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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. First, the nuclear safety breach which exposed workers to


radiation. Rolls Royce has `dmitted putting staff at risk at a site in


Derby. A court was told a phece of equipment, which was supposdd to be


subject to strict controls, broke while it was being used to test


parts for nuclear submarines. Simon Hare reports. It happened hdre at


Rolls`Royce Marine Power site in Derby. A piece of radioactive


equipment used to measure the integrity of welding on comp


opponents for nuclear powerdd submarines, simply fell off


overnight tests. `` during overnight tests. The radioactive source was


only found later by a welder. He picked it up, not knowing what it


was, passed it among his colleagues. One even wiped it on his ovdralls to


try and work out what it was. Several hours later somebodx


realised just how dangerous it could be. The incident happened three


years ago. Rolls`Royce Marine Power, which has its main offices hn Derby,


today admitted seven breachds of environmental and health and safety


rules. Representatives of the company were in court to he`r that


the firm had used to it yourself techniques on the vital safdty


equipment which ultimately failed. `` do it yourself techniques. The


court heard that the incident had been a distressing experience for


everyone involved. Workers have been left feeling worried that they may


develop cancer in later lifd or be unable to have children. Rolls`Royce


has paid compensation to its employees that were involved, but


it's still not yet known wh`t longer`term effects the radhation


could pose. The company is said to have taken steps to ensure something


similar can not happen again. And it is due to be sentenced tomorrow A


new programme to tackle the menace of drugs will target childrdn as


young as eight. They'll be lentored to prevent them being groomdd by


drugs gangs. Our Social Aff`irs Correspondent Jeremy Ball h`s this


exclusive report on the work planned for some primary schools in


Nottingham. This man has bedn running youth projects here for


several years, it is about getting teenagers off of the streets so they


do not get into trouble. For some it is already too late so now he is


setting up a team of mentors to work in primary schools. Gangs use


youngsters to do little jobs it is like an apprenticeship, delhveries


and things. If they show an aptitude they get promoted quite quickly


which is why there is a misapprehension that gangs `re full


of young kids who blindly follow but the fact is some are picked in early


because they are very bright. Prince Harry's charity is setting tp the


number of crime prevention projects. This team will set up groups to work


with children who are at high risk of being groomed into time. We have


football, basketball, an allotment project, we find something they are


good at and push them in th`t direction so they have got something


else rather than just following everyone else down the negative


pass. A decade ago this are` was notorious for shootings and


stabbings. Recent cuts in youth services have prompted concdrns


about the next generation which is why these projects are such a


priority. Six bikers have bden killed on the roads in Derbxshire in


as many months. Now more police patrols are taking to the road to


crack down on speeding motorcyclists. Mike O'Sullivan


reports. Out on the road with a Derbyshire police traffic of


reserve. After a worrying rhse in road accidents there is to be a


crackdown targeting bikers with the need for speed. Some people are


sadly speed freaks. They like to ride their bikes at speed. That is


the bottom line. This is whdre six people, for bikers, passengdr and a


pedestrian have died and whhch are's roads in the first six months of


2014. Double the number in the same period last year. Matlock B`th is a


mecca for motorcyclists. It's where they can show off their machines as


they ride through the countx's picturesque but sometimes twisting


roads. People tend to open ht up more than they do in more btilt`up


areas. We slow down at the towns anyway. A lot of it is excess speed


in the wrong place. It is not all down to speed, it is the experience


as well. There are good roads around here, nice sweeping turns. Ht is for


biking. And for speeding. The police will now spend less time spdaking to


bikers about road safety, instead, they will be out enforcing the speed


limit. You could be a very good rider but you have to be aw`re that


everybody else on the road light not be as good as you. The crackdown is


due to last until the of October. Football fans are learning lore


about a hero of yesteryear thanks to modern technology. Tinsley Lindley


lead a remarkable sporting life in the nineteenth century, plaxing


cricket for Nottinghamshire and football for Nottingham Fordst and


England. Now a new QR code on his grave will let visitors learn more


about his story. People can come up here, swipe this cord, seek team


photographs, write`ups about him and what he got up to, everything. It is


open to the world. On to thd Commonwealth Games and it's been a


much quieter day as far as our East Midlands athletes are concerned No


medals for us today but our newest star of the pool did return home.


With more on that and the rdst of today's main action from Gl`sgow,


here's Kirsty Edwards. Swimler Adam Petey was greeted by his proud mum


and dad earlier after claimhng another gold last night. He's won a


brilliant breast stroke to help the men's team to victory and t`ke his


medal haul to two goals and won silver. Absolutely amazing to hear


that anthem. I just love my country and I loved the crowd has stpported


us. No medal joy for Martyn Rooney in the athletics. He found himself


with too much to do coming hn


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