14/07/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands.


First tonight, hundreds of bars and clubs in Nottingham will now have to


pay a levy of up to ?4,500 to help pay for late`night policing.


The City Council passed the measure today, saying it's not right that


But owners say it's an unfahr tax and could lead to more violdnce


On a Saturday night, up to 40,0 0 revellers descended to Notthngham.


The City Council thinks it hs wrong at all council taxpayers have to pay


the additional policing and clean`up costs caused by bars and cltbs which


stay open. It cost around ?0.5 million per year to police


alcohol`related incidents bdtween midnight and six a.m.. The levy


would apply to 260 licensed venues in the city, and the charge will


vary between ?304,500 per ydar, depending on the rateable v`lue how


much the business relies on the sale of alcohol for its income. The 00


members of the Business Improvement District will be exempt, because


their membership fee alreadx pays for projects to help improvd


night`time safety. Projects such as cinemas, theatres and bingo halls


will also be exempt. This m`n runs a bar in the city centre, and is also


a street pastor. She is app`lled that the levy is being imposed. It


is an unfair levy on bars and clubs in the city. I think as manx bars


and clubs close earlier to `void it, it will cause violence `s people


all hit the streets at the same time, meaning the city will get a


bad name. I also have a concern about the loss of jobs, bec`use I


believe that as bars close darlier to avoid the levy, it will result in


about 375 jobs being lost for young people, and I think the council is


not being honest about it. Ht is not the levy will own up to ?200,00 per


year to paper one extra polhcemen and two community officers. It comes


a divorce in November, and has been welcomed by the police.


Three veteran East Midlands MPs have stepped down as governlent


ministers tonight as David Cameron refreshes his top tdam.


So far, the reshuffle has sden Ken Clarke, Alan Duncan and


Well, our political editor John Hess is here in the studio.


John, what do you make of the changes so far?


Well, let's start with Rushcliffe's Ken Clarke,


because his decision to leave the government ends a front bench career


He served both in Mrs Thatcher's government and as Chancellor


And he returned to cabinet government when David Cameron


appointed him Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor


Tonight, this was Ken Clarke entering


Downing Street, and he confdssed to reporters that he had been rather


He says he'll carry on MP for Rushcliffe.


But he hinted that at 74, hd was ready to hand over the nightly


responsible of reading the contents of those government red boxds.


So is the decision of Alan Duncan and Andrew Robathan a surprhse?


I think it illustrates the scale of David Cameron's ministerial changes.


Alan Duncan, the Rutland and Melton MP, had been an


International Development mhnister since the 2010 general election


And Andrew Robathan, the MP for South Leicestershire, is 62, and had


But these changes now clear the way for David Cameron to promotd some of


the 2010 intake of Conservative MPs. There will be a lot of changes and


Cabinet. And in Cabinet,


watch out tomorrow for posshble promotions for Loughborough's Nicky


Morgan and Broxtowe's Anna Soubry. Could she be the next defence sector


to? Thank you for now. Next, another sign that bushness


in our region is on the up. The latest survey for the chamber


of commerce covering Derbyshire Nottinghamshire and Leicestdrshire


has recorded the best set of One company that handles waste


and provides materials for the construction industry says


their workload has now doubled. When the construction industry is


booming, so it is booming, so if this Nottingham `based recycling


company. reaching many parts of our dconomy.


The latest reported guide is the quarterly economic survey from the


Derbyshire, Leicestershire `nd Nottinghamshire Chamber of


Commerce. Nearly 60% of firls said that UK sales were up. 35% said that


exports were on the rise, and more than half were attempting to


recruit. In short, the best set of economic indicators recorded by the


chamber in the seven years they have been collecting data. This company


takes in waste plasterboard from all parts of the UK. They salvage the


raw material that will make new product. Work here, but now, they


want more. With the upturn, we are driving to get more drivers into the


business, certainly more opdrated as well. We're probably looking for


about another 10% on top of our current workforce. They havd


invested ?2000 in new contahners, saying they cannot get


manufacturers to make them puickly enough.


Firefighters in the East Midlands are taking part in eight consecutive


Thursday. Of course, there is more chance of seeing thundery downpours


as a result. Good evening. The forecast will


divide the nation in two camps, one where you are looking forward to


what is coming and the other where you may not be too keen. For


what is coming and the other where on their summer break, good sunny




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