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That's all from us. Good evening.


First tonight, teachers and friends have been paying tribute


to a Derbyshire student stabbed to death in Borneo late last nhght


22`year`old Neil Dalton frol Ambergate was a medical student on


He and a fellow student were attacked


From Neil's home village, here's Tom Brown.


Neil Dalton was a bright, athletic young man with a career in ledicine


Today that all came to a tragically premature end.


He was one of seven students from Newcastle University who tr`velled


to Borneo together to spend a six`week placement at a hospital.


This morning, he was stabbed and killed.


Malaysian police have said that they were drinking in a tea shop


when another man rebuked thdm for being too noisy.


This led to an argument and four men pursued the sttdents


in a car before one of them attacked them with ` knife.


Today, this is how staff and students at Newcastle University


They were both excellent sttdents, very committed to their studies


They were just doing what thousands of medical students do everx year,


they were practising clinic`l medicine in a different setting to


learn more and to enhance their practice when they cale back.


It might put some students off going to certain places,


Here in Ambergate, this small village, his fridnds


former schoolmates and formdr team`mates at a local crickdt team


One of them simply told us that Neil was the perfect guy ` very talented


Next tonight there are calls for the East Midlands' young offenders'


jail at Glen Parva to be shtt down after it was declared "unsafe".


A Government report says the Leicestershire prison is


riddled with a culture of btllying, leading to high levels


Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, has this report.


The jail that has raised a catalogue of concerns `


a sharp rise in assaults and even prisoners being taken hostage.


This former inmate told me what happened when he was at Glen Parva.


Here he had big cuts down each side of his face.


I asked someone what happendd and they said someone razordd him.


People are slitting throats with razors melted into a toothbrush


I am led to believe it has gotten worse since I was in.


There is quite a lot of bad stuff that goes on.


Today's report says Glen Parva was unsafe and has high and increasing


levels of violence and bullxing but there was no prison`widd


strategy to address the isstes and efforts to challenge perpetrators


There were low expectations of the men held there and so they were not


being prepared well to leavd the prison and lead law`abiding lives.


It is some of the detail th`t makes shocking reading.


Prisoners charging other inmates rent.


Some prisoners are so scared of being attacked,


they are committing offences just to get into solitary confinement.


People compare it to Lord of the Flies because that is where young


people are basically in charge and are running amok and can be very


The Government has been called on to close Glen Parva.


We would like a review of the policy, because far too manx end up


in prison on remand and thex do not get a prison sentence afterwards.


The Prison Service accepts that Glen Parva has been strugglhng to


tackle serious challenges, but says those problems are being de`lt with


and it has ordered a nation`l review of young offenders centres.


Shopkeepers who sell so`called legal highs are being warned


Leicestershire Police have joined forces with the county's tr`ding


standards officers to crack down on the sales.


Tests have found many of the products contain illdgal


Officers say the doses in e`ch packet can also vary widely.


Somebody could take this ond day and have one reaction, take it `nother


I did find it very difficult to walk.


Nottingham`based Boots is to be taken over by an American


pharmacy giant, but the new owners say jobs in the city are secure


Walgreens already owns 45% of the company.


It now wants to buy the remaining 55% stake.


The deal, worth more than ?5 billion,


Boots will retain its UK headquarters in Nottingham.


Polices forces across the East Midlands are to benefit


from more than ?5 million of funding to improve polichng.


The Home Office cash will bd used on body cameras,


Rapid DNA technology and supporting child abuse intervention projects.


Several bids were made to the Government's Innovation Fund


which aims to improve effichency within forces.


Goodbye from me. We have some fairly unsettldd


weather coming for the weekdnd. But the time being it will be qtite


quiet. A bit of high`pressure settling over the UK. It will keep


us fine and dry tomorrow. The clouds will increasing afternoon tomorrow,


but we will stay on the warl side with temperatures back up to 21


Celsius. We have seen some random shelves this evening and thdy will


fade away in the next coupld of hours. `` showers. White wins,


telling chillier than last night. `` light winds. Tomorrow morning, sunny


skies start the day. Crowd will increase in the afternoon, but he


will stay dry and bright. `` cloud. That's it from us, here is the


outlook for will tell you more as we look ahead


for the potential of something stormy to head our way.


Good evening to you. There's a lot of detail to cover in tonight's


weather update, so let's snap to it. This is tomorrow. Lots of warm


sunshine. There'll be cloud around with the possibility of one or two


showers. In terms of the here and now it is quiet and tranquil out


there. Light winds by the early hours of Thursday. Mist forming here


and there. Not especially cold. 15-16 across the south of the


country. 10 degrees in the north of Scotland for Stornoway.




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