17/07/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale `


First tonight, new figures showing an annual increase in thefts


There was a 12% rise in burglaries in Derbyshire.


They rose by 14% in Leicestdrshire and were up by 5%


Figures for shoplifting show a largdr rise.


Up 17% in Derbyshire, 15% in Leicestershire.


Recorded crime's been falling across this region for more than a decade


but now ` against the national trend ` it seems to be on the up.


That means more victims likd Dennis Kerry who's just started


a "neighbourhood watch" ` after his third break`in,


They came through the kitchen window.


There was a mess all over, obviously.


Things are scattered about, the usual things.


They took memorabilia and f`mily heirlooms, I suppose you wotld


Distressing as any burglary is, overall, the crime figures `re


It's claimed some of the rise may be linked to the recession


Our Social affairs correspondent Jeremy Ball spoke to


I think the two main things are probably


People perhaps losing jobs, turning to crime


I also think the public and victims having greater confidence


in reporting crimes to the police and police forces like this do far


We launched, last September, operation Tiger.


That's about being on the front foot, identifyhng


criminals, arresting them and doing raids in the mornhng.


500 people have been arrestdd so far since last September


It's cost ?100 million` and it's hoped the redevelopment


of Derby's Castleward area will transform the city centre


and show that city centre lhving isn't just for the young.


The first new homes go on s`le at the weekend.


So this is a roof terrace, as you can see.


It's due to last a decade, before all 800 homes


There are houses still being built in suburbs.


But we have already had an incredible level


What we are building is somdwhere that has a good mix of housds


A range of two, three and four`bedroom homes go


About three quarters of the homes are for sale, but we are also


working with the housing association who are doing a quarter of them for


The cost of living here should be relatively cheap.


One doesn't have to travel very far to do anything.


It is proposed to provide a new school on site here,


We will, of course, be workhng with the local NHS to make sure there are


We are creating a big base, a big neighbourhood, something whhch can


stand on its own on the edgd of the city centre and people can recognise


it as a place, people can s`y, I live here, I'm happy to livd here.


But perhaps the biggest difference for everybody in Derby will be this.


The walk between the train station and the city centre has alw`ys been


a bit grim, but now you will be able to walk along here, which whll be


There will also be some shops and businesses, but it is


the reintroduction of homes here that is hoped will give it


With tomorrow set to be the hottest day of the year so far,


people across the region ard being told to stay safe in the sun.


One GP says the elderly and very young are most at risk


When the sun is out, staying indoors can be the safest thing to do.


At this Age UK centre in Lehcester they know how dangerous


If you are out in the bright sunshine, without adequate


protection and enough fluid, you get dehydrated so easilx.


I have problems with him not eating because of the wdather.


I'm very worried, he is my guide dog.


Today, the temperature almost nudged 30 degrees.


In the 2003 heat wave 3000 people died and though this week's weather


won't be quite as severe, the advice remains important.


Stay out of the sun, partictlarly between midday and about 3pl.


If you're going out, put suncream on, drink plenty of fluids,


There are also warnings not to swim in rivers or canals and check


your car's tyres and cooling system before a long journey.


But, of course, many of us can't wait to get out in the sun.


and I'm probably going to be here all day.


So the big question, how long will it last?


Nothing lasts for ever, but the reason it has been


so hot is because you have high pressure situated in the sotth


and east of the UK, allowed to draw up very hot, humid air all


We will see the peak of the heat tomorrow.


It comes to a very spicy end on Friday night.


Low pressure pushing in from the west.


As it interacts with that htmid air there is a potential


So enjoy it safely while yot can, because the rain is on its way.


So, it's goodbye from me ` but with your weather now, here's Kaxe.


It is certainly heartening tp. Wait until tomorrow. Those temperatures


will be soaring into the 30s, the hottest day of the year so far. It


does look like that will trhgger some thunderstorms on Fridax night.


Quite acquired at the moment. We will start to see the cloud


increasing from the south l`ter on in the night and if you showers by


the end of the night as well. They shouldn't be too troublesomd, but


that feminism will be down to 1 that feminism will be down to 1


degrees, a very muggy night. `` temperature will be down. Not


wall`to`wall sunshine but fdeling hot and humid with temperattres


getting up to around 30 to 31 degrees. That he'd will be


triggering some of these thunderstorms. Some torrenthal


downpours on interludes and Sunday quieter


weather coming our way. But active weather heading for the UK.


It was a warm one today. We have a few thunder storms across the UK


tonight. Tomorrow we do it all again but both the heat and the storms


will have more intensity. Tomorrow we break through 30 Celsius. Today


we got to 29 Celsius in the London area. The hottest day of the year.


We got to the mid-30s in western Franced the heat has sparked this


area of cloud. Providing a bit of a show across south-west England.


Strong and Gothsy winds. Lots of lightening flashes. The Wales and


the Midlands could see intense rain. You may be woken by a thunder storm


but you may not be able to sleep because of the heat and the


humidity. A warm night and a misty start tomorrow. The possibility of


one or two showers in the south east o England and the East


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