21/07/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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That's it. It all starts on Wednesday evening. We're looking


forward to it. And now,


the news for the East Midlands. First tonight,


Michele Price suffered multh`organ failure, horrendous complic`tions,


and was left fighting for her life after what shotld have


been routine keyhole surgerx. Hospital managers have apologised


for her ordeal Three years ago,


Michelle suffered with pelvhc pain. Her keyhole surgery was routine


but it went horribly wrong. It destroyed me,


absolutely destroyed me. I had staples, tubes,


and wires coming out of me. I couldn't believe that


a simple routine operation It started here at the


Nottingham Treatment Centre. During the keyhole procedurd,


they perforated her bowel. She was screaming the house down


and we had to get an ambulance out She was taken to the


Queen's Medical Centre. When they finally operated,


after two days, She was put into it a coma


in intensive care. I was talking to her


and she was squeezing my hand, It was a case of not knowing whether


she would pull through or not. The infection shut down her organs


and there were more competitions. Nottingham University Hospital Trust


has apologised and said it has done It is a case where


the hospital made mistakes. Michelle's bowel was perfor`ted


during what was Now, thankfully for Michelld


and Stephen and the rest of the family, they have admitted liability


for what they have done which means that we can now go on to agree


a fair settlement for Michelle. It was a nightmare


from start to finish. I don't want anyone else to go


through what I went through. A fundraising effort by


a Leicestershire student, who died in the Ukraine plane disastdr, has


raised nearly ten times its target. Richard Mayne was on board


the Malaysia Airlines flight. In March, he climbed to the Everest


base camp to raise money He wanted to raise ?680,


but donations have now reached more A charity spokesperson described


Richard as warm and friendlx and said they were extremelx


grateful for his support. Controversial plans to shut


several police stations havd been confirmed by Nottinghamshird's


Police Commissioner. Four buildings will be sold off


and seven front counters will be The move is designed to


protect police officers' jobs. But almost 3,000 people havd


signed a petition against closing If you want the police,


you ring them up. We are announcing the closure


of some front counters todax where What people say to me is th`t


they want bobbies not buildhngs And that is exactly


what we are doing. A man has denied murder tod`y in


a case linked to the deaths of four A jury has heard that


the fatal stabbing of the popular sports coach Antoin Akpom, hn


Leicester, led to the arson attack. The fire was intended


for the home of Abdul Hakim, Antoin Akpom was fatally st`bbed


in Leicester last September. At Nottingham Crown Court today


a murder trial jury heard that a botched revenge attack led to


the deaths of four innocent members of the Taufiq family in Wood Hill,


in Spinney Hills, hours latdr. The intended target was two doors


away ` the family home of 19`year`old Abdul Hakim,


because of his alleged involvement The prosecution accepts the


Abdul Hakim did not That was 19`year`old


Hussein Hussein, who has already But the prosecution say it was


a joint enterprise The court heard that the st`bbing


happened in Kent Street aftdr an earlier row between Mr Akpom


Mr Hakim, and Hussein Hussehn. Mr Akpom had returned to


the scene with a dumbbell and in the company of around nine men


from the gym he went to regtlarly. Mr Akpom was stabbed


in the left upper back and died an Witness Joe French,


who had been driving Mr Akpom to the gym that day, denied


in the defence cross`examin`tion that Mr Akpom was being aggressive


or that he was covering up to Mike O'Sullivan, BBC East Mhdlands


Today, Nottingham. The latest stage in the demolition


of five 1960s tower blocks hn This was the scene at the


Lenton Flats near There are two more high`risd


buildings left to demolish The site will then be used to build


140 new council homes as part Drivers who had stopped at


a petrol station in Leicestdrshire This picture, sent to us


by viewer Stephen Marriott, shows the moments just after a large part


of the overhead canopy fell onto two It happened on Saturday,


after a spell of bad weather. Antiques experts are trying to


trace the East Midlands arthst who carved an ornate wooden tribute to


soldiers of World War I. The carving was one of hundreds of


items brought to the BBC's @ntiques It features intricate portr`its


of soldiers from the 1916 B`ttle However, it is thought to h`ve been


made fairly recently by a Nottingham Looking at all those images all


over it, they are astonishing. You can link them


all to photographs. Whoever did it used a very complex


process of taking images from photographs and then carving them


into a very integrated structure. It is just extraordinary


that they should vanish. Here is Kaye with


another sunny outlook. After the wild weather of the


weekend, things are now looking quieter. Things will be find for the


next few days. Some good we`ther to start the summer holidays. Ht will


be dry, bright, and warm. It has been a good evening. There will be


some changes overnight. Somd low cloud and mist will come across


Temperatures, 16`17 Celsius. Tomorrow, there will be clotd but it


will be broken up and some decent spells of sunshine will comd


through. Temperatures, 24`24 Celsius.


Good evening. If you were unfortunate enough to be at the


sharp end of the weekend storms you'll be pleased to know that the


atmosphere is less volatile now Temperatures of 28 Celsius on the


Sussex coast today. Most places were fine and warm.


In Scotland it was cool with the breeze off the sea. Some eastern


coasts will be cooler. They will be the exception. Most of us very warm


and the vast majority will stay dry. That is the way


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