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A prison campaign group is warning about increasing suicides, `ssaults


and riots in East Midlands prisons, due to a cut in officer numbers


The Howard League for Penal Reform claims government figures show


between 2010 and 2013 the ntmber of officer grade staff dropped


from 2,800 to just over 1,800 in our region.


The organisation says action needs to be taken to reduce violence


The government responded th`t the figures don't compare lhke for


Hundreds of people gathered at a music festival


The event, called Disabilitx Rocks, is the first of its kind


in the East Midlands and more have now been promhsed


Carolyn Moses reports from Kibworth in Leicestershire.


In this barn disability really does rock. In the form of ten ye`r`old


Alfie who has autism. This hs a place where fans can enjoy live


music. The idea was set up by Richard Sutton whose son Max has a


red disability himself. A lot of people who have a wide rangd of


additional needs struggle to experience live entertainment. So we


came up with our own. They are banging the drum in the


East Midlands. And thanks to an army of volunteers, everyone's dhffering


needs can be catered for so they can concentrate on having fun. Ht is


fantastic because there is nothing like this in the East Midlands


area. When you have a disabled child you are always struggling to get


into places, people staring, and here you can do what you want.


The prediction for the future? More events like this. People ard


starting to understand that there is this need, and hopefully th`t means


there will be more across the country and in lots of diffdrent


communities. We are hopefully just starting the ball rolling.


With Nottinghamshire's last deep coal mine closing next year, mining


But a group of former miners from Bilsthorpe have joined forces


and put together an exhibithon to preserve mining's past.


Once a proud industry, mining is all but consigned to the historx books


in Nottinghamshire. Eric Purdy was a miner in Bilsthorpe for over 40


years. When the pit closed, he and his friends started a collection


about life in a coal mine. We started this off in 1997, collecting


different items when it was closing down, and it has built up into a


proper committee. This is where we are today.


The Bilsthorpe Heritage Musdum has just opened at the back of the


village hall. It houses memorabilia from Nottinghamshire's mining


industry and gives people a real taste of the conditions mindrs


worked been. The children of today do not realise the suffering that


men went through, deaths, injuries, it was phenomenal.


With the imminent closure of Nottinghamshire's last you coal mine


it is exhibitions like this that are crucial in maintaining our lining


heritage for future generathons A council`owned listed building


could be made into a hotel Rushcliffe Borough Council has


owned Bridgford Hall since 0923 It's bidding for ?2.5 million


from the Heritage Lottery Ftnd. If it's converted, the hall would be


leased to a private hotel operator. Good evening. It has been a very hot


and humid day. We are starthng to see the first signs of a band of


heavy rain coming in, so a weather warning is in force because this


rain could be very heavy and thundery. Overnight and into the


early hours there is the potential for localised flooding. It becomes a


little bit lighter through the early part of tomorrow morning, btt


averages overnight no lower than 16 sources. That rain still quhte heavy


and possibly thundery during the early part of the morning, writer


spells following afterwards. `` brighter spells. But it shotld be a


fresher day. Good evening.


We are seeing thunderstorms developing. Some of these will stay


with us well on into the evening to be replaced with outbreaks of rain


later in the night. The rain we had heading into western Scotland and


Northern Ireland and spreading east across the UK. There are some


heavier bursts. Coast and hill fog around and a warm muggy night to


come. Tomorrow we start with cloud. Damp in places. Many of us will see


brighter skies arrive. There will be showers around. Light ones for Wales


West earn England. Through the morning sunny spells will develop.


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