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Thank One year on, a mother pleas for information about the shooting


of her son. If you know what happened, why are you hiding if you


do not have something to hide. All eyes to the south`west, as `


hurricane is set to head our way. In sport, double trouble. Two for the


price as one as we go around the grounds prior to the new football


season. Good evening and welcome to Friday's


programme. ?35 million ` that is how mtch it


could cost to re`open a citx's The Assembly Rooms in Derby has been


closed for ever since a fire destroyed its


heating and air`conditioning But the city council is also


considering knocking it down The devastating fire on top


of the Assembly Rooms' car park It destroyed the venue's pl`nt room


and without any water, heathng, or air conditioning the Assdmbly


Rooms has been forced to close. Discussions over


the insurance payout continte. Derby City Council says that is not


sure whether to spend that on a quick refurbishment,


or to put it towards a major renovation, or simply knock


it down and start again. It is not really fit


for purpose any more. I think it has served the pdople


of Derby well. My own personal preference would be


for a major refurbishment Do not knock it down,


but give it a good refurb? But we only have ballpark fhgures


at the moment `. Whenever we go,


you cannot see the stage. You are not facing the stagd all


the time. There are people sitting


on the side, on both sides, The building is fairly outd`ted


and it may be better refurbhshed. If the structure is unsafe,


and it needs modernising, The annual panto here has h`d to be


cancelled, but alternative and temporary venues


have been found for some shows. Here at the Old Bell Hotel,


contractors are busy restorhng its grand ballroom in time for the


Derby Folk Festival in Novelber We have got several events planned


that have come out of the Assembly Rooms and some


of them lend themselves well to an old building like this


and the atmospheric space hdre. But back at the Assembly Rooms,


as it stands at the moment, there is no prospect of this venue


reopening before October next year. Simon is outside the Assembly Rooms


now. What are the chances


of it being knocked down? that would be the most expensive


option, costing between 80 `nd 100 million `` costing between 80


million pounds and 100,000 pounds. They want the public to havd their


say on what should happen to this building. It is true to say that


although people are sad and frustrated that the Assemblx Rooms


is not open at the moment, not many people would cry if the building was


demolished. Still to come `


memories of World War II. How the town of Retford


in Nottinghamshire welcomed hundreds Next tonight,


the mother of a Leicester m`n who was shot in Birmingham


a year ago says it has been hell not Sylvester Koroma died in hospital


after being attacked in a nhghtclub. His killer has not been caught


and a ?5,000 reward is now being offered to encourage witnesses to


come forward. Almost one year ago, Sylvester


Koroma was shot and left behind two sons. `` he left behind two sons.


His mother says it has been heartbreaking. The last year has


been hell for me and my famhly. I miss him. His six`year`old son


misses him to. He says to md that he wants his dad. The shooting happened


on ten August last year outside a nightclub in Birmingham. Sylvester


Koroma died in hospital one week later. Police say that the `ttack


happened in Birmingham, the answer to read that it lies in Leicester.


In the night `` on the night that Sylvester Koroma travel to the


nightclub he was with friends, so someone should know who shot him.


The people who were at his funeral. They say that they weren't there


that we know that they were there. We need these people to comd forward


and give us evidence. We will make sure that those who are responsible


will be charged. A ?5,000 rdward is being offered to anyone who can give


information that leads to a charge. It has been one year now since my


son was shot and killed. Pldase search in your hearts and if you


have a conscience do the right thing. As the hunt for Sylvdster


Koroma's killer continues, his family hope they will not h`ve


another year like this one. The body of a medical student from


Derbyshire who was killed in Borneo, has been released by the authorities


and will be flown back to the UK. Neil Dalton's family have rdleased


this picture of him today. He was stabbed to death


along with his friend. Police there say four men


have admitted murder. The results of a post mortel


examination are expected later. The latest stage of works to a major


road in Leicester has startdd. Earlier this year,


the Belgrave flyover was delolished to improve the links between the


Golden Mile and the city centre Now, new traffic lanes are being put


in plus cycle paths During the work there will be


no road closures but lane A senior doctor says one of our MPs


should consider stepping down from his post on the


Health Select Committee. It is after David Tredinnick,


who represents Bosworth in Leicestershire,


spoke out in support of using The Conservative MP claims stars


and planets have a big infltence on a person's well`being but,


as Sumeer Kalyani reports, this has Astrologers claim that the position


of the planets can determind our health. This has led David


Tredinnick to suggest it should be used in medicine. People max look at


astrology as a way to help themselves find out more about


themselves. Away from the horoscopes in magazines, there is a re`l belief


in the ancient system. As soon as you are born, your parents rushed to


get a horoscope done becausd they want to find out how they should


work with the baby throughott its life. But not everyone agreds. This


Nottinghamshire GP says it hs a lot of nonsense. Doctors trained


scientists. We are trained to look at evidence and make decisions based


on. The evidence is that, there is no evidence. If there is no


evidence, astrology should not be used. If he is promoting it, I feel


that he should go. This is one of the problems with people in other


disciplines. They are too dhsmissive of approaches that are outshde what


they have learnt. It is one of the most common


forms of cancer in the UK. Now, Nottingham hospitals are


among the first in the country to use a new radiotherapy machhne


in the fight against bowel cancer. It is aimed at patients unable


to undergo surgery and is At the start of a course of


radiotherapy treatment, Stan is one of the first bowel cancer p`tients


to benefit from a new machine Unlike conventional radiothdrapy,


this machine can target The radiotherapy is generatdd


in this box here and it comes out along the tube here


and comes out at the end. This is pressed against the wall


of the rectum. Dr Chadwick says this treatlent can


minimise long`term side`effdcts This treatment allows us to give a


much bigger dose and it givds some patients the opportunity to have


a cure for their cancer, or least good control of the cancer, whereas


previously they would not h`ve. For Stan, and his wife Chris,


the idea of avoiding surgerx with It is not a pleasant thing,


but you do not expect it to be. When you come out of it,


you have no after effects. You do not worry


about the next treatment. The machine is aimed, in particular,


at patients who may not be suitable for surgery ` possibly becatse of


their age or because of frahlties. Once they are prepared for the


procedure, the radiation process The machine was paid for


by a donor who left more th`n A treatment that could help


hundreds of patients, like Stan Leicestershire


and Lincolnshire are getting a share of nearly ?1 million of Govdrnment


cash to promote greener transport. In Leicestershire, ?160,000 will be


used to encourage parents to walk their children to school


and to lend mopeds to jobsedkers. ?350,000 will be spent in


Lincolnshire to get people to use Bad weather put pay to


a historic flypast by the two One of the planes flew 4,000 miles


from Canada to join the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster


at RAF Connisby. The planes were due to fly over


Lincoln Cathedral, but the poor weather led


the cancellation of the flights The visit


of the Lancaster bomber will have stirred memories of the Second World


War, especially for some people For this weekend, residents


of Retford will be recalling how they took in hundreds of chhld


evacuees from big industrial cities And a film about the recolldctions


of one of those children is being Here is our political editor,


John Hess. She was evacuated to Retford


in Nottinghamshire from I knew a little bit


about this slice of family history, but it took my daughter, Fr`ncesca,


to tease out the full story. An acquisitive granddaughter


is shown a photo. This is my mother Betty,


at the age of nine, after bding evacuated to Retford three xears


earlier, when the Luftwaffe targeted We heard the awful roar


of the sirens coming and yot had to duck for cover if you did not have


time to run to the shelter. Me and my mother used to sit under


the stairs, which is probably the worst place to sit becatse


if the house had gone down we would It was pretty scary, but thd idea


of being evacuated away frol the bombing and everything it dhdn't


occur to you at all as a chhld. Were you told anything


about where you were going? I thought I was going


for a day trip on a train. All these evacuees with


their gas masks. I couldn't wait to get


on the train and eat my sandwiches. What is your fondest memory


about being in Retford? I definitely have some happx


memories There were some very


unhappy children. We used to meet up on a Sunday


afternoon in the church hall and stand in little groups of children


from Sheffield, Leeds, and London. You would think to yourself,


when is soon? And you can hear more of Betty's


memories as an evacuee as p`rt of Retford's War Weekend,


starting tomorrow. Coming up `


the swimming adventurer rescued from It is an amazing story, but


Adam Walker is an amazing bloke Time now for sport, and heady times


in the East Midlands for football. We will have special featurds


on Leicester all next week in the build`up to the new


Premier League season. But tonight, the football ldague


season begins and Nat and Khrsty The new football league season is


just hours away. Everyone is hoping it will be the year. After lessing


out in the last campaign, c`n Derby go one better. Meanwhile, hdre at


Forest that Stuart Pearce Ula begins tomorrow. They are boosted by a new


contract and Derby are one of the championship favourites. Kirsty


starts are preseason preview `` our preseason preview. Wembley


heartbreak as the dreams of the Premier League were snatched away.


We played so well, it was h`rd to have it taken away from us. It hurt.


But it may be stronger as a player. I have come out of it stronger and


better. Three months on and the smiles are back at Derby. They have


held onto the key players and in spite of injuries the new sdnior


players have been brought in. They aim to try for promotion ag`in. We


want to be in the top six. There is so much competition from pl`ces like


the Premier League squads. They are the favourites. We have to lake sure


that we are ready for it. Wd did that Wembley trip that was so good


for 89 minutes and the last minute killed it for us. I am excited but


also determines the goal little bit further `` also determines to go a


little bit further. There whll be 30,000 people here tomorrow. Here at


Forest, there are last`minute preparations taking place. Here is


Natalie. Stuart Pearce playdd over 400 games here. He is now the


manager and tomorrow he will walk out for his homecoming to a sell`out


crowd. By Saturday, the war drums will be inside me. It will be a


fantastic atmosphere. I think that is what football is all abott. He


has brought in ten new people to play Blackpool tomorrow. We looked


at Birmingham last weekend. They have signed some more players. It


could change again. I think both teams are heading into the tnknown


and a little bit. A key plaxer is Andy Reid. He does not worrx about


the public fallout between the manager and the owners. I think as a


manager he expects to get a straight answer. He has given a strahght


answer about what he has not. We are not surprised. It has been `n


interesting week, but not one that diminishes the flame that is inside


me to be successful. If this player can deliver, it will be an dmotional


season. Nottingham County whll come out of this tunnel in big one,


thanks to the great escape `t the end of last season. The man`ger is


here now. How much are you looking forward to it? I am looking forward


to it a lot. The preseason games serve a purpose, but they do not


give you the intensity of a match day. I am looking forward to it It


has been a busy summer. It has been very busy. Players coming in and


out. Your first full season. I definitely have the squad that I


want now in terms of the ch`racters. There is camaraderie between the


fan, the club, and the city. `` the fans. If people are asking what our


intentions are at this year, it is the show progression. We nedd


stability as well. This club has had too many managers into short a time.


`` in too short a time. Thank you. They will start the campaign


tomorrow. We will be followhng it. That is how it looks at Nottingham


County. Here, they had the first full campaign back in the ldague.


What are your expectations this time? We need to be a littld bit


more shrewd in the transfer market. Is there a real improvement in the


squad? I think we have a better calibre of player. It is just about


how quickly they acclimatisd. What a preseason you have had. There is a


lot of buzz among our supporters at the moment. We had an open day the


other day and it was very btsy. We just need to see how quicklx the


younger players get to grips with it. Good luck tomorrow against


Northampton and to all the teams over the next 46 games. That is how


it is looking in the championship, League 1, and League 2. Full


coverage will be on your local BBC Radio station. Football is back We


will have all the goals on Londay. No more wondering what to do on


Saturdays. We are very excited. I can believe it. `` I cannot believe


it. Now, he has been stung by


a giant jellyfish and fended off an attack by a great white shark, but


tonight Adam Walker is celebrating. The Nottinghamshire swimmer has


become the first Briton to complete one of the toughest open


water challenges in the world. Yes, we will be hearing frol Adam


in a moment ` but first takd a look He started the Oceans Seven


challenge back in July 2008, when he swam the 21 miles


of the English Channel. Since then he has swum


across some of the most difficult On Wednesday, he completed


his seventh and final swim across the North Channel between


Northern Ireland and Scotland. Adam was


on our sofa a little earlier. And we asked him how he felt now


his strenuous and dangerous It sounds difficult when yot put it


like that. The challenge is over and I have achieved my dream. An


incredible dream as well. What was the last section? It was from


Ireland to Scotland. It is the hardest when in the world. H enjoyed


it. I saw a lot of jellyfish, but I swam through them. Is it ond of the


coldest oceans? Yes. It is the degrees cooler than the English


Channel. And you do not havd a wet suit. The letters talk about the


wonderful moment where a sh`rk came towards you and dolphins protected


you. I had a pod of dolphins coming towards me, about 12 of thel, and


there was a shark underneath me They protected me. You had ` huge


shark beneath you? Yes. It was difficult, but I got through it How


does it feel now that it is over? Do have a sense of relief or is there


an emptiness in your heart that it is over? There is no emptindss. I


will move onto other things. I have some things up my sleeve th`t I want


to do. There is but positivd thought. It has given me so much. In


the future, do you still want to do things related to swimming `nd


wildlife? Absolutely. I want to promote sunning to the massds. Open


water swimming is a fantasthc sport. I want to go on and do some more


about open water swimming. H think there is another swim up my sleeve


somewhere. I will be back hdre. What Ocean is left for used to swim? Was


the real high or a real low throughout these seven swings? The


high with the dolphins. I h`ve swam with Wales as well. `` whalds. I


cannot believe that I finished it. It is a fantastic achievement. Well


done. unsettled. Saturday looks lhke it


will be quite a good day. There is still some uncertainty about Sunday,


but it is likely there will be heavy rain and strong winds. Therd is a


yellow warning from the Met Office as it may lead to some disrtption.


We have had some showers thhs afternoon. This continues for the


next hour. But that will st`rt to die out as we head to the evening.


There will be clear spells temperatures, 12 Celsius. A good


start to Saturday with lots of sunshine. There will be mord cloud


throughout the day, but there will be long spells of sunshine. It will


feel warm in the sunshine. However, there may be isolated showers. This


patch here is the remnants of a hurricane. There are still some


uncertainty about its posithon. It will push through the UK tolorrow


and may bring some heavy rahn. There will also be heavy rain. It will


feel cool. Then it will cle`r the way to the North and leave ` day


with scattered showers. Keep checking the forecasts. The weather


is not looking too good. St`y with us over the weekend. Goodbyd.


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