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northern parts of the UK. Not great news for the closing ceremony.


You're watching East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dolinic


Heale. Tonight: Nottingham has been raised for its ambitious


house`building programme. And 7 years on veterans remember


Britain's first jet fighter. A modern inquiry is underway `fter a


Sydney old girl was found ddad. Good evening and welcome to the


programme. A 23`year`old wolan has been arrested on suspicion of murder


following the death of a 7`xear`old girl. Police were called to a flat


in Bestwood Park early this morning, our reporter Geeta Pendse is there


now. Geeta, what do we know? Good evening. Police were called here


this morning at half past fhve. It was over concern for a Child. A


23`year`old woman has been `rrested on suspicion of murder and the 9


Europe man on suspicion of `ssault. Neighbours understandably fdlt too


distressed to speak on camera but they told me what it felt lhke to


wake up this morning and find a flurry of police activity on their


street. On hearing the reason why there were these and an ambtlance


they were very distressed. One woman told me she had been trying all


afternoon since hearing abott the girl's death. The 23 year women and


47`year`old man who have bedn arrested remain in custody pending


further investigations and ` postmortem examination is expected


tomorrow at the latest. Next tonight, a damning review h`s


revealed that almost 100 people received unacceptable care hn


hospital or in the communitx in the days before they died. In some cases


patients were resuscitated when they'd asked not to be. Health care


bosses in Leicestershire have apologised and say changes `re being


made. Helen Astle reports. The report makes for difficult reading.


The records of almost 1400 patients who died up to June 2014 were looked


at and the results were shocking. an inner city allotment to flourish.


Police have handed over horticultural equipment to `llotment


holders in Nottingham, equipment they've seized from cannabis


growers. A prison officer's been treated in hospital after an inmate


bit off part of his ear. It's the latest in a series of attacks at the


jail in Nottingham. It comes as new national figures reveal a strge in


assaults on prison staff. For more, here's our Social Affairs Affairs


Correspondent, Jeremy Ball. What more can you tell us about this


latest attack? Details are still being investigated. But we know that


police were called to the j`il yesterday morning, after an officer


was assaulted. That officer's still receiving medical treatment, after


being released from hospital. This afternoon we've confirmed that part


of his ear was bitten off. @nd the Prison Officers' Association told me


it's the latest in a string of assaults, by inmates who ard due to


be deported. The reason? Well, they know they'll be prosecuted. And


they're so desperate to avohd deportation, that they'd prdfer to


stay in jail. What are the Prison Service saying? Well, they've sent


us a statement. That says staff safety's a priority and that anyone


who attacks them can expect severe consequences. But officers `t


Nottingham have been raising concerns for some time. Thex held


this protest more than two xears ago after a number of serious assaults.


This victim had to be medic`lly retired after losing the sight in


one eye. Now the POA claims the situation's getting worse. @nd


they're blaming overcrowding, and staffing levels. And is this


happening at other prisons? Yes Today we've had national figures


from the Ministry of Justicd. There were 370 serious assaults on prison


officers across England and Wales last year. That's the highest on


record. The government's bedn talking about the prison service


facing "challenges," while the opposition's talking about `


"crisis". And just last weekend there was a serious disturb`nce at


Nottinghamshire's Ranby Prison. Within the last hour police have


told as a body has been found any Nottingham factory which burned down


last night. Police were called to the works building in base word at


11 o'clock last night. Investigators are now looking to find the cause


and identify the body. This morning the damage to this Nottingh`m


clothing factory became cle`r. Overnight, when the blaze w`s at its


height there were 50 firefighters here. There were some night shift


workers at the nearby superlarket who were evacuated. People nearby


were told to close doors and windows as smoke poured out. I am bdlow It


was just eyelevel with this factory and the flames were above that. It


looked as if it was getting quite fears. Police confirmed tod`y a body


was found inside the factorx and it has yet to be identified. There are


no indications yet as to how the fire started. There will be an


ongoing investigation to get to the bottom of the cause. The order of


the factory has been in Indha but I am told they will mow fly b`ck to


Nottingham. This family bushness stooge here for more than three


decades. A 32`year`old man has been sentenced to life in prison for


stabbing his ex girlfriend's new partner to death at their home in


Hinckley. James Burton from Earl Shilton stabbed Matthew Dunn 29


times at the house in Factory Road in January whilst his former


girlfriend and her 14`month old son were in the property. Burton will


serve a minimum term of 30 xears in jail. He was found not guilty of a


charge of threats to kill. Dast Midlands Ambulance Service has made


"significant improvements" `ccording to the NHS Trust Development


Authority. Criticism of EMAS over response times, patient card and


leadership led to an increase in monitoring by the authority. But it


says the service has since lade progress in improving care puality


and services. EMAS bosses s`y it's a "step in the right direction".


Derby`based aero engine makdr Rolls`Royce has reported a fall in


half`yearly pre`tax profits. It s blaming shrinking government defence


spending and what it calls "currency headwinds". In a statement hssued to


the London Stock Exchange this morning, the company said that in


the six months to the end of June it made ?644 million, that's a 20% fall


on the same period last year. A factory that's been a familx


business for more than 30 ydars has been destroyed by a fire in


Nottingham. Nottingham has been praised for its ambitious council


house building programme. The city is creating 400 new homes over the


next four years as part of ` major regeneration project. Today, the


shadow housing minister toured the biggest development site at Lenton


and urged the construction hndustry to pick up the pace of its building


programme. Labour's predicthng a massive shortage of houses by 2 20.


Sarah Teale reports. It is the largest council house buildhng


project in a generation. Five tower blocks which stood years since the


60s are being pulled down and replaced with 140 properties. The


view from the top shows just how constantly things are changhng. One


week ago that pile of rubbld down there was the tower block the same


as that one. The residents were moved into this purpose`built


housing accommodation for elderly people. The local MP said she would


like to see more projects lhke this to meet growing demand. Labour said


there would be a shortfall of homes, 100,000 of those in the East


Midlands. They reckon the average house price year will rise by 3 ,000


two ?212,000. They are pledging to get 200,000 homes each year bill to


solve the crisis. I believe the construction industry can gdar up


and move up a level. There hs no reason that with some intervention


from government we can get the market working again so we can get a


supply of homes which meets the man. On this site alone apprenticeships


are being offered. `` meets demand. It is the big boost for the


community and it takes me ott of the box from university. This whll be


finished by next November. Rolls`Royce says it's genuinely


sorry after some of its workers were exposed to radioactive material when


a piece of equipment broke. The company's nuclear arm has admitted


breaching environmental and health and safety rules, but it's denied it


acted recklessly. Today, a judge decided to delay passing sentence on


the company for several weeks. From Derby Crown Court, Simon Hare


reports. This was the equiplent at the centre of the radiation skiers


three years ago. Around the size of a small screw and normally found


within the end of this road, the deed you are active source fell off


during tests. It was later found and handled by four workers at this


plant where components for nuclear submarines were being made. One


welder wiped it on his clothes as he tried to work out what it w`s. It


should normally have been kdpt safely inside this container. The


barrister for Rolls`Royce s`ys the firm was genuinely sorry for what


had happened. He said the rhsk of workers dying in the future was


unlikely. The testing is now carried out at the new facility. Prosecution


costs in this case have now run well into six figures and the judge will


now have to consider what ldvel any fine will be set at. Sentencing is


expected to take place in Sdptember. Leicester City Council could scrap


its funding for Park And Ride services. Both Leicester City and


Leicestershire County Counchl have been subsidising the servicd for the


last 17 years. But the City Council's support is now under


threat because of cost savings it's having to make. Campaigners in


Newark have criticised plans to remove the CT scanner from the


town's hospital. Managers s`y nearly half of all CT scans carried out at


Newark are on patients who live closer to King's Mill Hospital.


It'll put the second scanner there and Newark will get a mobild service


instead. Hospital campaigners say it's another blow, following on from


the loss of the town's accident and emergency department. Peopld who


abuse Blue badges to park illegally in Nottingham are being warned they


could be fined up to ?1,000. The City Council has launched a fresh


crackdown on motorists who display borrowed, expired or fake Blue


badges. The council says fr`udulent use is an increasing problel.


Allotment holders in Nottingham have taken possession of a large amount


of cannabis growing equipment, but for entirely innocent horticultural


reasons. The equipment's cole from the police. They confiscated it


during raids on cannabis growing operations. Today it was all handed


over to grateful gardeners `nd growers at St Ann's in the City


Simon Ward reports. It is ghving something back to the community It


comes from cannabis growers and why not give something back. It is


community engagement and a good was it of outlook for something that is


quite negative in the community The donation is warmly welcomed from the


charity which runs the allotments. When we were asked if we wotld like


to take it it was a resoundhng yes. Hopefully a lot of it will be passed


around to the gardeners on the site here. Previously it would h`ve been


destroyed but thanks to this scheme it can be used for legal gardening


purposes instead. Still to come Looking back to the dawn of the jet


fighter. 70 years ago the Gloster Meteor, powered by an engind


developed in Leicestershire, flew operationally for the first time.


Now over to sport. Plenty of the feel`good factor in


Nottingham Forest. Most of ht going to just one man. In the back of your


men, there's that little bit of nervousness and the nervousness is


probably what we all thrive on. He said the new signings and hdre's not


done yet. I like to look after the German was much money as it was


mine. I have to go to the owners of the film `` the football cltb and


say that I think I have valte for money for the football club and say


that I think I have value for money for every player. Promotion is their


ambition, getting there is ` challenge. You cannot just have a


team of getting in the Premher League without putting the building


blocks in place. If I was s`t on the terraces, I would want a manager who


was passionate. Boxing and he wanted one last fight in Vegas. He may get


his wish. Talks are under w`y with an American ever to pay`per`view


fight to be staged at the MGM Grand in January. Discussions are well


underway and a decision shotld be made in the next few days. Hn


cricket, there is action in the 50 overs. Last night, Nottingh`mshire


celebrated in Cardiff as thdy continued their unbeaten st`rt.


Derbyshire chasing Worcestershire. Leicestershire's game startdd at


2pm. Their total, a. `` 142. That is all in sport. More intimate's late


golden. Finally tonight, before the weather, veterans have been


remembering Britain was my first jet fighter which first flew


operationally 70 years ago. The Gloster meteor used engines


developed in Leicestershire. `` co`star meteor.


The first models used jet engines tested in the old lady would works


and work. This man from Wigston worked there is a 24`year`old in the


1940s. This man also worked there. He had to make the blades for the


revolutionary engine. It was poured into this mould and once it was set,


it was turned over and I had the job of breaking off the malt. `` mould.


It was fast enough to countdr Hitler was Mike Best. `` decanter Hepler's


best. There were only two ahrcraft that good. The move dawn to these


works. `` Lee moved on to these new works. This engine possibly powered


an original meet you. We all thought that what we were doing was


worthwhile. The evidence thhs year. `` the evidence is secure.


A lot of rain in the south of our region this afternoon.


There certainly was spot on the thunderstorms seem to set a little


further If you are playing cricket tonight,


does not look too bad. Tomorrow a lot of cloud around and a scattering


of showers. For now, let us look back on the month. It has bden warm


and sunny but not as warm as last July. It is the eighth month in a


row that temperatures have been higher than average.


into the afternoon. The rain then such to stop into the weekend. If


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