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they're breaking the law whdn they send or share intimate imagds.


A sexualised image, sent for fun or flirting,


but police say it is increasingly being done by children, unaware that


Notts's Sexual Exploitation Investigation Unit says it has grave


concerns about the growth of so`called sexting.


We have a lot of reports coling through of teenagers sending


indecent images of themselvds to each other and boyfriend/girlfriend


Well, put simply the inspectors think that the Nottinghamshhre


Police are at risk of running out of money next year and it comes


down to whether they can afford to have so many uniformed officers


Yesterday we heard they werd trying to protect front`line jobs


by selling off buildings but today the inspector said the forcd would


need to cut bobbies as well and this report pulls no punches.


It says the force needs to provide local policing with


The force's existing structure isn't sustainable.


They were concerned that the Nottinghamshire force dhdn't


take earlier decisions about its long`term future `nd say


that there is a significant risk to maintaining a balanced budgdt.


This is one of only three police forces in the country that had been


Now, today we had a responsd to Nottinghamshire Police.


They said firstly, a lot of officers' jobs are already


These days they do everything from running the custody suhtes to


We also heard from the Deputy Chief Constable who spoke to BBC Radio


Nottingham and said she was irritated by this report because she


said the inspectors knew th`t these further changes were being planned.


Those plans have not been announced yet, but it is a safe bet


that they will involve seeing fewer bobbies here in Nottinghamshire


Well, earlier we spoke to Nottinghamshire's Police and


He claimed the force WAS being cost effective,


by taking on more civilians as well as uniformed officers.


We are doing that, and the report says that.


It is pretty clear, if you're investigating IT crime,


Internet crime, what you want is not a warranted officer, yot want


I guess what the inspectors are saying, `nd it is


right, I don't resign from this we need to do it more quickly.


Say you promised more officdrs, that is your big pledge,


but in reality, you're going to have to cut that back.


Over the two`year period, we will have recruited


That is what is panning out from the report,


What we're doing is what the inspectorate say,


we have to change the mix of staff and we're doing th`t.


The closure of police stations hasn't been universally poptlar


The report focuses on the work we're doing in the


East Midlands with other police forces, so cutting back offhce costs


gives us the opportunity to maintain front`line policing.


A senior officer at Derby Chty Council has been suspended.


Roger Kershaw, the Strategic Director of Rdsources


is under investigation, but the council hasn't revealed why


In a statement it says it's a "neutral"


act but can't comment furthdr until "the process has been concltded "


It's been almost two years hn the making and cost more th`n four


million pounds, but this wedkend, Leicester's


new permanent Richard III Visitor Centre will open.


Among exhibitions on his rehgn and death, visitors will also be


able to see the trench wherd his remains were found in 2012.


It's hoped the centre will bring in hundreds of thousands


of visitors to Leicester and boost the city's economx.


That's your news. So, it's goodbye from me,


but with your weather now, here's Anna Church.


Some fine weather over the last few days, some changes tonight, the


high`pressure moving across with an easterly wind and that brings in


some low cloud and missed from the North Sea, but that will brdak up


quickly through the morning, so more warm sunshine as the morning moves


on. A fine evening for most of us, but the cloud is rolling in from the


east and it will breed all of us towards the end of the night, so it


would be a humid end and a warm hand, 14 to 15 degrees. In the


morning, some cloud around, that breaks up quickly through the


morning, and that sunshine comes back. Some showers later in the day,


more of a breeze, so it will take the edge off the temperaturds, but


still reaching 27, 20 8 degrees and from the outlook, it would be


Good evening. I know some of us could do with a drop of rain for the


gardens, and the hot weather doesn't suit us all, but it's within a warm


one today. 20 degrees in many parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland,


the warmest day of the year so far. It's been a hot one further south


too. 30 degrees along the south coast of England. There's plenty


more warmth to come through the rest of this week. A balmy night. Most of


us dry. Low cloud and mist off the North Sea into central and eastern


parts of the UK. The odd shower possible across the west of Northern


Ireland, otherwise dry and humid. Temperatures in the midteens to


start the day. Whoa might see the odd shower across eastern England


early on. Most of us is dry. By the afternoon, we could see an isolated


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