24/07/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


First tonight, East Midlands Today's been told that several men have now


been arrested on suspicion of raping children at care homes.


It follows dozens of historhc allegations of abuse centring around


Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball's been following


the information and told me about the scale of the investigathon.


It is one of the largest police enquiries for several years for


local police. Residents at least would say they have suffered abuse.


James is one of them and he says he was gang raped and that when he


tried to complain, he was not believed. I break down sometimes,


when I feel a bit down and hf I have had a drink, I am even worsd. At


night time, I wake up and even though I am on sleeping tablets I


still wake up with nightmards. How difficult is this investigation


proving? It has been really complex and that is because some of these


allegations go back more th`n 4 years and that makes it difficult to


call operate details of where abuse took place and who carried ht out. I


am told that ten men have bden arrested, two of those men `re still


being arrested on suspicion of rape and they have been released on bail.


A third suspect has died since he was questioned by police. This


investigation is still far from over.


Thieves have ransacked the home of a 71 year old woman, who's


They've stolen thousand of pounds of jewellery belonging to


Her family say they feel sh`ttered by the burglary


The devastating chaos left by burglars who broke into the home of


Naseem Moghal while she was being treated in hospital for terlinal


cancer. While my mother was at weakest point in hospital, we did


not... In the short time we were looking after the house, we did not


protect the house and we have let her down. Naseem Moghal esc`ped from


Uganda bringing with her at the jewellery which was in the family


for 100 years. She has workdd tirelessly for everything she owns


and worked until early this year until she was admitted to hospital


four months ago. Everything in this house, she has paid for through


working in a factory. For a very long time. This is a callous crime


committed by individuals who have shown no regard to the feelhngs of


this family. They broke in here ransacked it and stole a large


amount of the wedding and Asian jewellery and cash. That is why


police will do everything they can to bring these people to justice.


This sewing machine was tipped over, pits were broken off. They have not


told their mother about the break`in, they say it would destroy


her. The jewellery is worth thousands of pounds, but her son


says the sentimental value hs priceless.


The family of a four year old boy from Nottingham who died two


days after being discharged from hospital say they want answdrs.


Harry Procko from St Ann's died last month.


His parents are now calling for an urgent review


into the care he received at the Queen's Medical Centre.


The hospital says there is a multi`agency investigation


A man who denies murder got his own family to flee


from their home just hours before the house, two doors away,


was set on fire in a botched revenge attack that killed four people.


The fire at Spinney Hill in Leicester killed a mother


Today Abdul Hakim told a cotrt he feared he'd get the blame, `s he


was at the scene when sports coach Antoin Akpom was fatally st`bbed.


Severn Trent Water says it's cut the number of water leaks in the


And one Derby city councillor has called on the company to also tackle


A major water leak here in Leicester.


It was being treated this morning within hours of being reported.


It is still losing a quarter of the company's supplies everyday.


We try to maintain a contintous supply to our customers.


We have over 46,000 kilometres of pipework in the region.


With the resources we have we can only cover a small amount at any


one time so we rely on customers to notify us of any they sed.


Another water leak at a flash flood last weekend caused


There is a storm drain under the road here


which has obviously collapsdd and caused all this to come up with


One of the local councillors is worried that they are not preventing


problems caused by the intense weather. They do not have a good


record on fixing leaks, but if they are focusing on that at the expense


of major infrastructure, thdn there is a problem, because this causes


major problems. Severn Trent Water says flash flooding is another


challenge and it is investing in larger pipes in order to cope with


the volume of rainwater. To sport, and it's been the first


day of competition proper at Derby's Adam Peaty just missed out


on a medal in the pool, but there was silver for a couple of


Loughborough swimmers in thd relay. Fran Halsall and Amy Smith were in


the England team which won Silver in the freestyle relay setting a new


British record. It was the longest time of my life. I think we did a


good job. We tried to get ott there with the Australians and we knew


they would be fast. We did ` good job. I think we did a good job. We


knew from the start we would be thereabouts and it was about riding


the waves a little bit and doing what we could. We did our bdst and


we knew it would be really hard We clung on and did what we cotld. This


swimmer qualified for the fhnals of the backstroke after finishhng


second in his heat. Adam Pe`ty finished fourth in his 200m


breaststroke final. The Scottish winners won gold and silver. There


were wins for the men's and women's hockey team. Nicola White sdaled the


win over Wales. It was nice to get on the scoresheet. It was the first


game of the Commonwealth Gales, it can be nerve`wracking, but we


applied ourselves. Elsewherd, Nick Matthew easily won his openhng game


in the squash, but he is thd opening champion. Here is the weathdr.


The warm weather is set to continue into the weekend. Lots of hot


sunshine tomorrow in the afternoon, but for now, clear skies at the


moment, but like the last fdw nights, we will see low clotds


filling in from the North as we head through the night and we ard likely


to have missed around in pl`ces but it will be muddy with minimtm


temperatures of 16 degrees. Where we have that low cloud, it will be slow


to clear, but eventually, once it does, we will have long bright sunny


spells and a bit of Fairweather proud, but in the sunshine, hot with


a high of 27 degrees. Saturday is the last of the very warm d`ys,


plenty of warm sunshine. If you look at the outlook, it will be cooler


from Sunday. Now is getting too much for many people.


By Sunday, the temp will be cooler than today. Tonight, another warm


and comfortable night for sleeping.


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