01/08/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


Two people are under arrest tonight on suspicion of murdering a


Police have been given more time to question them.


Today tributes were left at the address in Bestwood Park


Trying to come to terms with the sudden death of a young girl.


Throughout the day, flowers and children's toys were laid ottside


It was yesterday morning when police were called herd over


Today, as more people who lhve nearby learnt of her death,


It is shocking, to be so close, I pass it


on my way to school every d`y, and to not know that somethhng like


It is shocking, really, to do that to a kid.


My neighbour came and knockdd on the door and told me abott it,


it sent me really cold, I s`id, it sent me really cold.


It is quite a shock to the local community.


Nobody likes to hear of the death of a child, any child, in f`irness.


This particular child is no exception.


The 23`year`old woman who w`s arrested yesterday on suspicion


of murder has been named locally as Kay Anne Harris, and she is thought


Neighbours who I've spoken to say that she's lived here for around


three years, and they descrhbe her and the young girl as very puiet,


they kept themselves to thelselves and they rarely saw them.


A 47`year`old man who was arrested yesterday on suspicion


of assault has now been arrdsted on suspicion of murder.


Both he and the 23`year`old woman are being in custody.


Police have yet to identify nowhere a body found inside a factory that


The fire broke out at the Sherwood Works building in Basford


The hosiery factory was destroyed in the blaze.


Later, the police confirmed they'd discovered a body inside it.


How the fire started is still under investigation.


If you're planning to catch an early flight next week from


East Midlands Airport, build in some extra time to get there


There's going to be an 11 mile detour on the jotrney


from some directions becausd of six weeks of overnight roadworks


Traffic from the congested @453 tries to get onto


the busy roundabout at junction 24 of the M1 near Kegworth.


Now they're building a relidf road through the roundabout.


That will cut out the need for lots of vehicles to circle `round


The road is from the A50 is going to be coming through the centrd


of the roundabout, and then going up towards the A453 for M1 south


Much of the work will be done at night.


From Monday, there will be six weeks of overnight


Closures as well on the middle two weekends next month.


Passengers going to East Midlands airport will be sent


The signed diversion route will be taking motorists down to junction


23 on the motorway, and then back round up to junction 23A.


We estimate that's around an extra 11 miles.


Customers should allow an extra 15 minutes to get the airport,


The ?150 million upgrade of the A453 is being done the same time


as the roundabout work, itself costing ?6 million.


The whole reason for doing the work now is it will tie into the A45


widening improvement scheme, and that means we don't have to come


The roundabout road should be completed in January,


and the long`awaited A453 dtelling by May next year.


Derby's pantomime isn't going ahead this Christmas becausd


It was going to take place at the Assembly Rooms


but the building is out of `ction after it caught fire in March.


The city council had hoped to switch the panto to the new velodrome,


The council says people who've already bought tickets for Beauty


and the Beast will get a full refund.


Now, Monday will see an act of mass remembrance across


the region, at least that's the hope of the Royal British Legion.


The Lights Out event is meant to mark the outbreak of World War I


Earlier I spoke to one of its organisers.


If people could support us by purchasing a candle, all profits


And light it between 10pm and 1 pm on Monday night, to show support


You want all the lights out as well, why specifically that form


Between ten and 11 was the powers 100 years ago when radio broadcasts


were being made with a final declaration at 11pm to say that


So we're just asking for th`t support, over that one hour, when


England or Britain was approaching its darkest hour at that tile.


And just to show support for that period.


It is, it's very busy, therd are a lot of things happening throughout


the counties, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire


There are so many events, end if people want to get involved,


That is the reason we try to do it, to make sure people remember


Lots of ways to get involved, they can get involved through


social media, is there somewhere we can go to find out more?


If you go to the British Legion website,


the information you'll need is there.


And it's been another good day for our athletes


With a roundup of all the m`in news from Glasgow, here's Kirsty Edwards.


A moment Isobel Pooley will never forget.


A personal best jump giving the Loughborough athlete silver medal.


I can't believe it, it feels so surreal.


I just had to ask the offichal, did I do that?


My coach said today, focus `nd do what we've been doing, and ht's


a credit to what a fantastic coach he is, I just did what he s`id.


It was a leap of faith, I b`rely felt it, I just went for it.


It's been a fantastic few d`ys for Nottingham gymnast Becky Downie but


She went in carrying an ankle injury that's been


troubling her this week but she got off to the worst possible start


She fell off three times in all but she can certainly still hold


her head high after winning two golds at these


games, firstly in the team dvent and then in yesterday's parallel bars.


That was the one medal that I wanted, and I am


To say that that I'm the European bar champion and the Commonwealth


bar champion is just amazing and I'm so pleased.


Squash, and there's definitdly going to be another medal for


She's already won a silver hn the individual event, but is now through


It's the same story for Derbyshire table tennis player Liam Pitchford.


He's made the final of the mixed doubles so now it's


just a question of whether ht's gold or silver for him.


Hockey, and England's women have gu`ranteed


themselves a medal after winning their semifinal earlier tod`y.


Hollie Webb is part of the Dngland squad that drew one all with


New Zealand and went on to win `1 in the penalty shoot out.


They'll now face Australia in tomorrow's final.


I'll have more news and sport for your across the weekend, but as I


bid you goodnight, here's Anna now with your weekend weather.


As expected, we have had sole heavy showers this evening and th`t is set


to be the theme for the hours. Outbreaks of rain throughout


the day on there will be some sunshine,


particularly towards got clear spells but the cloud


increases further, some will be heavy at times. Minimum


temperature 15. Tomorrow morning, the morning which could be heavy,


the chance of a risk thunder. Into the second half of the


afternoon, showers becoming fairly patchy. Long dry spells and


sunshine particularly in thd early evening, temperatures 21 degrees.


Improving for Sunday, the r`in cleared away. The next few days


Good evening. For some of us turning soggy this weekend. For others


increasingly sunny. Don't make this the last forecast you see this


weekend T rain could cause some problems. Sunshine will follow the


rain from the south. Overnight a lot of rain from south-west England and


south-west Wales. One or two thunderstorms, close to the London


area, into East Anglia. Showers over Northern Ireland. A largely dry


start to the day here. Further south, there will be rain around.


Already signs of improvement across the far south-west at 10am. Patchy


outbreaks of rain elsewhere across southern counties. Sharp showers


through the day. Brighter spells between. Heavy and persistent


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