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has been hit by a missile in northern Gaza. That's all from the


Today with Anne Davies and le, Maurice Flynn. Tonight ` thd


terminally ill woman who's home was ransacked while she was in hospital.


This house that she has paid for through working in a factorx. Also


tonight, it could simple blood tests have saved the life of young Harry?


And the research this woman says has helped her survive long cancer. It


is amazing. I hope to be here a bit longer and would not be alive if it


was not for this drug. Hello and Welcome to tonight's progralme.


Those stories coming up but first we can reveal that several men have now


been arrested on suspicion of raping children at care homes. It follows


dozens of historic allegations of abuse around Nottingham and in


Derbyshire. And tonight it's emerged that one suspect has died shnce


being questioned by detectives. Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy


Ball, can tell us more. How significant is this investigation?


Detectives have now identifhed 0 potential victims. Part of this


inquiry is the children's home in Mapperley where a number of


residents claimed they suffdred horrific physical and sexual abuse.


James is one of them. He told me that he was gang`raped at Bdechwood


from the age of ten. And whdn he tried to complain to the police he


simply wasn't believed. I break down sometimes when it comes to lind and


if I have a drink it is worse, the memory comes back. Even thotgh I am


on very high sleeping tablets, I still wake up with nightmards. I


cannot forget it. They were there to look after me, not to abuse me. So


how difficult is this investigation? It's been extremely complex. Because


these allegations go back more than 40 years. And that means


corroborating details of whdre abuse allegedly took place and who carried


out that abuse. From many, lany years ago. So far ten men h`ve been


arrested as part of this inpuiry. The police say seven won't face any


action. This investigation's far from over. The family of a child who


died after being released from hospital want to know if a simple


blood test could have saved his life. After waiting nine hotrs


without any tests they asked if they could take him home for the evening


and the doctor said so long as he comes back in the morning. We took


him in on the Saturday mornhng and they said he would be disch`rged and


they said you are not getting the test, we are discharging yot and you


can take him home. Then I fhnd him the next morning, he had passed


away. The parents say they still do not know why their son died. I want


answers from the hospital. Hf I neglected my child or even `n animal


I would be prosecuted. That is what the hospital bed. They left my son


there for nine hours and nothing happened.


Whatever the outcome, Harry's parents say they will never be able


to come to terms with what happened to their son. They also found a hard


armour and said they would do an ECG on him but they did not. He was just


left. In other news tonight, A Nottinghamshire prison has been


described as one of the most dangerous jails that inspectors have


visited in some time. The rdport by the Prisons Inspectorate saxs Ranby


Jail is unsafe with high levels of violence. Four inmates have taken


their own lives since 2013. Prison officials say the governor has taken


decisive action to address the problems. Union leaders havd been


meeting with bosses at the bread maker Hovis today, after thd company


announced plans to close its bakery in Leicester with the loss of two


hundred jobs. The site will shut early next year. The Bakers, Food


and Allied Workers Union will meet with Hovis again on Monday to


discuss options for keeping jobs on site. In a statement, the company


said it needed to reduce its manufacturing operations to remain


competitive. No further acthon will be taken against a food mantfacturer


that supplied halal lamb burgers with pork in them to schools in


Leicester. The City Council withdrew the burgers given to 19 schools last


year, after tests showed thdy contained up to 50% pork. However an


investigation by the authorhty found Paragon Quality Foods Limitdd


exercised "due diligence". Xou're watching East Midlands Todax, with


Anne and Maurice tonight. Still lots to come ` particularly if you're a


keen knitter or know someond who is. Your Country Needs you!


A 71`year`old woman from Lehcester who is in hospital with terlinal


cancer, has had her home ransacked and thousands of pounds worth of


gold stolen. Naseem Moghal's family say they feel shattered by the


burglary at the family home in Wigston. The jewellery is v`lued at


around ?50,000. A reward of ?50 0 is being offered for information that


leads to an arrest and convhction, as Emily Anderson reports. While my


mum was at her weakest point in hospital we did not protect the


house so we have let her down. She came here 40 years ago bringing with


her the jury which was stoldn which has been in the family for 050


years. She always worked hard and carried on working until earlier


this year when she was admitted to hospital. All of this housing


including the bricks and mortar she paid for through working for the


very long time. The police do not think the house was targeted because


there was Asian cold there, they think it was a cruel attack on an


empty home. These callous individuals showed no regard for


this family's feelings. Thex broke into this one, ransacked it and


stole a large amount of Asi`n jewellery. We want to do evdrything


within the law to bring these despicable people to justicd. This


was tipped over and bits of it broken off. They have not told their


mum about the break`in, the say it would destroy her. The jury is worth


thousands of pounds but the family say the sentimental value is


priceless. A man who denies murder got his own family to flee from


their home only hours beford the house two doors away was set ablaze


in a botched revenge attack, killing four people. Abdul Hakim saxs he


feared he'd get the blame as he was at the scene when the sports coach


Antoin Akpom was fatally st`bbed. Mike O'Sullivan can tell us more


from Nottingham Crown Court. Mike what's been said about that warning.


Well the court's heard that the warning to get out of the house was


given over the course of a series of phone calls made by 20`year`old


Abdul Hakim to his mother shortly after Antoin Akpom was fatally


stabbed in September last ydar. Mr Hakim denies murder but was at the


scene of the stabbing and w`s concerned he'd get the blamd. He


told his mother to leave thd house in Wood Hill in Leicester and take


his younger sisters aged 15 and seven with her. She did that. Seven


hours after the stabbing at around half past midnight, a house two


doors away from Abdul Hakim's home was targeted in a botched rdvenge


arson attack. Eight men, now jailed, were involved in setting fire to the


house, killing four members of the Taufiq family, a mother and three


children, aged 15 to 19. Thdy were well`respected members of the


community and had absolutelx nothing to do with the stabbing at `ll.


Giving evidence in the witndss stand in his defence, Mr Hakim sahd, I


knew that they are going to try to attack me sir or if they cannot get


me they are going to get my family. I telephoned my mum to tell her to


get the kids out of the house, my little sisters. " What's he said


about the stabbing itself? Well the stabbing happened in Kent Street in


Leicester at around 5:30 in the afternoon. Mr Akpom was in ` group


of round eight or nine men from a gym who confronted Mr Hakim and


another man, 19`year`old Hussein Hussein. Mr Hakim says Mr Akpom


swung a dumbell at him. Hussein Hussein has already been convicted


of murder and he actually stabbed Mr Akpom. Mr Hakim says the first he


knew of that was when he saw blood on Hussein Hussein's jacket as they


ran away. He says he never knew Hussein Hussein had a knife. The


case continues. Ofsted inspdctors say a troubled free school hs making


progress getting out of special measures. Last year it was described


as dysfunctional and inadeqtate The primary school is now run bx a new


trust. The latest inspection report says staff are tackling the issues


that were raised. The region's Ambulance Service has hit all of its


response time targets for the first half of the year ` something it


failed to do throughout last year. EMAS was fined for a third


successive year in 2013 aftdr it failed to meet national targets for


patients involved in life`threatening emergencies. The


service said the action its taken to improve response times is "paying


dividends". Severn Trent Water says it's been able to cut the ntmber of


water leaks in the region to its lowest ever level. But it admits it


can still do more. And one Derby city councillor has called on the


company to also tackle problems caused by flash flooding. Shmon Hare


reports. A major water leak on Blackburn Rovers in Leicestdr. It


was being treated this mornhng within hours of being reported. It


is still losing a quarter of the company's supplies everyday. We try


to maintain a continuous supply to our customers. We have over 46, 00


kilometres of pipework in the region. With the resources we have


we can only cover a small alount at any one time so we rely on customers


to notify us of any they sed. Not a water leak at a flash flood last


weekend caused by a torrenthal downpour. There is a storm drain


under the road here which h`s obviously collapsed Horsfield cause


all this came up with the pressure of the water. They have not had a


good record at fixing leaks but if they are focusing on that at the


expense of major infrastructure like this there are major problels. They


need to focus on both. They are investing in sewerage and strface


drain pipes to cope with thd volume of rainwater. Next tonight ht's the


biggest cancer killer in thd East Midlands. Lung cancer. Doctors say


to improve survival we need to make earlier diagnosis and improve


treatment and research. At King s Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire


they've been trialling a drtg which they hope will help some patients


with lung cancer to live longer In the final part of our series on


health research the story of one woman who's being helped. How are


you feeling today? Very well. Diagnosed with terminal lung cancer


she did not think twice abott taking part in research. I had half of my


long removed and it was OK for two years then it came back in both


lungs. This drug has extenddd her life. I would not be here whthout


this drug. It seems to have destroyed cancer nodules. It is not


for all lung cancers, it sedms to work on some cell receptors which


have a particular genetic mttation. They treat the cancer by working on


certain cells and limiting their ability to grow. We were thd highest


recruiter throughout the East Midlands to all lung cancer trials.


Agents often get access to treatments many years beford they


are available on the NHS. The couple are now making the most of what they


see as extra time. We have gone from borrowed time to enjoying the time


we have borrowed and it is getting more and more. I am enjoying being


here and hope to be here a bit longer. We hope so. Good to stay


well as well. There's a big knit in the vicinity ` and it's not Maurice.


No, knitters in Nottinghamshire are being encouraged to take part in the


BBC Radio Nottingham Big Poppy Knit. 11,000 poppies are needed to mark


each of the 11,000 Nottingh`mshire men who died during the Gre`t War.


Our cameras went along to fhlm one speed`knitter taking part in


Nottingham earlier today. I am doing a crochet flower today. The patterns


are available on our Facebook for free. It is a simple pattern.


Anybody that crochets to do it. You want some double net will, `nything


will do and the 4.5 millilitre cook. `` millimetre hooked. There you go.


And here is one of them. And if you'd like to have a go at knitting


a poppy. Head to our Facebook page ` which will help you find sole poppy


patterns to follow! Nat's hdre shortly with the sport and @nna with


your weather forecast coming up too. And also why some of the world's


most exclusive chefs have bden in the East Midlands!


Where else would exclusive chefs go to other than the East Midl`nds It


is the place to come. Now sport Coming up all the action from the


first day of the Commonwealth Games but first bad news for Derbx County.


Midfielder George Thorne will be out for around nine months after


rupturing his anterior cruchate ligament in his left knee. The


21`year`old suffered the injury on Tuesday during the friendly against


Zenit St Petersburg. Thorne only signed a four`year contract with the


Rams on Saturday and head coach Steve McClaren admits it's ` massive


blow. Staying with football and Leicester City have arrived in


Thailand for a pre`season tour in preparation for their return to the


Premier League. It's just over three weeks until the new season kicks


off. Today the club announcdd the price of match day tickets. And it


will cost Foxes fans more to watch their team back in the top flight.


Adult seats range from ?19 to ? 0 ` and with a record 23,000 se`son


tickets sold, demand is expdcted to outstrip supply. Onto crickdt and


have virtually secured a hole quarter final in the T20 bl`st after


a win over Northamptonshire last night. Today, batsman James Taylor


has been named as captain for the England Lions in their triangular


series against New Zealand @ and Sri Lanka A next month. He'll bd joined


by team mates Harry Gurney `nd Alex Hales. Both men eager to impress the


England selectors. There is the one`day series later in the summer


against India which I hope to be involved in. It is an opportunity to


go out and play for the England Lions and hopefully strengthen my


case for exclusion `` inclusion in that squad. Now onto the first day


of the competition at the Commonwealth Games. Plenty of East


Midlands athletes representhng Team England an in action today `nd


tonight we have medal hopes in the pool. Colin Hazelden has bedn in


Glasgow. There is no doubt that Glasgow is buzzing for thesd games.


Here they are queueing to h`ve their photo taken in front of this giant


games logo. Scotland has certainly welcomed the nations compethng in


this game is. Today that is what they have been doing. Lucy Hall made


a courageous breakaway in the cycling bit of the triathlon. It was


a bid for glory because she knows she cannot run so fast as others but


in the end she was overtaken by the field including the winner Judy


Stimpson. In hockey this go`l from Leicester's Nicola White se`led the


2`1 win for England over Wales. We were nervous sometimes but H think


we really applied ourselves and got a great result to set us on our way.


In the 100 metres backstrokd we have a finalist for tonight. It has been


a tough year with injuries `nd Nichols. I have come through it and


am out the other side. The 200 metres breaststroke will be exciting


this evening. Our region's swimmer qualifies fifth fastest. Ond of the


Scots set a new Games record. It will be tough for the city of Derby


swimmer but he has been in fine form and could still pull off a surprise.


If you are still keen to sed the action this is the queue for tickets


which are still available. What was your success? Yellow macro we got


the ticket for the 100 metrd final next week, I am looking forward to


that. It has been brilliant, we have been here since Sunday. We have some


tickets that came in the post, we got carried away, we even h`ve


tickets for the lawn bowls. Thank you for joining us. You can sense


the buzz around here. We ard in for a great few days of competition Now


let's hope the city of Derbx swimmer does well this evening to cheer up


those Derby fans who had bad news today. Now we have been joined in


the studio by a crowd. They cook for the most powerful people in the


world and now they've been to the East Midlands to experience some of


the finest produce here. More than a dozen chefs who cater for hdads of


state ` including President Obama's, Angela Merkel's and even thd Queen's


` were given a taste of Stilton cheese and Melton Mowbray pork


pies. All in the hope they'll be included in future dishes! Navtej


Johal reports. The May look like contestants on Masterchef btt this


lot are part of an exclusivd club of the personal chefs for kings, queens


and presidents. The Queen's head chef invited them to Melton Mowbray.


This is such a great area. We have fantastic products in Stilton cheese


and bought pies. It seemed `n obvious choice to bring the group up


here. This is about sending them away with the memory of herd in


Melton Mowbray. We are right at the top of the good producing chain You


do not need to go to France any more to get a good meal. The chefs,


including Angela Merkel 's `nd President Obama 's, where hdre. They


might even use their speedy and is and the knowledge they got from it


when they return home. But with these being some of the best chefs


in the world it was always likely to bring out their competitive edge.


They do not know it yet but we will have competition as to who lakes the


best Melton Mowbray pork pid. I made a pot pie once. Did you takd it to


the oval office? No! Now thd weather. It is another beautiful


evening here in the East Midlands. Another stunning day. The whldlife


certainly enjoying it. Look at this peacock butterfly. Tomorrow will be


the seem with 20 of warm we`ther and dry, sunny spells. The cloud with us


first thing quickly burned `way and it has been another scorcher, 2


selfie is the maximum recorded temperature here today. Bierley the


cloud in stays settled as we go into


Saturday. That is the last of the very warm days. If you have been


finding the heat a little bht too much there will be a change, this


cold front will move through the night on Saturday and once ht clears


on Sunday it will be feeling fresher. Temperatures in thd low 20s


for heading through to the new week. I will be back with the latd


bulletin. Goodbye. Good night.


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