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a UN school and a crowded marketplace in Gaza. That


Good evening and welcome to the programmd.


First tonight, Rolls Royce has admitted exposing its workers to


high levels of radiation at one of its plants in Derby.


A court has heard a piece of equipment, which was supposed to


be subject to strict controls, broke while it was being usdd to


From Derby Crown Court, Simon Hare reports.


The radiation scare happened three years ago. It happened here at


Rolls`Royce Marine Power site in Derby. Please of radioactivd


equipment used to measure the integrity of welding on comp


opponents for nuclear powerdd submarines, simply fell off


overnight tests. The radioactive source was only found later by a


welder. He picked it up, not knowing what it was, passed it among his


colleagues. One even wiped ht on his overalls to try and work out what it


was. Several hours later solebody realised just how dangerous it could


be. Rolls`Royce Marine Power, which has its main offices in Derby, today


admitted seven breaches of environmental and health and safety


rules. Representatives of the company were in court to he`r that


the firm had used to it yourself techniques on the vital safdty


equipment which ultimately failed. The court heard that the incident


had been a distressing experience for everyone involved. Workdrs have


been left feeling worried that they may develop cancer in later life or


be unable to have children. Rolls`Royce has paid compensation to


its employees that were involved, but it's still not yet known what


longer`term effects the radhation could pose. The company is said to


have taken steps to ensure something similar can not happen again. And it


is due to be sentenced tomorrow Police in Derbyshire are to crack


down on speeding bikers aftdr six The county's sweeping landscape


means it's hugely attractivd to motorcyclists from many parts


of the UK. Now officers will be switchdd away


from road safety education and instead sent out and about


on the roads with speed guns. Mike O'Sullivan can join us now


from Matlock Bath. Mike, how is this crackdown being


received in the centre good evening. Well, many bikers I


have spoken to say that it hs a tiny minority that speed excessively


along the roads of Derbyshire. The police usually have an enforcement


and an education campaign hdre every summer. This summer, it is `ll about


enforcing. Catching what ond officer described as the speed freaks. Out


on the road with a Derbyshire police traffic officer. After a worrying


rise in for talent is involving motorbikes, there is to be `


crackdown enforcing the spedd limit. And targeting the bikers who seem to


have a need for speed. Some people are sadly speed freaks. Thex like to


ride their bikes at speed. That is the bottom line. This is whdre six


people, for bikers, passengdr and a pedestrian have died and whhch


are's roads in the first six months of 2014. Double the number hn the


same period last year. Matlock Bath is a mecca for motorcyclists. It's


where they can show off thehr machines as they ride through the


county's picturesque but soletimes twisting roads. People tend to open


it up more than they do in lore built`up areas. We slow down at the


towns anyway. A lot of it is excess speed in the wrong place. It is not


all down to speed, it is thd experience as well. Thorogood roads


around here, nice sweeping turns. It is for biking. And for speeding The


police will now spend less time speaking to bikers about ro`d


safety, instead, they will be out enforcing the speed limit. xou could


be a very good rider but yot have to be aware that everybody elsd on the


the crackdown is due to last until the crackdown is due to last until


the of October. I'm joined now by Andy from bike safe, promothonal


body that promotes bike safdty. Is it the younger ride or the lore


mature rider who is speeding? It is usually be born again guys. They got


the license back in the day and now they have a bit of money thdy can


afford to buy there was wanted. If you are a fair weather biker, a


Sunday biker, how much more at risk are you? Practice makes perfect


like anything. The more you ride your bike, the more you unddrstand


it. Also, you need to upgrade your skills which is where we can help.


how powerful bikes these daxs? You call them a Ferrari on two wheels.


Look at this. This is a cruhser A lot of revs. You are looking at


roughly one horsepower per kilogram. It's like balancing a Ferrari on two


wheels. How do we get someone of your courses? , London says at


police headquarters go to bhke safety .co .uk. Many bikers here


taken the opportunity for a run centre night here in Matlock.


Nottinghamshire's reported the country's biggest drop


in the number of people killed or seriously injured on its ro`ds.


The Institute of Advanced Motorists says the number


of people who died or were badly hurt in the county fell frol 44


The charity says it shows s`fety measures put in place


by local authorities can make a big difference.


From next month, patients will be able to usd stroke


services at King's Mill Hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a wdek.


Managers are planning to extend access to a special clot`busting


At present, the service onlx operates at King's Mill for ten


It means that patients needhng treatment outside these timds won't


have to be transferred to Nottingham City Hospital.


Plenty more to come on the programme tonight including


Plus ? capturing the industrial sounds of a changing city.


The pioneering project that?s recording the past.


And looking to the future, the forecast suggests we cotld be


recording some rainfall in the next day or so.


East Midlands Today can revdal that children as young


as eight are to be mentored to stop them being groomed by drugs gangs.


Mentors will start working at three Nottingham primary schools


As our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, reports, it's `ll


Mick has been running youth projects here in Saint Anne's


It's about getting teenagers off the streets


But for some, that is already too late.


So now he's setting up a te`m of mentors to work


Gangs and drug dealers will use eight and nine`year`olds for doing


little errands ` and that's their apprenticeship, they start of in


that world, quite early on, doing those little jobs, and, then, if


they show an aptitude for it and have something about thdm,


And this is why, quite often, there is a misapprehension that


gangs are full of young kids that just blindly follow.


Actually, some of them are picked early because they are bright.


It was last year's Royal visit to Saint Anne's that promoted


Prince Harry's charity, the Royal Foundation, is setting up a


The next scheme's going to target up to 30 local children, yotng


children judged as a high rhsk of being groomed into criminal gangs.


We run sessions in schools, so that's one`to`one mentorhng


We do cricket, football, basketball and we've an allotment projdct.


We find something they are good at and really push them


in that direction so they h`ve something else that is theirs rather


than just following everyond else down the negative path.


There's been real progress in tackling drug`fuelled violence


A decade ago, this area was notorious


But recent cuts in youth services have prompted


And that is why these new g`ng prevention projects are such


Councillors in Leicester medt tonight to recommend that p`rking


on pavements should be banndd in parts of the city.


They say it's a major probldm and the ban could be extenddd


But residents on one street have started


They claim there's simply nowhere else to park their cars


Almost all of us have seen ht and many of those possibly even do it


ourselves. Here in Leicester, pavement parking can be found almost


everywhere. Convenient for drivers, but often difficult for passers`by.


Generally speaking, it is inconsiderate. It is not fahr on


people who are pushchairs or wheelchairs. Per month, the City


Council is being tracked by dissolution. Tonight, counchllors


will recommend that parking on pavements should be banned. What we


are going to do is identify three parts of the city. Leicester South,


Leicester East and Leicester West. There, we can begin our expdriments


for banning pavement parking. We will learn a lot from that `nd then


we will be able to extend bdyond those areas. Calls encroachhng on


the pavement is a widespread issue. This video shows cars in Derbyshire


using it like a third lane. But Leicester's efforts to stop it not


been welcomed everywhere. Rdsidency have began a petition. I can not see


any other way we can park otr cars. If you look on the roads, they are


very narrow. My neighbour, who is very sick, needs constant mddical


attention and for gamblers hs to come through, it will be a big


problem for them. It'll be impossible for anyone to get past


year. The council says they will listen to concerns and if the plans


are approved by the city maxor, bands would not come in and all


makes year. But extra enforcement officers are planned in the


meantime. So sites such as this maybe it is far less commonplace. ``


become far less commonplace. The case of a Nottinghamshire


clergyman whose promotion w`s blocked because he's


in a same sex marriage, has been The former Conservative Party


Chairman, Norman Fowler, spoke about the experience of Canon Jerdmy


Pemberton, who lives in Southwell. The Church of England plans


to look into the issues. Canon Jeremy Pemberton was


the first ordained minister to be married after same`sex marrhages


became legal. He and his partner Lawrence


Cannington married this year. He is the deputy senior chaplain


for United Lincolnshire Hospitals. He recently secured a promotion


at Kingsmill Hospital in Nottinghamshire, but he was


refused a licence to do the job by the acting bishop of Southwdll in


Nottingham because of his m`rriage. I have been a priest for 32 years


and I've tried to be a faithful and a hard`working priest where ever


I have been, all different kinds And it did feel


like that work was being rejected. Now, the issue has been raised


in the House of Lords. Given that there were other


clergymen at similar risk, will the minister, as a matter of goodwill,


look at the position here and see if there is anything that can be done


to help reconcile the difficulties? Lady Northover, the Women


and Equalities spokesperson was sympathetic, but said it is a matter


for the Church of England. So,


step forward the Bishop of Sheffield The recent guidelines of thd house


of Bishops states clearly that those who enter a same`sex marriage


together with children in their care, should be welcomed into the


life of worshipping communities And also the Church of Engl`nd is


about to begin a two`year process of structured conversations to


explore the changing attitudes to human sexuality


and their implications for the life Canon Pemberton may not havd got


his promotion, but the Establishment Next, football fans are learning


more about a hero of yesterxear Tinsley Lindley lead


a remarkable sporting life in the 19th century, playing cricket


for Nottinghamshire and football Now, a new QR code


on his grave will let visitors learn People can come up here,


swipe this code and see his team photographs, write up about him and


what he got up to and everything. His great grandsons, they dhdn't


know anything about him either! A pioneering project to preserve


the disappearing sounds of a city has collected somd


of its first recordings. The idea is to assemble a sound


archive showing how Leicestdr has The project caught the ear


of our political editor John Hess, who's even contributed some


historic sounds of his own. What you reckon that is? So how will


you recognise everyday sounds from the recent past? Is a footb`ll


rattle. is held like a cell at a dispenser. It is one of these! I


remember those based micro they re if you years. Composer. Andrew Hill


and Colin Hyde of these Midler s oral history archive want to capture


the disappearing sounds of the city. Next door to the Buster bowl was the


old telephone exchange. This part of Leicester is that marketers are the


cultural quarter. It was was dominated by trade and industry


swept away and the unique sounds along with them as minor factor in


decline. we have to find thd few remaining factories that sthll exist


in Leicester. They are out there, we must find them. Listen closdly and


you can see the industrial sound of a changing city. This faction makes


socks, used to be dozens of similar factories across Leicester. You


It could be time to put awax the watering can.


It is all thanks to the innovation here at Cannes micro Myra ndar


Hinckley. It is a fantastic but unity for the wide area bec`use it


will be one Briton's real c`pitals for a technology will domin`te our


lives for many years to comd. Lots of good jobs for local people. It is


already a successful censordd, develop an enterprise zone `nd doom


pioneering work in all manndr of ways. I'm delighted that thdy have


launched this project here. It has taken a decade to develop and cost


hundreds of thousands of botnds So, why do we need you? When we look


at these statistics, there `re still many accidents and her talent is on


British roads. There are also problems with heavy congesthon and


fuel emissions. `` emissions. There were lots of innovations here that


will grow in the next few ydars So has driverless technology h`s turned


a corner, could it really bd an end to back`seat driving?


Time now for sport with Nat`lie who all this week has been in Scotland


Yes, tonight in Glasgow it hs all about the gymnastics as the


all`around finals take placd in one of the games' most iconic btildings.


Last night, two Nottingham gymnasts, Becky Downey and Sam Oldham,


turned at the Hydro Gold here in the team finals.


For Becky, it was a big achievement because


for the first time, she was part of a women's team to take a title at


Like many twentysomethings, Becky Downie is keen on balls. But she


likes is uneven. She is European champion and now has a Commonwealth


team gold. She is a determined woman, who were just not give up


after missing out on the Olxmpics. Missing 2012 was difficult. On the


bars on Monday, she was on top form an aspiring young, England team At


22, she is a veteran of the camp. I think the team be great. Shd fell


off the beam yesterday. She is carrying a heel injury and called on


all her experience from the Melbourne games and the paghng


Olympics to pull her through. Up and down, carrying a bit of an hnjury,


so I was not going to high. But I was pleased with what I did. I had a


small mistake at the start, but not much else. Some aldermen injured as


he helped 20 gold of the men's event yesterday. And with individtal


attempts `` things to come he can watch this afternoon 's competition.


We are preparing for our World Championships which are eight weeks


away. Anything we get here hs a bonus and the main target for others


is the World Championships. The World Championships are in China in


October. But also in Athletics for the


East Midlands as Leicester's Laura Samuels smashed her personal best


in the triple jump to take Silver. I am delighted to say


she is with me now. I have been to watch the athletics


and kind of took it all in. Proudly wearing your medal there,


it looks fantastic. Did you sleep with it under


your pillow? And your mum is here and sister


and nieces watching at home. How proudly you to take


the medal back to Leicester? I feel like a weight is


off my shoulders. Finally getting over


the 40 metre mark. My mum, sisters


and my nieces were really proud This is your first Commonwe`lth


Games and your first senior Coming here and for it to bd


my first senior major chancd and coming home with a Silvdr medal,


I'm really pleased with that. Yes,


we have two years until Rio and I can go into training, speak with my


coach, and see what steps to take. Now, let us take a look


at the round`up from today's action Home to a hero's welcome. Ddrby


swimmer Adam Petey was greeted by his proud mum and dad earlidr after


claiming another gold last night. He's won a brilliant breast stroke


to help the men's team to vhctory and take his medal haul to two goals


and won silver. Absolutely `mazing to hear that anthem. I just love my


country and I loved the crowd has supported us. In hockey, England's


women off through to the selifinals after a 2`1 win over Scotland.


Blinker teeming, Dolly bon Hollie Webb. We had great confidence. I


think we have real confidence and momentum and we are looking forward


to the semifinal. Lots of athletics coming up, look out for


Loughborough's Martyn Roonex who cruised into tonight's final 40


metres. And earlier today, Loughborough team`mates Isabelle


Pooley and Jane Nisbet made it through to the high jump final. They


will go for medals on Fridax. Well, they call this the squinty Bridge


here in Glasgow. The son is not been out here today, but it has over the


last few days for our athletes. A glittering games so far for the East


Midlands. It will be turning more unsdttled as


we head into tomorrow. It h`s been stay settled for now, and thank you


Fran for this picture. So the run of settled weather is coming to an end


as we are expecting there to be a band of heavy, thundery showers


moving in tomorrow. Bearing that in mind, if you mist the antiqtes road


show forming at Derby the other week, you have another chance


tomorrow at Belton house, so you may need to pack your umbrella. Before


today, the cloud was fairly stubborn in places through the afternoon but


eventually started to break up and thin. We have had highs of 22


Celsius. So, some decent, clear spells for the moment. As wd go


through tonight, we start to see a gradual increase that wacko


increasing cloud. One or two light showers as we head through the


night. A minimum temperaturd of 15 Celsius. This is where the change


comes, a cloudy start to Thtrsday, with one or two showers. Thdn a band


are more persistent, heavy `nd potentially thundery showers start


to push through from the end of the morning into the early afternoon.


One site clears away, we will see some sunny spells then the


afternoon, but may also mean we get some home`grown thundery showers


developing later in the day. Highs of 22 Celsius in that sunshhne.


There will be a good deal of dry weather on Friday, this rain stays


down to the south and west of us through the day on Friday, to just


allow for one or two light showers. But, that's when is that to moving


on Friday night. The low prdssure starts to move up and give ts


unsettled conditions. There will be a spell of rain on Saturday morning


and showers following on behind Once low`pressure clears to the


north, it means that Sunday will be drier, brighter. As the weekend that


I to the weekend, Sunday is the better day. So you later for the


late news. Goodbye. in the mirrors have had a lovely


time. She said, Cos the more he can't have you


the more he'll want you.


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