrived at Matlock this morning, before moving


The sun shone for the thous`nds who thronged to Derbyshire waithng, for


Accompanied by Prince Philip, she arrived not by Royal tr`in,


It has been 22 years since the Queen has been to Matlock.


The crowds made sure it would be a visit which would not be


Many of them were lucky enough to share


Our daughter was playing in the music ensemble so we would


not have missed this day for all the earth.


We only saw the turquoise bobbing hat from where we were,


I'm just really excited to see the Queen


After Matlock, it was into the royal car and they visited


It was granted the royal se`l of approval two years ago.


Local children sung to her before she met some of the


Then it was onto sun`drenchdd Chatsworth House,


where hundreds upon hundreds of well`wishers had arrived hours


earlier to make sure they h`d secured a spot to see the Qteen


Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh slowly worked


their way through the crowds which lined the route to thd house.


They were then introduced to local food and drink producers who


presented the couple with a hamper of Derbyshire's finest


She spent a long time looking at all of this didn't she?


His Royal Highness was obviously very keen on some


of the products and asked a lot of questions and spoke to us


She asked if she would be able to fit it in her helicopter to take it


home, so we all had quite a giggle with her, to be honest


It was a memorable experience for many who came here.


It was amazing and she looked beautiful.


It has been amazing, I have never seen the Queen before


She is quite smaller than I actually thought she would be.


The crowds stayed to wave her goodbye, all in agreement there


That is your news. So, it is goodbye from me, but with your weather now,


Wheat were lucky to do in the rain stayed to the east. If you're


heading down any of the rem`ining days it is looking to bad. There is


the potential for a few showers on Sunday. The noun there is that rain


which has been setting to the east of us all day. For the rest of us,


just a gradual increase in cloud and a few spots of rain pushing end


Temperatures of 13 degrees. Tomorrow morning the weather front moves


westwards. There are the potential for a few spots of rain. For most of


us it will remain dry. Their cloud should spend a little bit. `` the


cloud should then a little bit. Hot 20s. The weekend - dry on Saturday.


Sunday, showers. Is Good evening. We had stark contrasts


in our weather today for most of us we had sunshine and it was warm 25


in Glasgow, 27 Attlee on Solent Just 14 under this cloud back. We've


had quite a brisk breeze and torrential rain at times.


Thunderstorms across East Anglia, Essex and Kent. Parts of London


That's meandering at the moment It is edging into Lincolnshire, parts


of Yorkshire. It is going to bring further downpours throughout the


evening. Nasty conditions on the roads with spray and warm. Elsewhere


bar the odd shower, a drier, clearer night. Mist and fog around. A chilly


in the Scottish glens. Fog for the East Coast. Sea fog could plague


eastern areas tomorrow. More cloud as the rain slowly eases away. It is


quite dry, but by the end of tomorrow, the rain for the weekend


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