13/07/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the Dast Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


A clergyman's spoken for the first time about being


effectively blocked from taking up a promotion.


Jeremy Pemberton from Nottinghamshire was refused


a licence to become Chaplain for Kingsmill Hospital


after he became the first ordained minister to marry


his same`sex partner, earlidr this year.


Canon Jeremy Pemberton knows gay marriage is a divisive issud


But when he decided to make that commitment to his long`term partner,


he didn't realise how costlx it would prove to be.


But it is a decision that he stands bx.


My decision to marry Laurence was a personal, conscientious,


moral decision, to do something that was completely legal.


Canon Pemberton is the Deputy Senior Chaplain for


He recently secured promotion at Kingsmill Hospital but hd was


Do you think you have been treated fairly?


This bishop has refused to give me a licence.


That's not equal treatment `nd I don't think it's fair, no.


There has been no process, nobody has laid a complaint


against me, I've not been ptt through any form of disciplhnary


In a statement, the acting Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham,


the Right Rev Richard Inwood, has said it would not be appropriate


conduct for someone in holy orders to enter into same`sex marrhage


In light of pastoral guidance and for reasons of consistency,


he says he is unable to isste a licence for Jeremy Pemberton.


Gay marriage remains a highly controversial subjdct


But Canon Pemberton says getting married was the right thing to do.


Another 2,000 jobs could go at Derbyshire County Council.


Councillors will meet this week to discuss huge budget cuts,


and they warn they're having to "think the unthinkable".


Is a say to discuss cut by ` third, school crossing patrols will be one


of many targets. Scrapping wardens next year would save ?600,000. It


could have consequences for road safety. It is dangerous, but the


whole budget for school crossing patrol in Derbyshire is one of the


areas earmarked for reduced funding. Other potential savings include


cutting grants to voluntary and community groups, gritting fewer


roads and ending discount travel for 11 to 19`year`olds. Up to 20 feature


audience centres for the under fives could also be closed. The bhggest


cuts could be made to funding the social care, hitting people


receiving support live at home or in residential homes. I think ht would


be a scenario about heating and eating. Can they afford to put on


central heating this winter? The council says it has already used


money from reserves to prop up services and wants to raise cash by


selling off more than ?20 mhllion of assets over next three years.


A special football match was held near Nottingham earlier


today to help youngsters avoid getting involved in gangs.


The names of dozens of youngsters killed


in gang`related violence were read out before the match, among them


Antoin Akpom, murdered in Ldicester and Eugene Bergan, stabbed to death


The game, organised by Real United, saw the club play alongside former


Notts County and Nottingham Forest Players.


It is a purpose, the event, it is something that boys are intdrested


in, getting out and kicking a ball. Instead of working up and down the


road `` walking, going into a shed and thinking, what can I pinch to


sell? Let's see what the weather's


planning. Sara has your fordcast. We have finally started to lose


the crowd that was with us for a good percentage of


the day across the East Midlands. And it is going to be a dry night,


it will certainly be a cooler night as well, temperatures


dropping to a minimum of around A fine start to Monday,


a little bit of sunshine in the early morning, but it's gradually


going to change into the afternoon. We start to see the cloud


increasing, then there will be small amounts of patchy, light rahn


as well arriving for the evdning. But a warm day,


temperatures reaching reachhng And we are going to start to see


the return of that hot and humid weather as well,


as we progress throughout the week. Turning very hot


by the time we get to Thursday. More from us in BBC Breakfast


from 6:00. For now, from me


and the weekend team, good night. Good evening. A fine night ahead. A


few showers are lingering across eastern England and eastern


Scotland. They should fade away into the small hours. There will be clear


skies and it will be a fresher night and last night. Temperatures will


slide down into the mid-teens and lower. A decent start to the new


week. The emphasis


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