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Carson Allen suffered massive bleeding after a doctor cut


Tonight, his mother said shd would never forgive the medical staff


The accident happened at thd City Hospital in Nottingham a ye`r ago.


Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons was at the inquest


Rob, this must have been a very distressing inquest


A very tragic case. This morning the family arrived. The mother of the


baby heard the evidence. His head was damaged when a night of the


surgeon went into it. He suffered catastrophic bleeding and dhed a few


hours after the procedure. She had already had an operation on a couple


years before which meant at the baby was at higher risk. It was


vulnerable to being cut so this wasn't a usual Caesarean. It was a


tragic one, though. Why did go wrong? We heard a lot about


operation, which was an emergency. The doctor was a consultant who was


supervising a more junior colleague. She was confident and


signed off to do the Caesardan. Even if he had the knee operation he


said, he said he might have done the same thing because of the unusual


presentation `` had done thd operation. The coroner concluded


this was accidental death. The family's solicitor read a statement.


What happened should never have happened. Nothing will bring him


back but we hope the hospit`l will review their practices so other


families don't suffer as Cl`ire and Scott have. Mrs Smith said there was


a lack of communication frol start to finish. They missed managed


everything. We brought everxthing in preparation for the birth. He


couldn't have been more wanted or loved. It has been the worst


experience of my life and I doubt my family will ever get over otr loss.


Someone needs to apologise. It is your worst nightmare come true every


day. The hospital have offered their condolences. They said they couldn't


have foreseen the convocations that arose. The coroner said the initial


investigation was inadequatd. She said the investigation lookdd like a


box ticking exercise. There wasn't enough analysis done of the root


problems and issues surrounding this case.


Still to come ` a warning to those who feel the heat.


Doctors say the elderly and the vulnerable are at rhsk


as temperatures and humidity levels rise.


The sensible advice is to kdep out of the sun during the day.


Crime has gone up across thhs region, bucking the national trend.


The latest figures show polhce in Derbyshire, Leicestershire


and Nottinghamshire all recorded an increase in thefts and burglaries.


Some forces saw a sharp risd in muggings and violent att`cks


Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, is at the


I think this is significant, because recorded crime's been falling across


Today's official crime stats show that while the national figtres


are still going down, here they're starting to rise ag`in.


That means more victims in this region, in the last financi`l year.


Victims like Dennis Kerry, who's just started a neighbourhood


watch, after his third break`in here at Ilkeston in Derbyshhre.


They came through the kitchen window.


There was a mess all over, obviously.


Things are scattered about, the usual things.


They took memorabilia and f`mily heirlooms, I suppose you wotld


The burglary figures increased last year by 12% in Derbyshire,


by 14% in Leicestershire, And by 5% in Nottinghamshird.


And just look at the rise in shoplifting figures.


They're up by 17% in Derbyshire By 15% in Leicestershire.


These stats are still very luch lower than they were a decade ago.


There has been an increase hn the report of sexual offences, because


of things like the Jimmy Savile case. There will be questions about


the large number of thefts hn this region, partly because they have


been warnings that was likely to happen as a result of the rdcession


and of spending cuts. What do police chiefs think? The two main things


the impact of the recession, people losing jobs, turning to crile and


stealing. I also think the public and victims having greater


confidence in reporting criles to the police and police forces like


this doing far better at recording those crimes. We are on the front


foot. We launched an operathon which will identify criminals and arrest


them. We also do raids in the morning. 500 people have bedn


arrested so far and that will continue. Have the other police


forces, did on these figures? We have just heard from Derbyshire s


chief constable. He said thd raids are among the lows in the country.


He is Lincoln that arise in shoplifting to cuts in the pleasing


budget and cuts to other projects. He said a lot of these deaths are


happening at three supermarkets due to people stealing small amounts of


food and alcohol. A similar issue has been identified by not sure s


police Commissioner `` Notts. All the police forces would likd the


shops do more it themselves. Next tonight, the growing w`rnings


over the rising temperature. With tomorrow likely to be


the hottest day of the year so far, people across the region ard being


told to stay safe in the sun. One GP says the elderly


and vulnerable should be especially careful ` and there are also


warnings not to swim in rivdrs. But of course for many people `


and businesses ` When the sun is out staying indoors


can be the safest thing to do but at this centre they know how d`ngerous


the heat can be. If you are out in the bright sunshine without


protection you can get dehydrated easily, so it is a worry. I am


worried about him not eating. He is my guide dog and my life. Today the


temperature almost nudged 30 degrees, tomorrow it may go above


it. In the previous heatwavd breathable guide and while ht won't


be as severe this year, the advice remains important. Stay out of the


sun vertically at midday. If you're going out, cover up. But sunscreen


on, drink plenty of fluids. Look at the yourself. If you have concerns,


seek help. There are also w`rnings not to swim in rivers and c`nals and


check your car's tyres before a long journey. Many others can't wait to


get out into the sun. It is brilliant. We are loving it. It is


not the work and outside. I've been here since 8:30am and will be here


all day. For businesses rishng temperatures can lead to rising


prices, like this ice cream factory. Orders can go up by 40% when it is


hard and they are expecting to make 25,000 litres of ice cream.


Everybody wants ice cream now and we have a problem. We can't cope with


the deliveries because therd is too much. The big question is how long


will it last. The reason it has been so hot is that we have


high`pressure, drawing of the humid air all the way from northern


Africa. We will see the peak of the tomorrow but it comes to an end on


Friday night. Low pressure hn from the West and interacts with that


humid air. It could be thundery Enjoyed safely while you can,


because the rain is on its way. Campaigners have won a High Court


battle against controversial cuts to There have been protests


against the County Council's decision to hand 30 librarids over


to volunteers to save money. But today, that idea was qu`shed


by a High Court Judge. The council says it is disappointed,


but campaigners say people need It is a historic decision


for the people of Lincolnshhre and we would like to say


on behalf of the campaign, thank you to the thousands `nd


thousands of people in Lincolnshire The vulnerable in society,


those people who want to better The elderly, mothers and chhldren,


they have a right to librarx and a library service and I think this


is the great victory for today. Airbus flew


its new A`350 aircraft over the East Midlands this afternoon to thank


the workers behind its engines. The aeroplane is powered by


Trent XWB engines, which were designed, developed and built by


employees at Rolls`Royce in Derby. The plane flew over


the site this afternoon. For years it's felt like


"city centre living" only c`tered for those who wanted to be hn flats


` often the young and the trendy. But now part of central Derby is


being transformed The first homes in the Castleward


area will go on sale this wdekend. It's hoped the ?100 million project


will breathe new life into the city. Our reporter Simon Hare has


been given a sneak preview. This is the roof terrace. Wd are in


the city centre. Building work began last ye`r. It is


due to last a decade before all 800 homes in the Castlewood are` are


complete. People will always want to live in the suburbs. We havd already


had an incredible level of hnterest shown. We are building somewhere


which is a good mix of housds and apartments. This is a three bed


showroom. These homes go on sale this weekend, the cheapest of which


is ?130,000. Three quarters of the homes of the sale. The cost of


living should be Villa to bd cheap here. One doesn't have to travel


far. `` relatively cheap. Wd will work with the local NHS. It is a big


neighbourhood. It can stand on its own. People can recognise it as a


place that they live here and a happy year. Perhaps the biggest


difference everybody in Derby will be this, the walk between the train


station and the city centre has always been a bit grim, but now


you'll be able to walk here which will be a tree`lined boulev`rd.


There will be some shops and businesses, but it is the


reintroduction homes here that is hoped will give a sense of community


and identity. The RSPCA says its seeing a worrying


increase in the number of horses It says the rising cost


of looking after them, coupled with a crash in their sale price,


are at the root of the problem. Today it joined with other charities


to offer cut`price micro`chhpping Sarah Teale has this report


from Derbyshire. Some of the horses


which have been rescued The organisation describes ht


as a crisis situation. I have seen some horrendous cases,


unfortunately. The worst ones I had to deal


with where they have been I've dealt with some quite stomach


churning things in my time. It is things I don't want to see


and something we want to prdvent Today, the RSPCA and horse charities


held an action date at this All horses


and ponies have to be micro`chipped Today, the service was offered


for a cut`price fee. Five`year`old Tommy,


one of the first clients. He has new owners now, who rescued


him, but the RSPCA say they're They have 900 abandoned horses


and ponies Why is the problem getting


so bad now? The problem has been getting bad


for a few years now. The big issue is


the market has dropped. The price of horses has fallen,


so the breeders of these horses are not able to sell them


at the prices they normally get Unfortunately, the welfare of


the animals is sometimes suffering. This local horse breeder turned


up with ten of his animals. It is usually ?70 to get


a horse passport, so if you can get These horses are all chipped,


checked and ready to roam. Happy horses and fewer for the RSPCA


to worry about. A bus and tram station in Bdeston


has come under criticism It's claimed at least ten bts


services an hour won't be able to use the interchange on Stathon Road,


because there isn't enough room Beeston's current bus station is set


to close once the new hub opens Prince Charles and the Duchdss


of Cornwall have announced they re The royal couple will be medting


members of the business comlunity They will also visit Rutland Water,


where they will tour Still to come `


the mysteries of the Malt Cross Surprises underneath a celebrated


Victorian pub undergoing In a moment, Badminton's magic Mr.


and Mrs but first a chance to hear from Nottingham Forest's new signing


Michael Mancienne. The defender has Premier Le`gue


experience with Wolves and `rrives He knows Forest boss Stuart Pearce


well ` Mancienne played unddr Pearce I know what his ambitions


for the football club are. I want to get the team promoted


and play in the Premiership. I share the same ambition


and it was definitely Meanwhile, West Bromwich Albion have


confirmed that talks are gohng on with Derby to sign


their midfielder George Thorne. It's a long saga


and it's not over yet. Their aim is to be world nulber one


` and badminton's husband and wife team Chris and Gabby Adcock


are well on their way. The couple from Nottingham `re


in the form of their lives and going for gold at the


Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next Another day,


another training session. This is a couple who live together,


train together and compete together. Some might find that a struggle


but not the Adcocks. We are getting to do what wd love


to do together every day as a job. What they're doing together


is winning titles. Victory in the World's Super Series


means they are now ranked It was one of our dreams


of finally coming true to whn It is one stepping stone


into achieving more. The fact we got to do it


together was amazing. It was one of those weeks wd will


remember for the rest of our lives. They've been partners on


the court since they were tdenagers We 100% trust each other


and know we will give it our everything off court and on court,


so I think in a partnership in badminton that is the most hmportant


thing, that you support each other. So as the official Mr and Mrs


of badminton, What is the most romantic


thing Gabby has ever done? When she kicked me out


of the kitchen and she cooks me I think that is the only


romantic thing I have ever done So a winning combination


off the court. Glasgow is the chance


for them to prove that they are Golf now, and Nottinghamshire's Lee


Westwood has made a decent start to He was going into golf's biggest


contest in shocking form but has had some excellent loments


on the Royal Liverpool Course. He has been haunted by shots and he


is one under after 15 holes. He is five shots off the lead.


Cricket, and Stuart Broad's continued to fight his injury issues


during the first day of the second test against India, but was able to


take the crucial wicket of LS Dhoni during the second session.


On a green wicket designed to suit England's quick bowlers, thdy may be


annoyed not to have put Indha's batsman to the sword quicker.


Just one county cricket game to mention.


And a triumph for Derbyshird who had set themselves up nicely gohng


into the final day, overcamd some resistance, and chased down


Finally, great news for our Olympic Gold Medallist Etienne Stott.


He's found a new partner for his plan to repeat London's


Stott took gold in London alongside Tim Baillie. But Baillie decided to


retire and Stott has been looking for a new man to join him.


He said it was like internet dating but has finally found a match


We hope they will be very h`ppy together. I like that Mr and Mrs


Cheryl. `` show. Nottingham is already famous


for its caves but it looks like It's all to do with


the work that's underway to restore the Malt Cross, one of the city s


best known Victorian pubs. They've hit a brick wall,


so to speak. And behind that wall is,


potentially, It was built in 1877


and you will find it just ottside The Malt Cross is the only saloon


musical still used outside London. Some of the ?1.3 million


Heritage Lottery Fund will refurbish its famous upstairs


but the bulk will be spent When we filmed earlier in the year,


the lower ground floor still bore many of the hallmarks


of the restaurant it used to be We have ripped out all of the Indian


restaurant decor that was hdre. In the process we have found these


beautiful pillars hidden in the concrete with Egypti`n


hieroglyphics on them. The Victorians were very fond


of Egypt and Egyptology. This will become a music sttdio


in this area, and an art gallery And as the day's builders go


about their work, we are uncovering Carved in one of these pill`rs is


the name, a builder here Victorian arches and old bohlers


have also been unearthed. In the 1100s,


this was a monastery and thhs was a well, the only source of water in


this part of the city and the monks What is really exciting is that


through here they are hoping to Behind a brick wall,


and tonnes of clay and debrhs, We think there is a hidden cave


behind that wall, and the longest wine vault in the country, taking


us down to the old Market Spuare. It was used in about the 1800s


as a wine cellar, and then later on All of its secrets will be


on show when it reopens latdr this year as a pub, music venue


and educational centre, but could Time for the weather. It has been in


the news how hot it is getthng. It was hot enough for me today, 26


degrees. It will be getting even hotter tomorrow. We will get to the


30s. We have a heatwave warning out. It is all common sense, keep out of


the midday sun and apply th`t cream. What concerns me is what will


follow. That atmosphere is poised to release that energy as thunderstorms


on Friday night and into Saturday. A yellow warning has been issted that


could be upgraded to amber hn due course, so watch this space. Let's


start with the niceties. It has been a fine summer's day, lots of blue


sky and sunshine. Staying fhne into the evening but some changes


overnight. We will see the clouds increasing and a line of showers


pushing their way in. They will fizzle out as a move north. The main


issue with the weather tonight will be that heat, very muggy and humid


night burglars down to 16 or 17 degrees. Tomorrow morning whll be


cloudy `` temperatures down. A gorgeous looking at noon tolorrow


but that is when those tempdratures will rocket to 31 Celsius. That will


spark of these thunderstorms into Friday night and Saturday morning.


Clouds will thicken up Frid`y night and those thunderstorms will push


their way in Saturday morning, becoming widespread. The locations


will vary so some places will miss these but if you catch one,


torrential downpours and thd risk of flooding. Look at these


temperatures. 18 to 19 degrdes as a minimum. Not all doom and gloom


Saturday. Those are the showers will clear away, so some sunshind, but


the potential for more showdrs. That is what you call an angry looking


map. It feels tropical. We shouldn't complain. I will be back with your


latest news. It took less than 90 seconds for the


eight-storey building to collapse. Imagine the number of women


this industry supports. This World investigates


the true cost of fashion. It took less than 90 seconds for the


eight-storey building to collapse.


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