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The levy bar owners in Notthngham up and was grass UKIP was getthng a lot


of support in two of the I will be meeting these two.


They have one of Britain'smarriages.


Good evening and welcome to Monday's programme.


First tonight ` hundreds of bars and clubs in Nottingham will now have to


pay a levy of up to ?4,500 to help pay for late`night policing.


The City Council passed the measure today, saying it's not right that


But owners say it's an unfahr tax and could lead to more violdnce


Our chief news reporter Quentin Rayner is at one of


First it was Newcastle, now it's Nottingham which has to pay the


late`night levy. I'm at Fothergills just by


Nottingham Castle. It's a b`r which also serves bistro`style food.


From November it faces an EXTRA potential charge


because of the levy. We'll be hearing from the owner in a


moment, but first this is why it's being imposed in the city.


Today on a Saturday night up to 40,000 revellers taxpayers have to


pay the by bars the levy wotld play the the charge would be up to ? 500


a year, depending on how much the business relies on the sale of


alcohol premises such as thdatres, cinemas and bingo halls runs a bar


in the city centre and is also the levy is an unfair tax on no bars


will close so there will thd levy comes into force in November and has


been Let's talk to Chris Bulaitis,


the managing director of welcomed what effect will bd levy


have paying around ?2500 extra, for no reason. We don't cause any


problems, we pay our to the community


You've been getting in touch with us via social media. These are a


flavour of your comments: Apparently, almost a third of


Nottingham's violent crime takes place in and around the citx


centre, it will be interesthng once this makes a difference to that


statistic. Rolls Royce is to supply engines for


a new Airbus passenger aircraft but it hasn't decided if thd engine


will be built in Derby. Rolls Royce says Airbus is to buy


the new Trent seven thousand, which will have its first test run next


year. The engine will be usdd in the Airbus A`330 neo and is


expected to go into service in 2017. It's hoped a decision will be


made soon about whether the engine Firefighters in the East Midlands


are taking part in eight consecutive days of strike action from today.


It's part of a long running dispute over pensions and working


conditions. Strike times will vary, but will mostly be from 6am to am


and for another two hours bdtween 5 and 7 in the evenings. The


government says the industrhal Still to come, the giant floral


displays will will be making a big impression in Glasgow.


Next, coincidence or conspiracy ` was grass cutting carried ott


in parts of Derby to help sdcure local election results?


A BBC Freedom of Information request has revealed


that grass cutting was carrhed out in four marginal wards in the city,


shortly before the election, allegedly to make those Labour`held


What could be more innocent than grass verges? Not according to some


quarters in Derby. Today on BBC radio Derby the political


correspondent was explaining how after the elections claims were put


to him that grass verges had then cut before the election in some


marginal Labour boards to m`ke them look more attractive. What the wards


have in common is that they were held by Labour before the election


and were very much wanted to be won by UKIP. While the Conservatives


told Chris Doidge that they were unsure anything untoward had taken


place, UKIP told us this. UKIP had some target wards. When polhtical


parties canvas they realise that support does go in certain ways and


it was clear that UKIP was getting significant ward Waring support in


two of the wards where this grass cutting took place. We attelpted to


contact the Labour Council but without success. But the City


Council did sent us this st`tement. We asked voters in Galveston the


$64,000 question. Where you influenced by whether the grass had


been cut on the verges? No. Not really. I voted UKIP, I thotght it


was the best one. Ken Clarke steps down


as a Government minister after more than 40 years


in front`line politics as D`vid Ken Clarke has gone `


which other Conservative MPs from the East Midlands can dxpect


a call from the Prime Minister? Our Political Editor John Hdss is


in Downing Street for us tonight. Well, Ken Clarke is one


of the so`called political Big Ken Clarke celebrated


his 74th birthday the other week. And he dropped a heavy hint


at a House of Commons dinner that his Cabinet


days may be coming to an end. After the last general election he


returned to the Cabinet table when David Cameron appointed him as Lord


Chancellor and Justice Secrdtary. In the last reshuffle in 2002, he


remained in the Cabinet but without Even David Cameron acknowledges


a lack of women in his cabinet. Ashfield's Labour MP Gloria De Piero


today criticised the Prime Linister, saying there were more bald men


in his cabinet than women. So some of our 2010 intake of female


Tories ` Loughborough's Nicky Morgan and Broxtowe's Anna Soubry `


may be hopeful for a call from Nicky Morgan is currently a Treasury


minister and was allowed to attend Cabinet meetings when appointed


Minister for Women early thhs year. The Loughborough MP is now being


widely tipped to get a full Cabinet Could she become Britain's


first female Defence Secret`ry? And how's this `


could she replace Ken Clarkd Using that role to be


the high profile spokeswoman But it may be Nicky Morgan who set


the fastest pace for promothon. Like the Prime Minister,


she enjoys her running. We'll start to get the detahls


of David Cameron's ministerhal changes tomorrow and discovdr


the team that he will take The Chamber of Commerce has recorded


the best set of economic indicators for seven years.


One company that handles waste and provides materials for the


construction industry says their workload has doubled.


When the construction industry is booming, so is this Nottingham


`based recycling company. They take in lorry loads of waste gendrated by


small builders right through to the big names. They are doing 200


vehicle loads a day, double that of 2012. The boom in the construction


industry has been fantastic for ours. There is a real confidence in


the marketplace. The upturn is reaching many parts of our dconomy.


The latest report to guide ts through the peaks and troughs is the


quarterly economic survey from the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshhre


Chamber of Commerce. 57% of firms said sales were up, 35% said exports


were on the rise and more than half were intending to recruit. The best


set of indicators recorded hn the seven years they have been recording


data. This company takes in waste plasterboard from all parts of the


that will make a new product. 2 6 that will make a new product. 2 6


people were killed that now they want more. We want more drivers in


the business and no operatives as well. We are looking for


approximately 10% more. This company has invested ?200,000 in new


containers, saying they can't get them quickly enough.


Staying with booming trade, and the first `` in the first of our made in


the East Midlands series we meet a company where success is not all


shaped. The manners family decided to have a


go producing elderflower cordial for a commercial market.


Beaver Fruit Farms is on thd verge of moving to a purpose`built


factory. This is where it all started, our


fruit farm field. This was pick your own and we grew fruit in thdre. Dad


hit on the idea of making mtm's home`made elderflower cordi`l and


now we have 80 acres of elddrflower is. `` elderflowers. These `re


perfect for making the cordhal in. We mix sugar, lemon and elddrflower


is and this is what you get. Our biggest export markets `re


Japan, America, Canada, but we sell as far`away as career or New


Zealand. `` career`macro. `` Korea. This one is going to the Czdch


Republic. We have a customer who sell it to Starbucks and other


companies in the Czech Republic 30 years ago this company produced


500 wattles, this year it is forecast to make 20 million, with


plans to expand further. These are the plans for a ?3 million


factory which allows us to dxpand production is hugely, two about four


times what we are doing now, hopefully up to around 100 lillion


bottles in a few years' timd, if we can sell that! It is a huge gamble


but it will be great becausd we can put the offices together and be in


one place and have a proper headquarters. It is great bdcause it


gives us the chance to grow and expand naturally, which is the way


to go. Well done, then. Still to come, meet


the couple who have been married for 80 years.


Roland and Isabel grew up in Leicestershire and married hn 1 34.


Now, to a Derbyshire firm that'll be making a big impression


at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland over the next few weeks.


Plantscape near Ashbourne are in the flowering tubs,


But it's on a much larger scale than your average garden centre


The Commonwealth games in Glasgow start on July 23rd. If you `re


looking at the coverage on television and admiring the floral


displays, you have a companx in Derby to thank. These three tiered


flowerpots are enormous. Dozens of them will be planted around the


street in Glasgow. They are all being driven to Scotland from


Derbyshire on fleets of lorries We'll be taking 645 foot lorries up


into the centre of Glasgow to deliver the plans you can sde here


`` six, 45 foot lorries. Thdre is quite a lot to go up. Other


customers normally include local councils, boosting civil prhde,


councils and love brightening up the streets, it goes a bit quiet after


Christmas, and from May onw`rds we do very well. It is the Comlonwealth


games which is keeping his company busy at the moment. Because these


tubs are going to Glasgow, they all come complete with a thistld. The


weather is also notorious for being changeable north of the border,


these will be able to cope. They have a special system where you can


put water into the top and ht rolls down into the second tier and into a


reservoir at the bottom. Thdy can last seven days without watdring. He


didn't quite get the hang of that. We need something to look forward


to, now the World Cup is ovdr. Yes, we are looking forward to that.


First though, cricket. The Trent Bridge test


between England and India ended in a draw, but spectators h`d


a lot of fun in the sun, watching an extraordinary game, wherd some


of the best batting came from bowlers and some of the top batsmen


tried their hands at bowling. You heard of the body`line series,


well this was the body`swap test. Like one of those Hollywood movies,


where the main characters swap For James Anderson,


a bowler in real life, ordinarily, He tried everything,


but he only took a single whcket That followed the innings


of his life, the highest evdr last All that after the Indians `lso


had a century last wicket stand The England captain,


wildly celebrating You would have thought he won the


game insted of failing with the bat, but in this funny body`swap test,


where everything was against the bowlers, batsman Alistair Cook did


at least take his first test wicket. Earlier, we saw another Cook,


letting This match had no balance,


unless you mean Gary Ballance. Another batsman who has nevdr taken


a test wicket, who was trying But they could have


been off`balance. Lots of fun, but no result,


and as Alistair Cook left Trent Bridge last night, was he


signing autographs, or was he For BBC East Midlands Today,


Trent Bridge. Onto the County Games,


and an afternoon of tumbling wickets In Nottinghamshire's game


against Lancashire in Liverpool Notts went from a decent 234`5 to


a merely okay 261 all out. In Division Two, only day one for


Derbyshire, struggling to contain And on day two in Worcester,


Leicestershire only just So the countdown is on, in just ten


day's time the Commonwealth Games 6500 athletes


from 71 nations will be competing Amongst those are athletes from


right here in the East Midl`nds She has been there and done it,


Fran Halsall carries the hopes of a nation on her shoulders,


with five medals to defend from the last games in Delhh, she


can't wait for Glasgow to bdgin My first one in Melbourne I really


enjoyed, it was really good fun The second one I won


a couple medals, but it was hard and I got a bit sick, this one,


I just want to get back to I have won medals before,


I am more relaxed now, I'm not Part of the specialist sprint team


squad based at Loughborough, Halsall and her team`mates are coached by


a man who knows all about stccess. James Gibson helped


Frenchman Florent Manaudou `chieve His mission now is to do


the same here at home. At the moment now,


I have a fantastic group of athletes There are nine of us


in our group and everybody bring something different table, ht is


about having those people around I have been fortunate to be able to


train with some really people throughout my career,


that really helps. Preparation is key,


and for defending champion Liam Sidelined by a mystery injury,


he is glad to be here at all. You miss a couple of days for a cold


and that is a problem, misshng the I tell you what, I always gdt out


and I always like to put myself against the best people


in the world, the Commonwealth Games In Glasgow, these swimmers who spend


days on end side`by`side, will be competing for opposhng home


nations, winning for Wales hs I'm a really proud Welsh wolan,


I wouldn't have it any other way, I love, if anyone wins a Welsh medal,


and you hear the anthem plaxing I can't wait to put my Welsh kit


on and be part of the team. Fast and furious, the sprint team


are aiming to come home frol Glasgow Finally, you're about to medt a


couple who, on the face of ht, may not seem extraordinary. Rowland was


a knitter, his wife Isabel worked as They were childhood sweethe`rts who


grew up together in Leicestdrshire and married on July 14, but in


1934! Today, incredibly, thdy are celebrating their 80th weddhng


anniversary. One of Britain's longest ever recorded marri`ges Jo


Healey's spent the day with them. Plenty to celebrate, they h`ve been


married for eight decades. What is their sacred? `` secret. It all


comes right in the end. Thex get on well together through the rough


times and the good times. They haven't buckled under the pressures


of modern day living. It's `ll about the meat and potatoes pies. Rowland


is 100, they have been a chhldhood friend, then childhood sweethearts.


We all used to go out together as children. That is how we got


together. And stayed togethdr. They married in 1934 full stop of their


marriage was long and fruitful. Six children, 18 grandchildren, 28


great`grandchildren and one great great run child. 80 impresshve


years. It is amazing really. 80 years. Do you love her as mtch as


ever? I love her now more. He certainly does, it is the s`me for


me. Isn't that great? Beauthful perfect. Yes, we have had a lovely


day today. A bit of high prdssure has kept a settled for todax. We


will see some rain courtesy of this weather front. After this, `nother


ridge of high pressure will develop, a similar day tomorrow


It'll stay dry throughout the day and there will be spells of


sunshine. We are staying on the warm side however. The rain declhnes as


it ages its way south. What it will do is keep the temperature hs up.


Another muggy night. Tomorrow morning, we will start off dry,


quite a lot of clout in the morning, but I am hopeful that cloud will


leave as we go through the afternoon. Spells of sunshine, light


wind once again. Temperaturds will climb to 22 Celsius. A lovely day


tomorrow, warmer still on Wddnesday. Temperatures up to 23 Celsits. So


join in the morning and clotd in the afternoon. Temperatures will creep


up day by day. By the end of the week, 25 or 26 Celsius. That could


trigger some showers. Sounds lovely. Whenever we get hot weather in this


country, we get thunderstorls. Goodbye.


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