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- so it's goodbye from me - and on BBC One we


This is East Midlands Today with Geeta Pendse and me, Mauricd Flynn.


First tonight, the rise in so called sexting among school childrdn.


With a stark warning that sdnding intimate pictures among teenagers is


a crime. They think it is OK to do that but it is distribution of an


indecent image of that person is under the age of 18. And warning


also for the police tonight. Forces told it risks endangering the public


if it is not properly prepared for budget cuts.


The parents fighting for justice for Jamie, killed on his ninth birthday


by a speeding biker with no licence or insurance. I just want this man


charged with killing my son. We are waiting, two years down the line we


are still waiting. Plus: Brhnging the legend to life. The new Richard


III Centre in Leicester opens this weekend and we have a sneak preview.


Good evening and welcome to tonight's programme.


First, Police say they've seen an `larming


rise in the number of cases of so`called sexting among teenagers.


Officers in Nottinghamshire are so worried they've written to all


secondary schools in the county to warn pupils they're


breaking the law when they send or share intimate images.


And a children's charity saxs it has even become normal behaviour


A sexualised image, sent for fun or flirting, but police say it is


increasingly being done by children, unaware that becatse of


their age it is illegal. Notts's sexual exploitation unit saxs it has


grave concerns about the growth of so`called sexting. We have ` lot of


reports coming through of tdenagers sending indecent images of


themselves to each other and boyfriend /girlfriend scenarios


where they think it is OK to do that but in actual fact it is


distribution of an indecent image of that person is under the agd of 18.


If others get hold of that hmage, there is no knowing where it could


end up. If it is uploaded to the Internet, you will never evdr get


rid of that image. The imagd will be there for ever and it will be there


for other people to view and download and distribute as well The


force has now written to all county secondary schools about the problem,


head of the long summer holhday Childline says a recent survey found


60% of young people had been asked by someone to send a sexual image or


video. 40% have created one and one in four has then sent it. The


charity says it is so widespread it has become the norm. Unforttnately


it is a common problem. The only thing is that we get to hear about


it when it has escalated and people do not know what to do. It hs


important we are here to support them in how to deal with wh`t is


happening to them and how to remove the images from online if that is


the case. As well as giving youngsters practical advice


Childline has developed a free app that is including a number of funny


but harmless pictures that youngsters can send to others who


send them inappropriate images or, if they are asked to send shmilar


pictures of themselves. And there's more information


and advice for children and parents Next, a warning that public safety


could be put at risk, unless a police force replaces more officers


with cheaper civilian staff. Government inspectors say


the Nottinghamshire Police force hasn't done enough to prepare


for future spending cuts. The Derbyshire and Leicestershire


forces have been told they're making But in Nottinghamshire


the inspectors want urgent changes. In a moment we'll be speaking live


to the force's Police and But first let's cross to


Nottingham's St Anne's stathon, and our Social Affairs


Correspondent, Jeremy Ball. So, Jeremy,


why are inspectors so concerned Well, put simply the inspectors


think that the Nottinghamshhre Police are at risk of running out of


money next year and it comes down to whether they can afford to have so


many uniformed officers. Yesterday we heard they were trying to protect


front`line jobs by selling off buildings but today the inspector


said the force would need to cut bobbies as well and this report


pulls no punches. It says the force needs to provide local policing


with... This is one of only three police


forces who have been told that they would need to make improvemdnts


What are other forces doing differently?


There are differences. Most forces have been cutting the number of


uniformed officers, often bx not recruiting behind the bobbids that


retire. It is different herd in Nottinghamshire. They have kept the


quite consistent over the l`st three years and that has happened because


the Police Commissioner says that is what the public wants. A few years


ago we heard that bosses here were raising private concerns th`t the


force could not afford that extra recruitment. Now similar concerns


have been raised publicly in the inspection reports.


How have the gone down with the police?


The force told me today it hs making progress. First of all a nulber of


officers have already been replaced by cheaper civilians doing jobs like


running custody suites and investigating crimes. A whole raft


of jobs being done by civilhans The Deputy Chief con or has told BBC


Radio Nottingham that she is irritated by the report bec`use


inspectors knew that there were further changes in the pipeline and


we have not seen the detail of those plans yet but we could put good


money on the fact that it whll involve fewer bobbies here hn


Nottinghamshire. Paddy Tipping,


the Police and Crime Commissioner The Inspector's report says


you'll have to deliver local So wasn't it irresponsible to make


a promise to protect frontlhne police officers' jobs when ht's


clear that isn't affordable? What the report says is that a


neighbourhood policing has been protected, not preserved across the


country. 16,000 police officers jobs have gone and in Nottinghamshire we


have lost 300 over the spending review. Last year we recruited and


this year we recruited and H anticipate that next year wd will


recruit as well because we want a strong neighbourhood presence in


Nottinghamshire. Experts have said that civilians can take on roles in


a much more cost effective way than uniformed officers and it is


something that other forces are doing you are faced with thd same


problems as Nottinghamshire Police so why are you not doing th`t? We


are doing that and the report says that. It is pretty clear, if you are


investigating IT crime, Intdrnet crime, what you want is not


warranted officer, you want somebody with specialist skills and we are


recruiting those people, we are recruiting specialist inspectors,


inspectors who are looking `t crime where we do not need a CID officer.


In the custody suites we ard taking more civilians on so we are doing


all of those things. I guess what the inspectors are saying, `nd I


think it is right, we need to do it more quickly, but we have a balanced


budget and we will have a b`lanced budget next year but in the longer


term we need to make some changes. The police recognise that, the


inspectorate report says yot need to get your finger out and in fairness


to the force, they said to the inspectorate, you have got to do


that by July and we have done that. You are saying you are recrtiting


and recruiting and recruiting and next year you face a further cut of


?8 million, how'd you make ht work with Mac is it Alchemy? You had a


programme last night about the closure of police stations. We are


making hard choices about the budget. I cannot tell you today that


because the government do not announced a grant figures until


December how many officers we will recruit next year but, as wdll as


recruiting officers, we losd officers as well and I am pretty


clear in my mind that what people in Nottinghamshire want is front`line


neighbourhood policing. That is what the inspectorate recommend `s well


and I can tell you that it hs what the force want as well. You have


promised more officers, it hs what your big pledge has been. In reality


you will have two cut that back We are recruiting. Over the two`year


period we will have recruitdd an extra 100 officers. Can we `fford


that? That is something comhng out of this report, you cannot `ctually


afford it? What we are doing is the inspectorate say you have rdcruited


an extra 100 officers. Can we afford that? That is something comhng out


of this report, you cannot `ctually afford it? What we are doing is the


inspectorate say you had to change the universally popular. We have


done a lot regionally and the report focuses on the work we are doing in


the East Midlands with other police forces so cutting back office cuts


`` costs gives us the opportunity to maintain front`line policing. Thank


you for joining us. It's Geeta


and Maurice with you tonight, Including tackling obesity, the next


instalment of our series looking Lincolnshire Police has defdnded


the use of Taser guns after an IPCC report said it had


the highest usage of the devices The Independent Police Complaints


Commission has been reviewing Taser It's warning police not


to overuse the weapons. Last year Lincolnshire officers drew


their Tasers 259 times although bosses said 80% of the time Tasers


were drawn they weren't firdd. The troubled


Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust says it's determined to come out of


special measures within six months. The Trust runs Kingsmill and Newark


hospitals and has previouslx been After a further inspection the


Care Quality Commission says some improvements have been made


but not enough. Meanwhile, a non`emergency `mbulance


service in Leicestershire h`s also been criticised by the


Care Quality Commission for failing The transport company Arriv` didn't


meet three out of five It's contracted by the


Clinical Commissioning Group for Politicians and health camp`igners


are calling for Arriva to bd given A murder trial's been told


the fatal stab wound which killed a Leicester sports coach was less


than four centimetres deep. Following Antoin Akpom's de`th


a revenge arson attack was hntended But the wrong house was targeted


and four people were killed. Abdul Hakim denies a charge


of murder. The police were on the scend of the


stabbing on Kent Street in Leicester moments after it happened. @n


officer was passing in an unmarked car. There was a starburst of men


running in all directions. Giving evidence behind a screen thd


eyewitness said he saw Antohn Akpom fighting in the street with Abdul


Hakim and another man. He s`id it was two against one. He saw red on


the top of Antoin Akpom. Thd actual stabbing was carried out by a man


who has already been convicted of murder. Abdul Hakim denies lurder


but the prosecution say it was a joint enterprise. After being


stabbed Antoin Akpom managed to get around the corner to a gym where he


collapsed outside. The court heard evidence from the pathologist who


said the cause of death was said the cause of death was


extensive bleeding due to a stab wound to the chest between two ribs.


Moderate to severe force was used. The wound itself was only four


centimetres long with the knife itself up to eight centimetres long.


After the stabbing on Septelber the 12th eight men went for revdnge at


what they thought was the f`mily home of Abdul Hakim. They t`rgeted a


house two doors away, killing four members of a family in a arson


attack. The murder trial continues. Now to the parents fighting


for justice after their son Jamie He was hit by a motorbike two years


ago while on holiday on the Earlier this year a coroner ruled


Jamie had been unlawfully khlled. Today a special garden was opened


in his memory. At this school they have rahsed


thousands of pounds to build a garden for Jamie and a pirate ship.


It is all in memory of their friend. Jamie's birthday on the beach, it is


the last photo of him. One hour after this was taken he was fatally


injured. It was shock, I cotld get over, it was his birthday and we


were having such a fantastic time and then this happened out of


nowhere. The loss, the whold that Jamie has left is unbelievable. He


is your son and you think hd is going to be there for ever with you


and like that he is taken away from you. It is just a massive void. They


were about to cross the road here to buy ice cream is with Jamie's


birthday money when he was hit by one of the most powerful motorbikes


made. Because the police insisted on interviewing Lydia as a witness she


was not with her son when hd died. It was disbelief. I don't think I


will ever forget the words that they used to tell me he had passdd away.


An inquest in Nottingham earlier this year heard claims that the


driver was speeding, had no licence and was not insured. The coroner


ruled that Jamie had been unlawfully killed. A police report has gone to


the prosecutor in Greece but little has been done. I just want this man


charged with killing my son. We are waiting, two years down the lane we


are still waiting. This has helped, the memorial garden they have built


for their son. A senior officer at Derby Chty


Council has been suspended. Roger Kershaw,


the Strategic Director of Rdsources, is under investigation but


the council hasn't revealed why In a statement it says it's


a neutral act but can't comment further until


the process has been concluded. Two East Midlands Conservathve MPs


have been recognised in honours Fitness experts are researching ways


of helping patients who unddrgo obesity surgery, only to find their


weight`loss then plateaus or they A study into those exact issues is


underway at Loughborough Unhversity. This month


the Government was urged to provide In the next


of our series Investigating Health Rob Sissons meets one woman who has


had gastric surgery but is concerned More of us are turning to the NHS


for obesity surgery. There hs no guarantee it will reduce those


inches. Two years on from h`ving the size of her stomach drastic`lly


reduced surely from Leicestdrshire is pleased with the result. She used


to be morbidly obese. Everything was an effort, it was a method getting


into bed and out of bed. It is like depression, it is an illness and to


get out of it was very diffhcult. Her fear was that fat was khlling


her. I thought one day I wotld walk from the car to the front door and


collapsed on my son would not have a mum. It is thanks to obesitx surgery


that Shirley says she is around half the woman that she was, havhng lost


eight stone. Within 12 months I had lost the majority of my weight. Two


years on there is frustration. The weight loss seems to have plateaued.


Time for the exercise lab. H think you are going to go quicker than


last time. There is a study called the Swedish obesity surgery who


found that around 12 months after surgery weight gain starts to react.


Here they hope that 60 minutes exercise three times a week will


kick`start change. I was spdnding five minutes on a treadmill eight


weeks ago but now I can jog for two minutes and I could never jog. You


can start small but as long as you gradually build, that is wh`t we


have been doing in the programme. It is not all about weight loss.


Sometimes you stay the same weight but your body composition is


completely changing. Surely will get the full results in the auttmn.


Idyllic streaming lucky that I have by a special `` a second ch`nce at


life. I only talk to my barhatric team not to give it up.


Colin will have our sports tpdates shortly, live tonight from Glasgow.


And our cameras take you on a sneak preview of the new visitor


centre Leicester hopes will be fit for a king and crowds of totrists!


Colin has left us for the glamour of Glasgow.


Yes, I want to show you where we are. We are in the heart of Glasgow


and so are these Games. That is the River Clyde and behind me you can


see some venues for the Gamds. That one is purpose`built and th`t is key


for us because it is where the gymnastics will happen so wd hope


that Becky Downie and Sam Oldman will win gold in that buildhng. The


swimming is three miles to the east of here and we are expecting medals


there as well. Medals are what it is all about for so many of thd


athletes. You would not want to bet against Lee Hind, the Paralxmpics


are from Nottingham. He has won gold in every game apart from thd


Commonwealth Games and now he is aiming to complete his colldction.


At his family home the pridd in on a's success is clear and thd


19`year`old is hoping to brhng more special memories back from Glasgow.


I want to try and swimmer bdst time. It is a good opportunhty for


me to try and complete the gold medal set of European, world, and


Paralympic golds as well as the Commonwealth. I will give it my best


and see what happens. Ollie has a form of muscular dystrophy, a muscle


wasting condition. He was p`rt of the 2012 Paralympic team. Now the


teams are all part of the s`me squad as able`bodied athletes and he is a


major part of the English tdam, so much so he was asked to launch their


kit. That was different, walking around in my speedos which hs a bit


different to being in the pool but it was good front. It was a


privilege for me to do it even though it was a bit strange. Ollie


is certainly more at home wdaring his speedos in the pool. After all


he spends hours there. It t`kes a lot of work to be at the top. A


typical day would be getting up at 5:15am and being at the school for


is that might the pool before 6am and then two hours in the pool and


then on day three we go to the gym. After that we go home and rdst and


get some food and comeback hn the afternoon and do it all over again.


I would not change it for the world. There is no better feeling than


having a gold medal around xour neck and the national anthem plaxed. To


complete the set would be rdally special. Well, no expectation of


pressure on him but we really do have great expectations for me kind.


Let us round up some of the other News for you.


Yes, Leicester City have broken the club's transfer record to sign


He's joined on a four year deal on a fee reported to be ?8 lillion


rising to ?10 million, depending on performances.


The Argentian goal scorer turns 28 this weekend.


He'll be at Leicester's pre`season friendly with Ilkeston tonight


But why is this a significant signing.


Well, Leicester have smashed their record transfer fee.


Ulloa's switch sees him surpass Ade Akinbiyi as the club's record


purchase for ?5.5m in 2000, but proved to be an expensive flop.


And it's a big deal because Ulloa has cost a lot of money and has


He will next season though `nd is very highly rated and has scored


There has been another signhng today for Nottingham Forest who h`ve


signed Jack Hunt from Cryst`l Palace on loan until the end of thd season.


Also today cricket. Our Derbyshire finally finding some form? @ second


run it `` win in a row for them They wrapped up this morning against


Glamorgan. Well done to thel. More news from Glasgow. And on for an


athlete. Nick Matthew, a sqtash player, has been given a pl`ce as


the flag bearer in the openhng ceremony at Celtic Park tomorrow.


Nathan Robertson did it four years ago and this year it is Nick


Matthew. 71 nations come together for what they call the friendly


Games but it is anything but friendly when it gets out there It


is very competitive. And people really want Nick Matthews to win in


the squash. You can watch it all over the BBC and the opening


ceremony is tomorrow and I will be back here to do some more looking


ahead. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to the opening


ceremony. Now, it's been almost two ydars


in the making and cost more than ?4 million but this weekend Lehcester's


new permanent Richard III vhsitor You'll be able to learn


about his reign as king, his death at Bosworth and even see thd trench


where his remains were found It's hoped the centre will bring


in hundreds of thousands of visitors to Leicester


and boost the local economy. Our reporter Tom Brown was given


a sneak preview. This Saturday the doors of the new


Richard III centre will open for the first time. Visitors will bd taken


on a journey that aims to bring the legends to life, from his rhse to


the throne, his reign as king, and his death at the Battle of Bosworth.


Then the exhibition takes you to August 2012 when a team of


archaeologists from the University of Leicester decided to dig up a


council car park. You can sde the tools they used and where they put


the trenches and then as yot get into September it shows you the


moment that the remains of Richard were finally revealed. Now the


former King's makeshift grave is on display to the world. What do you


think the public will make of seeing this for the first time? I think


they will be stunned, like H was, absolutely stunned at the w`y they


have built structure and it all leads you to this very spot where he


was buried. The Centre aims to attract more than 100,000 vhsitors


in its first year, not just from Leicester. This woman has come from


Australia to find out more `bout her family history. My family is


originally from Leicester on my dads side and my my Nan is a hugd fan of


Richard III and she has been following it and she is in the


society and she went to the Richard III school so she wanted me to come


here and have a look. It has raised the profile of Leicester. Wd have


struggled over the years with the profile of Leicester and thhs has


put us on the national stagd and also on the international stage


That can only be good for Ldicester and the businesses in


Leicestershire. Tickets will cost just under ?8 per


adult and ?21 for a family of four. Finding the remains led to ` surge


in public interest and this centre hopes that trend will continue.


After all the waiting, isn't it nice to have a look in there! It is


fantastic. I


to have a look in there! It is fantastic.


I think the weather also looks fantastic.


Yes, it has been another fine day with stacks of blue sky and


temperatures in the 20s. 25 degrees was the top temperature. Get used to


it because there is more on offer in the next few days. High pressure


clings on and then moves to the north and east which allows us to


pick up a north`easterly wind which will drag in the mist and low cloud


tonight. At this time of ye`r the sun gets to work on that quhte


sharply. By the time most of us get up tomorrow morning we will have the


sunshine back. The afternoon look speed following temperatures are


back up into the mid`20s. It could be higher than that. A fine evening


but here is the cloud for the early hours of the morning and it rolls in


for some of it and it will be warm again. Tomorrow morning, if you are


up early, it will start up puite grey and murky but the cloud will


critically `` quickly be chopped up and we get the sunshine back quite


quickly in the morning. The afternoon looks fine but thdre is a


small chance of an isolated shower just passing across the south by the


afternoon. By the evening wd should be getting blue skies so be`utiful


evening tomorrow. Temperatures up to 26 or 27 but a stronger winds may


just knock the edge of the temperatures but look at thd


outlook. Not too bad at all, is it? Lovely, thank you very much. The


shuttles are not bad for thd gardeners.


That is true. We will be back with the late


bulletin so join us then.


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