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Good evening. down to the World Cup final.


A gay clergyman has spoken for the first time


about being refused a licence to take up a promotion in the NHS.


Canon Jeremy Pemberton becale the first ordained minister to get


married, after same`sex marriages became legal.


Now the acting Bishop won't issue a licence for him to become


Jeremy Pemberton nosegay maladjusted as I dashed divisive issue hn the


church. `` Jeremy Pemberton knows that gay marriage is a divisive


issue in the church. My dechsion to marry my partner was a conscientious


and moral decision to do solething completely legal and to marry the


person I love. I stand by that 00%. The deputy senior chaplain for


United Lincolnshire hospitals recently secured promotion `t


Kingsmill Hospital. But he was refused a licence to do the job I


have been a priest for 32 ydars I have tried to lead a faithftl and


hard`working wife. It felt that my work was being rejected. Do you


think you have been treated fairly? This bishop is refusing to give me a


licence. That is not equal treatment and I don't think it is fear. Nobody


has laid a complaint against me I have not been put through any form


of disciplinary procedure. No, it is not fear. In a statement, the acting


bishop said it would not be appropriate conduct for somdone on


wholly`owned is `` on holy orders to be part of a Same Sex Marri`ge Bill


is to Jeremy Pemberton says getting married was the right thing to do.


Councillors meeting this wedk to discuss huge budget cuts sax they


Another 2,000 jobs could go at Derbyshire County Council as it


Even the school crossing service could be axed.


When Derbyshire County Council's Cabinet meets on Tuesday to discuss


how spending on services cotld be cut by a third, school, crossing


patrols could be one of manx targets. It could have consdquences


for road safety. It is dangdrous. Unfortunately the whole budgets for


crossing patrols in Derbyshhre is one of the areas earmarked for


reduced funding. Other plans could involve gritting fewer roads and


ending this can travel for teenagers. Up to 23 children's


Centres for those under fivd could be caused. This is invaluable. It is


great for new parents to medt each other and discuss things. Where else


would there be to go? Living in the countryside, you can be quite


isolated. Meeting other mothers and discussing things, it is very


helpful. The biggest cut cotld be made to funding for social care


Hitting people who receive support for assistance in their own home. It


could be a debate between e`ting or heating. Can they afford to put


their central heating on? The council says it wants to rahse cash


by selling off more than ?20 million worth of assets over the next two


years. `` three years. Youngsters killed by gang vholence


in the East Midlands were rdmembered during a football game


near Nottingham today. Dozens of names were read ott


before the match, among thel Antoin The game saw Real United pl`y


alongside Notts County Trish Bergan,


whose son Eugene was killed by a gang`member, praised efforts


to deter youngsters from gangs. It is a purpose for them. It is


something that there are interested in. They are interested in kicking a


ball instead of walking down the road and going into somebodx's


shared and looking for things to steal and sell. Being involved in


football, there are a lot of things you cannot measure. Self`esteem


self`confidence, how young people think differently regarding ambition


and aspirations. The cloud wanted to hang around over


the eastern side of the reghon for a percentage of this afternoon, but it


is clearing away now and we will see a dry night across the East


Midlands. It will be a fresher night. Not as muddy as last night.


Minimum temperature, 12 degrees Tomorrow morning, a good drx and


bright start to the day. In the afternoon, the cloud increases from


the west and we start to sed a small mind of patchy light green living in


for the evening period. It will still be a warm day. Temper`tures


reaching a maximum of 23 degrees. Remaining mainly dry through the


middle part of the week. Also turning very hot and humid `gain.


We are back after tonight's World Cup Final.


Hello, most places are enjoying a fine end to the weekend with some


sunshine. You might be firing up the barbecue ahead of the World Cup


final but we have seen torrential storms in East Anglia and they still


have showers. They will ease but showers in Eastern Scott and into


eastern England. Elsewhere, it is dry and clear and misty and places,


and cooler, sunspots in


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