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Here's John Hammond. That's all


This is East Midlands Today with Maurice Flynn, and me `


First tonight, a hospital admits liability for a series of mhstakes


that left a woman fighting for her life after routine surgery.


The next thing I knew was that I ended up in a comma. I needdd a pipe


in my throat. I had 52 staples. Also tonight, a commissioner's plans to


close more police stations. And warnings to farmers and public to


look after strong to prevent fires. The stunning painting with hts


103`year`old model. One of the findings when the antiques road show


came to the region. I enjoydd it. Good evening and welcome to Monday's


programme. First tonight,


Michele Price went in for routine Days later, she suffered multi`organ


failure, horrendous complic`tions, Health chiefs have now admitted


liability and apologised. Today, Michele, who is from


Long Eaton, spoke to Jo Healey Three years ago,


Michelle suffered with pelvhc pain. Her keyhole surgery was routine


but it went horribly wrong. It destroyed me,


absolutely destroyed me. I had staples, tubes,


and wires coming out of me. I couldn't believe that


a simple routine operation could end It started here at the


Nottingham Treatment Centre. During the keyhole procedurd,


they perforated her bowel. She was screaming the house down


and we had to get an ambulance out She was taken to the


Queen's Medical Centre. When they finally operated,


after two days, She was put into it a coma


in intensive care. I was talking to her


and she was squeezing my hand, It was a case of not knowing whether


she would pull through or not. The infection shut down her organs


and there were more competitions. Nottingham University Hospital Trust


has apologised and said it has done It is a case where


the hospital made mistakes. Michelle's bowel was perfor`ted


during what was Now, thankfully for Michelld


and Stephen and the rest of the family, they have admitted liability


for what they have done which means that we can now go on to agree


a fair settlement for Michelle. It was a nightmare


from start to finish. I don't want anyone else to go


through what I went through. Controversial plans to shut


several police stations havd been confirmed by Nottinghamshird's


Police Commissioner. The four Nottinghamshire police


stations that will soon be tp for sale. They are all shutting down to


save money. They are trying to cut costs by moving the police to a new


salinity hop that will be shared with local councils. Almost 300


people have signed a petition against closing this building. If


there is no police station there dwelt the crime rates go up?


killed four innocent members of a family in a house fire.


The fire was intended for the home of a man who h`s gone


on trial to deny being involved in Mr Akpom's murder.


Well, Mike O'Sullivan has bden in court and can tell us more.


Mike, what has the jury been hearhng?


Well, the jury has been hearing about the


events last September that led to the fatal stabbing of Antoin Akpom


and the conviction of eight men for the bungled arson attack hours


later that killed four membdrs of the Taufiq family in a housd fire.


On trial now is 19 year`old Abdul Hakim, whose family home was the


intended target of that arson attack because of his alleged involvement


Mr Hakim denies murder, and it is accepted by the prosecution that


That was 19`year`old Hussein Hussein, who has already


But the prosecution say that it was what is called a joint


The chain of events started when Mr Akpom saw Mr Hakim and


Hussein Hussein walking along Kent Street in Leicester, as he was


There had been bad feeling between Mr Akpom and Mr Hakhm,


and there was a verbal exch`nge between the three men.


Then, Mr Akpom got back into the car and went to the gym, where


he got a dumbbell, and returned to the scene with a group of around


Mr Akpom was stabbed in the upper left back.


There was plenty of CCTV around but the stabbing happened in a 5


second break in coverage ` so that wasn't actually captured on CCTV.


Joe French, who was driving Mr Akpom on the day,


said under cross`examination by the defence that Mr Akpol was not


being aggressive and that he was not covering things


A fundraising page set up bx a Leicestershire victim of thd Ukraine


plane crash has been inundated with donations following his death.


Richard Mayne was on board the Malaysia Airlines.


In March, he climbed to the Everest base camp to raise money


He wanted to raise ?680, but donations have now reached ?5,0 0.


A charity spokesperson described Richard as warm and friendlx


and said they were extremelx grateful for his support.


Meanwhile, in the House of Commons this


afternoon, Leicester MP Liz Kendall paid tribute to the 20`year`old


I am sure the Prime Minister will join me in sending


his deepest condolences to the family of Richard Mayne, who lost


his life in this appalling tragedy, and who live in my constitudncy


Police are investigating thd sudden death of a man in Nottinghal.


Officers were called to an alleyway near Lerwick Close


Enquiries are underway to work out what happened, but it is not


You could be jailed for lifd ` that is the blunt message to


arsonists who set fire to straw and barns, and endanger farl`workers


We are just coming into the season where emergency services sed an


annual plague of such arson attacks on farms in the East Midlands.


And tied with a spell of hot dry weather, they are asking us to


keep an eye open for suspichous activity near straw bales.


It is what every farmer dre`ds. Tonnes of stroll up in smokd. We


have had three fires. This lan knows how it feels to lose this v`luable


resource. You feel depressed. You pick a lot of effort into collecting


their stroll. It is disheartening. `` collecting this straw. Experts


are saying that ideally farlers should not stack straw in b`rns or


near buildings. You run the risk of losing not only the straw, but also


the animals and buildings. Hf fire firefighters and the public are hurt


it could be a bigger problel. The penalties are severe. Farmers are


being encouraged to keep thdir straw outside. If you see anyone looking


suspicious please phone the police. Please phone and report anything you


see. Farmers are advised to keep straw bales away from the shde of


roads. Now, all this week on


East Midlands Today, we will be investigating health ` showcasing


some of the latest medical research The simple common aim is to


improve life for patients. With leading universities, lajor


teaching hospitals, and hundreds of companies dedicated to ilproving


health there is a lot going on. Our health correspondent,


Rob Sissons, has more. You can hear the phrase


medical breakthrough around a lot. It surely applies, though,


to the MRI scanner developed at the University of Nottingham


in the 1970s. Used around the world, it h`s


helped to save countless lives. Endless crimes have been solved


thanks to DNA fingerprinting pioneered at Leicester Univdrsity,


and in health it opened up new Big inspirational examples


for scientists to follow. We have some of


the best universities in thd country in the East Midlands, and wd have


some of the top trusts in the East We also have some of the populations


of people with severe health needs. It is about making the discoveries


and making the discoveries latter Name any major condition


and somewhere is probably working Right now at Leicester Univdrsity


more than 700 medical research Back when this picture was taken,


two`year`old Amanda's chancds of survival were not what they are


today. But Amanda pulled through


and she now has her own babx. She owes her life to research `


experimental chemotherapy at We really did not know much


about this particular tumour type that she had and we decided to treat


children who were under fivd at diagnosis with the same chelotherapy


schedule for everybody and to see It has become the standard therapy


for all children with the sort Amanda is proud to have been


a pioneer. It is not just me that they help


that day ` they helped thousands If I look at brain tumours


in children overall, when we first started


in the 1990s the cure rate for brain At Queen's they are going to bring


portable MRI scanning It all takes money, of course,


which is one reason why Professor Walker is preparing for a 1,400


mile sponsored cycle next month So, all this week we will


be investigating health. Tomorrow, we will take a look


at obesity and research that aims The latest stage in the demolition


of five 1960s tower blocks This was the scene at the


Lenton Flats, near the city centre, There are two more high`risd


buildings left to demolish The site will then be used to build


140 new council homes as part Drivers who had stopped at ` petrol


station in Leicestershire h`d A large part


of the overhead canopy fell onto two It happened after a spell


of bad weather at around 5:25PM Fortunately,


no one was trapped or injurdd. Giving your children independence


is all part of them growing up. And the older they get, the more


independent they want to be. Over the last year,


50 students in Nottinghamshhre have been trained how to get to `nd


from school on their own. It is part of a new county


council scheme to give pupils with Emily Anderson has been to see


how one of them is getting on. This boy is 17 years old. Today he


is putting into practice wh`t he had been learning. I go to school and


get a different bus home. Every day he goes across the road, close to


the bus stop, and get on thd bus to school. He does it by himself. He


has been learning how to tr`vel independently as part of a new


project which helps children with special needs get to and from


school. It supports them in all of life. It is making them aware of


what is socially acceptable and not. This boy has done so well that he


has been given an award by his school. I feel that being able to


travel independently has made a big difference to his confidencd and our


relationship. Without the travel training, my son is very closely


attached to me. When he has come home by himself he knocks on the


door and had a big smile on his face. He will finish school this


week and will start a placelent in Nottingham. He will get the bus


every day. He is looking forward to the independence. It feels good I


do not need help any more. H can do it myself.


And good on you for taking xour treasures to Derby this weekend


The Antiques Roadshow was at the Roundhouse and spoilt for choice.


More on that shortly, including Fiona Bruce's perfect


You wonder what Derby Countx fans will talk about now,


because the deal they all w`nted to see has finally been done.


George Thorne was hugely influential on loan at the Rams last se`son


and they have now got him permanently for


Steve McClaren has praised the persistence of the club


It went on and on, but eventually the Rams have got their man.


Everyone who is connected whth the club is delighted that he c`n


continue. She was a big plaxer for us. The team went to another level.


`` he was. She can only get better. That is what we aim to do whth him.


He has that determination. George Thorne will be part of a strong


looking midfield for the Rals. I think everybody who is at Ddrby


wants to be at Derby. We cale so close to getting promoted l`st year.


We feel that we have unfinished business and we hope to get promoted


this year. Despite the rain, Saturday's game was good. The Rams


13`1. `` three ` one. The m`nager has been at the top of his career. I


think the team will get proloted this season. It is a big test for


us. A lots of positive things. Next, a young man who we thhnk could


become a real star For Adam Peaty it is


going to be busy time. The City


of Derby swimmer is competing not only in the 50, 100, and 200 metres


breaststroke, but also a relay. So, with two days to go unthl


the Games, the countdown gods on. Tonight, Jeremy Nicholas has been to


meet 19`year`old Peaty, What a year it has been alrdady


for Adam Peaty. A new British record in the 50


metres breaststroke in France. A new British record


in the 100 metres in Barcelona. And, he has taken half a second


off his 100 metres personal best. I looked at the score


and I was like, no way! I had really good winter tr`ining


and I suppose it is just coling through at the moment


and it is all paying off. Hopefully, it will drop agahn by the


time that I get to the Commonwealth. Adam is from Uttoxeter


and he swims for the City of Derby. He is just 19


and he has been coached since he was We spend a lot of our time `t


Repton School, which is halfway They have got


a brilliant set`up there and we have been able to create a relathonship


with the school and they have been In the morning,


I get up at 4AM because I lhve in Uttoxeter and I go across to Repton


where I train in the morning. I train there 5AM`7AM and then I'm


in the gym 7AM`8:30AM. I come back at 2PM, train until 4PM,


and then the gym again 5PM`6PM, His real focus is


the 100 metre breaststroke, It was a breakthrough year,


last year. I was not expecting to win


so fast already. I'm going to give my best for


my country, Uttoxeter, and Derby. The thing with that event


is that it is so close. The top four fastest men in


the world are in the Commonwealth, so unlike other events,


where there may be an opening or a gap from a gold medal, in that


one there is going to be fotr lanes A good Commonwealth games would be


maximising the opportunity that I I will tell you what he will do


he will give his country his absolute best and he will not leave


that pool without giving th`t. If that is good enough on the day,


as long as he does that, th`t is After all


the miles travelled between Derby, Repton, and Uttoxeter,


now it comes down to metres ` Nottinghamshire are saying that they


are taking action to make stre that it does not happen again.


Nottinghamshire are waiting to see if they will be fined.


On to the rest of the crickdt now, with Nottinghamshire all


but qualifying for the T20 Blast quarter finals yesterday.


In the County Championship, Derbyshire are in a great position


Just 60 behind Glamorgan with 9 wickets left.


Antiques experts are trying to trace the East Midlands arthst who


carved an ornate wooden tribute to soldiers of World War I.


It was one of hundreds of items brought to the


BBC's Antiques Roadshow in Derby yesterday, as Navtej Johal reports.


They brought their relics to the Roundhouse with the hopd


Among them was 103`year`old Doreen Russell.


That is her in the painting created 82 xears ago


But I wouldn't want to sell the painting.


But it was nice that they wdre excited that you


Something with an unforgettable story.


Something that was the finest of its kind.


Those are probably the three magic ingredients.


This was one of the finds of the day.


These are portraits of soldhers from the 1916 Battle of the Somme.


But it is thought to have bden made fairly recently by a Nottingham man


Looking at all those images all over it, they are astonishing.


You can link them all to photographs.


Whoever did it used a very complex process of taking images from


photographs and then carving them into a very integrated structure.


It is just extraordinary that they should vanish.


The programme is due to be `ired in the autumn or early next year.


Navtej Johal, BBC East Midlands Today.


I hope they find out who thd artist is.


We have got some dry weather to come, but what a weekend. Wd have


had some beautiful photographs sent to us. This is really nice. There


are more on are Facebook page. It is quieter now. There is a weather


front on the west and anothdr on the East. Not much is going to change


for the next few days. The high for the next few days. The high


pressure will stay with us. It looks good for the rest of the wedk. There


is a chance of a sham on Thtrsday or Friday, but most of us will stay


dry. `` a shower. For the rdst of the evening, it will stay dry. There


is beautiful sunshine just now. It will stay dry overnight. Thdre may


be some mist and cloud by the end of the night. Temperatures, 15`16


Celsius. Tomorrow morning, there will be some low cloud but that will


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