27/07/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the Dast Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


carried out in Derbyshire area, after the discovery by police of


been arrested. Carol Hinds has more. Telephone calls update a man making


fireworks brought police to this location. It was fairly obvhous that


some explosives were at the address. If 55`year`old man has been


arrested. machinery room. Police have made an


arrest. To sport and the medal haul for our swimmers at the Comlonwealth


Games, continues to grow in Glasgow tonight. Another two in this


evening's finals. Then it w`s the second goal of the competithon.


Halsall. With gold in the freestyle, she becomes the first woman to win


both events. It was really good I cannot complain. Bronze in the


backstroke. In Nir Biton by injury, to claim a second bronze marks


something of a comeback. Pe`ty as well. He took gold at the mdeting.


Does that really happen? Tonight he was back in form. Tomorrow he has


qualified as the second fastest Just a sample of the winds, find


full coverage across the BBC. In other news, Officials say vhsits


will be allowed as normal at Ranby Prison in Nottinghamshire after a


disturbance there this weekdnd. Trouble broke out yesterday when 120


inmates refused to return to their cells. No`one was hurt but there was


damage to the building. Somd prisoners were moved from the jail


last night after the incident which lasted for around eight hours. A


poignant re`dedication servhce was held today for a village's World War


One Memorial. The special cdremony was held at Bleasby's church in


Nottinghamshire this afternoon. Not only to unveil its restored war


memorial but also to remind today's villagers of the Great War. 90


households were in Bleasby. Virtually every family would have


felt the pain. Weather time now and Charlie has your forecast.


Good evening. It is mainly dry. But it could Tom Hateley tomorrow


morning. A cool night. More comfortable for sleeping. It looked.


Possibly some showers. Not the worst of weeks. Occasionally sunnx.


Goodbye. Good evening. Top temperatures today


were good for all 5 degrees down on what we saw yesterday and humidity


was a bit lower so all in all much more comfortable end to the weekend.


For the week ahead there is warmth in the sunshine over the next few


days, but not completely dry because they will be some showers and


notably the coming few nights should be a bit cooler. Earlier today we


saw heavy thunderstorms in the far south-east but lots of fine weather


that it was wet underneath this cloud in the West of Scotland and


Northern Ireland and a bit of a breeze. Wet and windy weather is


moving its way south all the while. It should be largely dry over


Scotland overnight and the wind will clear away from the Northern Ireland


's pushing south over Wales and the north-west of England and shall


showers develop in the far south-east. Overnight lows 14, 5


and 16 degrees, particularly


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