27/07/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


Army bomb disposal experts have carried out six controlled


explosions following the discovery of what s


been described as potentially volatile material in Derbyshire


Homes within a 100 metres of a flat in Newhall were evacuated last


A 55`year`old man has been arrested as Carol Hinds reports


A 55`year`old man has been arrested. Neighbours say he would


regularly let off firecrackdrs. It was only Wednesday tea`time, I was


watering my plants. I'd turned my head to the right and I'd s`w this


flat window, open, out came his arm, and the next minute, bank, he threw


something on the grass. Up to 2 0 people were evacuated from their


homes, which were within 100 metres of the flat. They spent last night


and much of today in the sports hall of a nearby school. It was le, my


father who I'd care for, and my dog, Lucy. We also had guinda pigs


and rabbits, which we had to leave behind. This afternoon, polhce


officers were allowing most of the residents to return home, btt a


55`year`old man stiller mains in police custody. The strikers still


remains in police custody. `` stiller mains in police custody


Detectives have started a murder investigation after the


Officers were called at arotnd two this morning to Bestwood Park Drive,


Rise Park, where they found the man with serious injurids.


He was taken to hospital but later died.


A 26`year`old man has been arrested and is being questhoned.


A Derbyshire swimming pool could be closed for weeks across the summer


Forensic experts have been dxamining a bin outside the


It's believed the fire was started there deliberately,


The plant and machinery room was badly damaged.


A Nottinghamshire village hdld a poignant re`dedication servhce today


The special ceremony was held at Bleasby's St Mary's Church this


Not only to unveil its restored war memorial but also to serve


as a reminder to today's villagers of the horrors of the Great War


There were 90 households here in 1911, and we have nine names on the


memorial. Every family in the village at that time would have felt


the pain. There's been another haul


of medals for East Midlands swimmers Bronze for Molly Renshaw, shlver


for Georgia Davies, both from Loughborough, and to top those off,


two golds from Halsall and Peaty! After winning gold in last night's


100 metre breaststroke final, this morning, and the 50 metre hdat, he


not only beat a former world record holder by 0.39 seconds, but with a


swim, bang and 27 seconds, he broke his own record for the second time


in just 14 hours. It just p`id off. I'd just came here and saw what we


had this morning. It is amazing It is a dream. Did that really happen?


I cannot believe it. And another gold in the 50 metre freestxle.


After setting a new British and Commonwealth 50 metre fly rdcord


yesterday, she opted for a phone call.


And full coverage across thd BBC. Finally, a cooler night


and a more comfortable night for sleeping in store for us as we


make our way into the evening. There is some rain that is going to


slowly make its way down towards us, breaking up as we go into


the early hours of Monday morning. Temperatures are way down on where


they have been on the last few days. Into tomorrow, there is a lot


of dry and bright weather around first thing, but the cloud


continues to fill in as we lake our way throughout the daythme and


we might even catch the odd shower. A cooler day than what


we have seen of late. More from me and the team after your


national I will be back at 10:25pm. Have a




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