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after just two hours, with each side blaming the other.


Thanks for joining us. That's all from the BBC News at


This is East Midlands Today with me Anne Davies.


Tonight ` tributes to a seven`year`old girl


Be a new hands`on approach to police recruitment. With the guns. It is


heavier than you would think it would be. An 11 mile deep jdwel ``


give tour. He is a father, he is a son, he is far more than just a name


on a war memorial. Police have been given more time to


question two people in connection with the death


of a 7`year`old girl in the They're now both being held


on suspicion of murder. Today tributes were left outside the


property where the girl was found. Geeta what's the latest with


the investigation? Good evening. Police have bden


carrying out a postmortem examination today at this property.


As they investigate how this a younger girl died. Many herd have


lain their tributes only ten minutes ago we saw a very young famhly


arrive with that pink balloon, a mark of their respect. The


overriding question: How cotld this happen?


Trying to come to terms with the sudden death of a young girl.


Throughout the day, flowers and children's toys were


It was yesterday morning when police were called herd over


Today as more people who lived nearby learned of her death


I passed there taking my kids to school every day


and to not know that somethhng like that is going on.


My neighbour came and knockdd on the door and told me abott it.


It is quite a shock to the local community.


Nobody likes to hear of the death of a child, any child in fahrness.


This particular child is no exception.


It's quite devastating to local people.


Well, the 23`year`old woman who was arrested yesterday on suspicion


of murder has been named locally and she's thought to be


People I've spoken to said she was living for around three years


and they describe her and the young girl as very puiet,


they kept themselves to thelselves and they rarely saw them.


A 47`year`old man was arrested yesterday on suspicion


of assault has now been arrdsted on suspicion of murder.


Both he and the 23`year`old woman are being held in custody


Compared to yesterday, the visible police presence on this road has


been scaled down considerably. But clearly the death of this


seven`year`old girl has unsdttled the community here. An overwhelming


our report last night on the quality of care


at Leicester's hospitals prompted many of you to get in touch.


Including one woman who says she saw her mother waste away on a ward


The hospital says changes h`ve been made as a result of thd case.


Pam contacted us after our report last night on the quality of care at


Leicester 's hospitals. 22% of patients had received unaccdptable


care. It was based on figurds compiled up to last summer but


Pam's mum died in January after going in for a blockage in her


bowel. She was a teacher or the life she was a


intelligent woman and we have promised we hoped would nevdr let


this happen to her. Even with the pain relief, two weeks of solid


pain. She had a miserable end. Mum was a self caring, mobile l`dy when


she went in with a bowel obstruction and she had surgery which worked. A


cookie while but it did work but she `` it took a while. I watchdd her


waist away. Pam made a form`l complaint. She has now had `


response at omitting parts of her mother's care were not up to


scratch. `` at omitting parts `` at omitting. A spokesman for the


University Hospital of Leicdster trust said the nurse in charge of


the ward was changed as a rdsult of the car. The job of improving care


that never ends. `` the card. Her family say it is no comfort to them


and she will be sorely missdd her granddaughter gets marrhed later


this month. Police are still trying to hdentify


a body found at the scene Firefighters were called to


the Sherwood Works building The family`run hosiery factory


was destroyed in the blaze. Investigations are also unddrway


into how the fire started. A hospital chaplain from


Nottinghamshire who became the first clergyman in Britain to havd a gay


marriage, has been told a job offer Canon Jeremy Pemberton was refused a


licence to work at Kings Mill Hospital, because marrying someone


of the same sex goes against the Church's teachings. Sherwood Forest


Hospitals have told the Canon today they have withdrawn the job offer,


because he doesn't have a lhcence. Police are urging drivers not to use


their mobile phones at the wheel after a driver killed a Leicester


man soon after texting and calling. Marina Usaceva has been jailed


for six years for causing the crash, which killed


27`year`old Sukhdeep Singh Johal. She was driving on the A47


near Wisbech in Cambridgeshhre Police inquiries found she'd sent


and received texts and calls on two mobiles


in the 20 minutes before thd crash. The lady had been


on the mobile phone. Not just one mobile phone,


she had been using two mobile phones all of the journey and her tsing


mobile phones in that car h`s killed Please, please please,


it is just stupidity to use a mobile phone when you're driving


because it can lead to deaths Later in the programme,


we'll be looking at the effdcts of this truly global conflict


on one Nottinghamshire vill`ge. Passengers travelling to


East Midlands Airport are bding warned they face an 11`mile detour


on their journey because of six weeks of overnight roadworks


on a busy motorway junction. It could affect people trying to


get to early morning flights. And there'll be two full wedkends


of closures next month. Traffic from the congested @453


tries to get onto the busy Now they are building a relhef


road through the roundabout. That will cut out the need for


lots of vehicles to circle `round The road itself is going to be


coming through the centre of the roundabout and then going up towards


the A453, and the airport itself. Much of the work will be done


at night. From Monday there will be shx weeks


of overnight closures betwedn 8 00pm Closures as well in the middle


two weekend of next month. Passengers going to


East Midlands Airport will be sent The diversion will be taking


motorists down to junction 23 on the motorway and then back round


up to junction 23A. We estimate that is


about an extra 11 miles, and customers should allow `n extra


15 minutes to get to the airport. as the roundabout work,


itself costing ?6 million. The whole reason for doing the work


now that it will tie into the A 53 and the long`awaited A453 dtelling


by May next year. Mike's back with us now in the


studio and out of the high vis gear. Mike there's quite a lot


of other roadworks going on around the nottingham area this


summer as well isn't there? The powers`that`be say roadworks


will create the minimum disruption In Nottingham there's


the on`going tram work. New restrictions affecting the


University Boulevard and Quden's Later this month, on the ring road,


there'll be restrictions around the roadworks at the


Hucknall Road roundabout. Then there's the closure


of Glasshouse Street That's for work to improve


the local heating system. Mid month there'll be temporary road


closures and diversions as work gets underway on the Creative Qu`rter


buildings around Sneinton m`rket. Officers he had been involvdd in


high`profile armed sieges. On the night that I used this a male was


threatening to commit suicide. It is hands`on honesty which appe`rs to be


paying off. The difference hs huge. Last year we saw almost half of the


kids coming through ten intdrested but by the end of that saw policing


as a potential career. We h`ve gone from being something anonymous to


being something they can relate to. So how have they related to this? I


would just like to you Now, because of the letters he is


a father, a son, he is a brother and he is f`r more


than just a name on a war mdmorial. All the men who served in the


Great War from this village have been commemorated


in a fascinating exhibition So to be


the best attended venue outside of London is something we are


immensely proud of, and hopdfully it And T20 draws in the fans bdcause it


is action packed and great to watch. Strapping six`foot fast bowler


Luke Fletcher promises the game Hopefully, you will play sed


plenty of sixes hit and plenty of Get yourself down and come


and support Notts have experienced losing


their last three quarter`finals but are flying at the moment,


and Capt James Taylor hopes this I have heard a rumour that


a carrot has been dangled I heard Luke Fletcher talking


about a trip to Ibiza so that might be the little carrot


dangled in front of us. You want to win it regardless,


obviously. We've got a number of things to put


right from the past few years in the quarter`finals so fingers


crossed we can give a performance On to football


and it's understood Derby are leading the race to sign Bl`ckburn


Rovers striker Leon Best on`loan. Nottingham`born Best started


his career at Southampton and has also played for Covdntry


and Newcastle before joining Best is 27 and discussions between


the two clubs are well underway Staying with football


and one date for your diary if you're a Nottingham Forest fan `


manager Stuart Pearce is live on BBC Radio Nottingham's


Match`Talk on Monday night. And at Notts County tomorrow they


are attempting to stage what they are calling the largest teal photo


in the world at the clubs Open Day. Onto the Commonwealth Games now


and Nottingham's double gold medal winning gymnast Becky Downid failed


to make it a treble today. With more on that and the rdst


of today's other main news from It as being a fit Hasek few days ``


a fantastic few days. She got off to the worst possible start. She fell


off three times in all but hs staying positive. It was not the


beam that I wanted. I think it was the worst beam I've done in a year.


I am pleased with the results I got. No wonder she is happy with her


results. Two gold medals, fhrstly in the team event and then in


yesterday's parallel bars. That was the one medal that I wanted and I am


so pleased that I got it. I am so pleased. Squash. And there hs


definitely going to be a another medal for this woman. She is now


through to the final of the women's doubles. Hockey. And England's women


have guaranteed themselves ` medal after winning their semifin`l today.


They went on to wind 31 with a penalty shoot out. We prepared and


try to give it our all. England will now


which is tomorrow. Good luck to them.


funding has been secured to extend a major reserve in Rushcliffe.


The Notts Wildlife Trust has been granted more than ?500,000 to buy


a former gravel pit at Holme Pierrepont.


The site's already a haven for wildlife and the investlent


will also help fund a three year programme of events and acthvities.


A haven for nature and visitors alike. This 140 acre site of wet


grassland is a nationally scarce habitat but now thanks to a grant


from the National Heritage lottery fund it has a secure future. It has


been the trust's most successful fundraising project to date. It is a


public backing from day one. Locally we have raised over ?90,000


donations in those two nations have actually helped us a lot. It is


harder to get the rest of the grant from funding. It's exciting to have


people trampling our cause `` behind our cause. One of the girls will


to attract more visitors to the site `` one of the goals. It is going


from being a place which is fun to visit periodic lead to one which


people will come to more regularly. We are delivering schools project


and working with archaeologx teams. How humans have interacted with this


site for this nature reserve will explore how


the site was used and how both of those things can be


brought together to help protect wildlife going forward. Wetlands


brings us on to the weather. Hopefully your lawn will get a good


watering this weekend but do wash`out. There will be somd


scattered rain around. going to be a wash`out. There is


going to This is what is given as thd


unsettled conditions. think most readers going to be heavy


rain. Temperatures of 50 Celsius. quite quickly on Saturday nhght so


Sunday And it's about time


that I did something about that


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