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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tributes to a medical student from Derbyshire who's been stabbed


Malaysian police say that Ndil Dalton and another student were


chased and killed after a row with local men.


They were excellent students. They were doing what thousands of


students do every year. Also, violence, self harm and


suicide is inside Glen Parv`. If you see is someone who is


slitting someone's throat whth a knife, you will be scared.


And the question about whether Britain should be self`suffhcient in


food. And Great British Bake Off returns


tonight. This is one of the contestants. This is a clue about


what you will see later. Shd will not let me see the West of ht. ``


the rest First tonight, a community hn


shock as a student from Derbyshire They were among a group


of students who were on Neil Dalton was killed,


along with Aidan Brunger. Both were on the island of Borneo


as part Our reporter Tom Brown is in Neil's


home village of Ambergate Tom,


details are still quite sketchy The people here are really only just


finding out this news. They are only just coming to `` beginning to come


to terms with it. Here, we have spoken to some of his old school


friends and the cricketers that he played with, and they are all in


was the most perfect guy, vdry was the most perfect guy, vdry


talented and eight straight a student. He was on a six wedk


fourth year medical student at fourth year medical student at


Newcastle University. Seven students travelled from the University


together, Neil Dalton and Ahdan Brunger were killed at 4am this


morning. The police have sahd that they were drinking at a tea shop


when a man rebuked them for being too noisy. There was an argtment and


four`man pursued the students in a car before they were attackdd with a


knife. Today, staff and students have reacted to the news.


It is part of their medical training placement. This is very shocking,


not expected. I just heard about it this lorning,


there was an e`mail to the staff. It is terrible.


It is quite worrying. It might put medical students off going to


certain places, which is sad. The university itself has s`id that


this news has simply come as a huge shock.


They were both excellent sttdents, very committed to their studies are


becoming doctors. They were just doing what thousands of medhcal


students do every year, there were practising clinical medicind in a


different setting to learn lore and to enhance their practice when they


came back. Four men have been arrested in


Borneo, but here the real focus is on supporting


and family. He was a young lan, athletic and bright and with a


career in medicine and his whole life ahead of him. That has come to


a tragically premature end. There are calls for the


East Midlands' young offenddrs' jail at Glen Parva to be shut down


after it was declared "unsafe". The Chief Inspector of Prisons has


today issued a damning report The report found a culture


of bullying which is said was linked to high


levels of self`harm and suicides. Our social affairs correspondent


Jeremy Ball reports. The jail has raised a catalogue of


concerns, a sharp rise in arsenals and prisoners being


they don't get a prison sentence afterwards. Some of them ard


innocent. Far too many go in for short sentences. We have to do


something. The prison sent `` prison sdrvices


except that Glen Parva has been struggling, but says that those


problems are being dealt with and they have ordered a national review


of such centres. Nottingham`based Boots is to be


taken over Walgreens already owns 45%


of the company. It now wants to buy


the remaining 55% stake. The deal,


worth more than ?5 billion, Boots will remain at its UK


headquarters in Nottingham. It's being claimed smells


of rotting carcases from a factory near Newark could be affecthng


the health of people living nearby. Jay Gee Pears,


which makes soap and glue, says it's installing thermal oxidisers to try


to control the odours. A GP who lives


near the factory says she's treated patients who have breathing problems


because of the smells. Still to come, a special fe`ture on


the Absolutists, the conscidnces objectives to did not fight in World


War I. I think it is very brave for anyone


what the majority are doing, it what the majority are doing, it


takes courage. Don't sell so called legal highs,


they're dangerous. That's the message


from Leicestershire Police to local Tests have found many contahn


illegal and dangerous chemicals Now the police,


together with trading stand`rds These small, brightly coloured


packet cheers `` packages containing so`called legal highs are in sale in


Leicester for as little as ?5 each and they are very dangerous.


Even though they are legal, the different batches can have different


strengths. Someone could take this one day and have one reaction and


take it another day and havd a severe bad reaction to it.


Luke Miller used to be addicted to heroin and crack cocaine. Hd has


taken legal highs and says that his experience of them was something


that he would forget. I slowly forget myself losing


control of my body. I could not walk, my heart was racing. Ly head


to did not feel right. I fotnd it really difficult to walk at that


point. I had never had an experience as frightening when I was on Class A


drugs. Shops across Leicester sellhng


packets like these have now been packets like these have now been


written to by the police, urging real travellers to think ag`in. ``


retailers to think again. We want to read Lester of ldgal


highs. Although they are called legal, they are dangerous drugs


They make to be legal to possess, but they are not illegal to sell.


I think that the packaging hs marketed towards children. Ht is


what they did with alcopops. It is run like any other business, but it


is legalised drug dealing. Ultimately, if shops continte to


sell them, the legal highs could be seized and the retailers prosecuted.


East Midlands Airport has sden their profits rise. This is partlx due to


car parking charges rise. And passenger numbers increased. The


output is now making more money than it did before the recession.


It is holiday time at East Lidlands Airport. After the closure of BMI


baby two years ago, other ahrlines have stepped in. Passenger numbers


are on the rise. The prices are still quite cheap.


It is more busy here than when we were here before.


Why do think this is? Possibly more money around. People


can be more secure in their work that they can spend more money now.


Figures show that in the last financial year, 4.3 million


passengers used East Midlands Airport. Up 9%. But, in the boom


year of 2009, there were 5.4 million passengers. Profits last ye`r was


?16.4 million. An increase of 2 .2%. The way that profits are recorded


has changed, but it is now overtaking the boom year figure of


?40 million. The airport is a major cargo hub. In


the last year, carriers havd added new routes and increase the size of


the aircraft. Revenue from cargo is now nearly ?10 million, up by 7 00


`` ?700,000. The airport has also increased money to increase


long`stay car parking, helphng to boost its profits.


It is a general economic recovery. We are also putting on airlhne


routes that people find poptlar We routes that people find poptlar We


have seen a gradual improvelent in confidence and people returning to


airline routes that people find airline routes that people find


popular. We have seen a gradual improvement in confidence and people


returning to travel. We're not where we were, but we are on the road back


to recovery. The terminal building is behng


redeveloped at the cost of ?12 million. Is a new all meaning that


passengers can get through dven quicker. There will be more shops


and the whole thing will be ready later this year.


Steady growth is predicted. Farmers are warning that Brhtain is


in danger of being overreli`nt in cheap food. They highlighted the


problem during a cultural `` agricultural show today. Brhtain is


coming less capable of feedhng itself.


The Bakewell show has been `n annual fixture since Queen Victori` was on


the throne. Now Britain strtggles to feed itself, and it is an issue that


worries the government. Britain is partly self`sufficient, but it has


fallen by 10%. The National Farmers' Union says that if Britain was to


rely on its own food so far this year, we would be running ott within


days. But have we got enough farmers to grow the food?


I think that we have got thd farmers. We have good agrictltural


colleges with high standards of education. They are full of young


people who are keen to get hnvolved in the industry. We need to make


sure that we get them into the industry.


The government has responded by with a formally in pounds scheme to help


`` a ?4 million scheme to bty food from local farmers, rather than


relying on imports, even if it is cheaper.


This farmer has been bringing his cows to the show for 30 years. Does


he think that Britain can fded itself?


I think it is possible, but people want to cut sprays out and


fertiliser out. There is a lot of wasteland.


Is it Mission impossible? It is not impossible. But would shoppdrs be


prepared to pay extra withott imports?


I would be prepared to have the good quality.


I think that most people wotld like to be more aware of where they are


buying the food from and trxing to reduce the food miles, but H think


with today's economy, peopld have to override that.


The days of people wanting cheaper and cheaper food and worrying where


it comes from, I think that they are over now.


We have about energy security because of global threats. Farmers


and politician said that th`t should include our food as well.


Much has been written and spoken about the heroism of the millions


of men who went off to fight in the Great War, and about the terrible,


But what about those who refused to fight?


They too suffered, but for their beliefs.


James Roberson's been to two areas of the East Midlands that,


a hundred years ago, were wdll`known for their conscientious objdctors.


Peaceful now, it is difficult to think of strife and friction in


Derbyshire, focused 100 years ago on this building. This local hhstorian


showed me the Quakers friends meeting house.


We deny outward fighting is with outward weapons.


Quakers were anti`war and rdfuse to fight, which angered local people


who were losing young man at the front.


There was more than one occ`sion when the Quaker businesses `nd


people suffered. The local shop was vandalised, the Quakers attdnding


the meetings were harassed. Today at a Catholic visitors centre,


it used to be occupied by two Quaker families. One man worked for the


Midlands Railway and was sacked for refusing to join the war. Through


the war years, he was virtu`lly worked to death in British prisons.


The prisoner parities did not want a man to die on them, so they try to


persuade him to be a clerk, and he refused.


They relented and freed aftdr. He and his wife lived into old age The


other man was treated more dasily, he was told that he must banish


himself and farmer 20 miles away. They had some sympathy with the


conscientious objectors, evdn though the military did not, so he moved


away. They were called Absolutists. They


refuse to do anything to support the war effort.


Historian Cynthia Brown showed me where the Chapel of the Church of


Christ once stood. Its membdrs were anti`war, including Sidney Collins,


who was at 24`year`old membdr of the Absolutists. He refused to fight.


Outside, he was made to facd an angry mob.


There were crowds of people waiting outside. Somewhat friends, someone


not. The hostile people with there. I can hear the noise now, c`lling as


cowards and traitors. Traitors and! His daughter said, away frol the


crowds, the guards treated him badly.


He was whipped and hurt. Sydney was later imprisoned at


Dartmoor prison is, but wrote cheerfully to his family, ddspite


the hardships. He survived both world wars and Jean was born in


1945. He was 55 and I was not intdrested.


I was embarrassed to think that he did not take part in the war.


Today, conscientious objectors are viewed to different league from the


great War. People understand that they were


acting out of a strong sensd of religious duty.


I think it took courage. Thdre is no doubt that people who refusdd


absolutely to do anything, that there conscientious objection was


genuine. For anyone to do anything that is


different `` different from what the majority are doing takes cotrage,


especially as his older brother went to war, so his parents had one son


who went to war and one who refused. I think he was brave to do that He


always kept his views, to the day that he died, and he was 19 when he


died. `` 90 years old. Here is the sport.


There could be a new player signed tonight. It is thought to bd around


?5.5 million. One signing confirmed today, he joined from Sheffheld


Wednesday on a three`year ddal. It is a change for myself, H have


been at Sheffield Wednesday for three years now. Always in `nd


around the play`offs, pushing to get the league. That is the way that


every footballer wants to bd. Derby County has also been busy


today. It follows these signing of striker Leon Best.


As I meet Leon Best at the training ground, he is all smiles. E`rlier,


he had been training with hhs new team`mates and there is no dieting


`` doubting his delight at leaving after two seasons, having a knee


injury and then out of favotr. Before that, she did play for


Blackburn against Derby and scored. We can forget about that ond.


Hopefully I will be scoring the goals for Derby this year.


Is this your chance to provd what you can do?


Definitely. I have been pushed out. I have been running my own, so it is


amazing to be back playing with footballers again and being amongst


a group. I felt that I have been held back and sometimes handcuffed,


so the handcuffs are off now. I thank Derby County for giving media


chance to be here and I will work my socks off.


What was it about Steve McClaren that made you think that thhs was


the manager that you want to work with?


As soon as I met him, his energy was amazing. How he was speaking at his


ambition for the club and hhmself as a manager.


That did it for me. That ambition is of course to go one better than last


year and make the Premier Ldague, something that best feels is a real


opportunity. The sky is the limit.


You believe that the sky is the limit, you have that written on your


arm. Yes, it is all down for yourself,


how far you are willing to push yourself. And how far you w`nt to do


and what you want which even life. It is where they finish last season


and continuing, and playing as well as they did. There is no re`son that


they cannot get promoted. At Leicester, they remain unbeaten


be building up to their campaign be building up to their campaign


earlier next week. And in League One, Notts Cotnty have


signed 20`year`old former Sheffield United midfielder Elliott Whitehouse


on a one year deal. In cricket, Nottinghamshire batsman


Alex Hales has hit a hundred for the England Lions today,


in their match against Sri Lanka Leicestershire have been


in action today. `` they are waiting to start the


innings after a rain delay. And finally from me,


more success for Kirkby`in`@shfield swimmer Ollie Hynd at the IPC


European Swimming Championships He's retained his SM8 200 mdtres


medley crown to take his thhrd major It has definitely been busy and


emotional. Not had the chance to enjoy it yet, but I sure will do


during the next few days. All those medals, I am not sure if


he will have the space. He will have to move house.


Yes, it's back. The unlikelx TV hit that's helped make baking bhgger


than it's probably ever been before. Yes, the Great British Bake Off


returns to our screens tonight, on BBC One no less, where it'll


probably attract even more viewers. And we're pretty good in thd East


Midlands at rising to this sort of occasion, so to speak. Last year's


winner was the talented Francis Quinn from Market Harborough and


this year we also have a contestant from Sneinton in Nottingham taking


part. I've been to check out his piping and whisking today, `nd it's


I am mostly excited about bding in the tent. Brand`new year, 12 new


bakers. And this is Jordan who is f`ntastic.


What are you making? I am m`king a custard filled chocolate cake. And


it is three layers, filled with different custards and covered in


chocolate. Would you like to try some?


Yes, I would. What got you started with cakes? I love cakes and I have


been to cake eaters anonymots. Did that get you going with the


baking? Yes, that encouraged me. Thd best


cake of the month was a challenge that I wanted. You are very


competitive. Talking about Great British Bake


Off, they seem to have the recipe for a great cooking programle. What


you think the main ingredients are? I think it is so sweet and we add it


is very kind. It wants to encourage people to be better.


And it is all about cake, which is a good ring.


14,000 people applied for this series, so Jordan has done pretty


well to make it through to the 2 finalists.


Tell me, what was the worst thing about the show?


Disappointing Mary. What was the best thing?


Making her happy. What was the good thing abott the


show? It was difficult but rewardhng. Will


it change or alive? Maybe. Ht is early days.


You can't make a cake withott breaking eggs and this has got 5


eggs in it. So why are you having the Great


British Bake Off party? We have booked a screening room so I


will be there at eight o'clock and I will take the cake.


That is lovely. You have just done it?


We have not seen that cake. It is going to the screening.


Let's hope that he does makd merry happy.


Here is the weather. We have got a unsettled weather on


the way as we head to the wdekend. At the next few hours it is looking


fine. We got rid of this morning's weather quite quickly, now pressure


is building. There is a ridge of high pressure that will stax with us


for tomorrow. A dry day tomorrow, sunshine, particularly in the


morning. We will see cloud hn the afternoon. The temperatures will be


back up into the 20s. We did see some thunder storms across the


northern parts of Nottinghalshire this afternoon. Those have


so it is a fine end the day. Evening so it is a fine end the day. Evening


sunshine. We will stay dry to night, sunshine. We will stay dry to night,


the clouds will come and go. Mostly clear skies through tonight. Mist


and fog forming and it will be more cold than last night. 11 or 12


Celsius. Tomorrow morning, a beautiftl start.


The will be plenty of sunshhne. The clouds will increase as we head into


the afternoon, and we will stay dry and bright and temperatures around


21 or 22 Celsius. It will gdt messy into Friday, the pressure whll push


up into the south`east. It will take its time to factors. Think lost of


the morning is dry and bright, if you show was developing there. Dodge


those, not looking too bad `t all with temperatures into the 20s. 21


or 22 Celsius. Breezy


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