31/07/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. First tonight, a body has been found inside a Nottingham


factory which burnt down last night. Firefighters were called to the


Sherwood Works building in Basford at around one o'clock this lorning.


Now investigators are trying to identify the body and establish the


cause of the blaze. Tom Brown reports. The crumpled wreck`ge of a


family business. This morning, the damage to this Nottingham clothing


factory became clear. Outside the police cordon, some of the family


gathered. The business almost burned to the ground. There were 50


firefighters here at its hehght A number of buildings had to be


evacuated including night shift workers at a nearby supermarket


April nearby were told to close doors and windows from the smoke. I


was eyelevel with the factory from my window. The flames were `bove


that. The business has been run by the family since the early 0980s. I


am told the owner is in Indha but will now fly back to Nottingham


Once it was made safe, the investigation began. We are unclear


at this point if anybody is inside and we are unsure of the


circumstances around the incident. It is an ongoing investigathon. For


the family, those answers c`nnot come soon enough. A 23`year`old


woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder following the death of a


7`year`old girl. Police werd called to a flat in Bestwood Park this


morning. Earlier, our reporter Geeta Pendse sent this report frol the


scene. Police were called in the early hours of this morning to the


property behind me. The 23`xear`old woman has been arrested on suspicion


of murder and a 47`year`old man has been arrested on suspicion of


assault will stop residents nearby told me what it was like to wake up


and find a flurry of police activity along the street. There havd been


forensic experts arriving today The man and women who were arrested


remain in police custody pending further investigations. The


postmortem examination is expected tomorrow at the earliest. E`st


Midlands Ambulance Service has made "significant improvements" `ccording


to the NHS Trust Development Authority. Criticism of EMAS over


response times, patient card and leadership led to an increase in


monitoring by the authority. But it says the service has since lade


progress in improving care puality and services. EMAS bosses s`y it's a


step in the right direction. A prison officer's been treatdd in


hospital after an inmate bit off part of his ear. It's the l`test in


a string of assaults by inm`tes at Nottingham Prison and follows


warnings from the local Prison Officers Association. They've


complained about overcrowding and staffing levels at the jail. The


Prison Service says staff s`fety is a priority and violent prisoners


should expect to be prosecuted. It comes as new national figurds reveal


a surge in assaults on prison staff. Next tonight, a damning revhew has


revealed that almost 100 people received unacceptable hospital or


community care in the days before they died. In some cases, p`tients


were resuscitated when they'd asked not to be. Health care bossds in


Leicestershire have apologised and say changes are being made. The


report makes for difficult reading. The record of 400 people who died


were looked at and the results are shocking. 23% of patients rdceived


unacceptable career. There were significant lessons to be ldarned


and evidence of fractured kdyer dysfunctional processes and a lack


of joined up thinking. This man was not involved in the report but the


findings have not come as a shock. His terminally ill wife spent hours


waiting for a hospital bed. We waited 12 hours at accident and


emergency and felt alone, unwarranted. There were multiple


failings, poor communication between hospitals and GPs, confusion about


do not resuscitate orders, delays in getting treatment and peopld not


dying where they wanted to. We find unacceptable here unacceptable. We


did this study to shine the light on those areas. This man says he will


never get over what happened to his wife but he wants the focus to be on


patients and their Kier. Thd Shadow Housing Minister has visited


Nottingham and praised the council for its ambitious album programme.


It is part of a scheme to create 400 new council properties across the


city. The local MP toured the site today and said she wanted to see


more developments to meet the crisis in the market. If current trends


continue we will have a backlog a shortage of 100,000 homes hdre in


the East Midlands. A Labour government would intervene hn the


market, make sure we get 200,00 homes per year in the East Lidlands


to meet that extra demand for homes. Derby`based aero engine makdr


Rolls`Royce has reported a fall in half`yearly pre`tax profits. It s


blaming shrinking government defence spending and what it calls "currency


headwinds". In a statement hssued to the London Stock Exchange this


morning, the company said that in the six months to the end of June it


made ?644 million, that's a 20% fall on the same period last year. Onto


sport and she has done it again Nottingham gymnast Becky Downie has


won her second Commonwealth gold. She battled back from injurx to take


top spot in the uneven bars earlier tonight. Angela Rafferty has more.


It was a performance that proved unbeatable. She is brave as well as


pillion. Battling with an ankle injury she still had the performance


to put into gold medal position She had an anxious wait with her family


watching but now one could latch her high score. Pride of place on the


podium was hurt as for the taking. `` now one could match. `` no`one ``


no`one. `` no`one. Two Commonwealth golds to add to her European title


and there is still more to come That's your news. So, it's goodbye


from me, but with your weather now, here's Anna Church. Thank you. Some


of us did not fear too badlx today. Largely dry in places.


Leicestershire had some heavy rainfall. We are expecting scattered


showers tomorrow but there will still be a good deal of dridr


weather. This evening and overnight it will be fine with clear spells


and drive. Light winds and the minimum temperature of 14 Cdlsius.


We start tomorrow on a dry note bright spells first thing. Cloud


increasing with the best brhghtness through the day. Showers pushing


through the peak district into Nottinghamshire through the day A


good deal of dry weather throughout the day for many of us. Temperatures


peaking at 20 or 21 Celsius. Some rain pushing in through the night on


Friday. This low pressure whll track slowly northwards. Here is the


outlook for the next few daxs. Some rain but


Rain for Saturday. Now to John who will take you through the national


forecast across the UK. Hello there. You may have to find


ways of occupying the children. A lot of rain for some, not so much


for others. That was the way in July but overall whelmingly warm. Not as


warm as last year but it continues the run of months with higher than


average temperatures. The eighth now in a row. On to August, a few


showers around. That is across the north and the west. Lots of dry


weather between. A mild night at dawn, the temperatures about the


mid-teens. You may wake up to sunshine but the general trend


through the day is for things to deteriorate across the northern and


western parts of England and Wales where the showers will begin to


merge into longer spells of rain. Brightness on either side, some


places avoiding the showers but a fair few across Scotland and


Northern Ireland. Some sunshine between. Then we run into the zone


of damp weather across parts of the


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