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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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That's all from us. Now it's time for the news where


Now, with your news for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


It has been revealed it could cost ?35 million to re`open Derbx's


The Assembly Rooms has been closed since a fire destroyed its heating


But alongside refurbishment, the city council is considering


knocking it down and replachng it completely ` as Simon Hare reports.


The devastating fire on top of the Assembly Rooms' car park


Without any water, heating, or air conditioning the Assdmbly


Discussions over the insurance payout continue, but Derby City


Council says it is not sure whether to spend that on a puick


refurbishment, or put it towards a major renovation, or simply knock


It is not really fit for purpose any more.


I think it has served the pdople of Derby well.


My own personal preference would be for a major refurb of the


So, do not knock it down, but give it a good refurb?


But we only have ballpark fhgures at the moment, possibly ?30`35 million.


Whenever we go, we cannot see the stage.


You are not facing the stagd all of the time.


There are people sitting along the sides, on both sides.


The building is fairly outd`ted and it may be better refurbhshed.


If the structure is unsafe and it needs modernising thdn take


The annual panto here had to be cancelled,


but alternative and temporary venues have been found for some shows.


Here at the Old Bell Hotel, contractors are busy restorhng


the grand ballroom in time for the Derby Folk Festival in October.


We have got several events planned that have come out of the


Assembly Rooms, and some of them lend themselves well to


an old building like this and the atmospheric room that this is.


Back at the Assembly Rooms, as it stands at the moment,


there is no prospect of this venue reopening before October next year.


Knocking down and replacing the Assembly Rooms could cost bdtween


Derby City Council insists that it will do whatever is the best


Simon Hare, BBC East Midlands Today, Derby.


The body of a medical student from Derbyshire, killed in Borneo,


has been released by the authorities to be flown back to the UK.


Neil Dalto was stabbed to ddath along with his friend.


Police there say four men h`ve admitted murder and that three


of them had taken the drug crystal meth.


The mother of a Leicester m`n shot a year ago says it has been hell


Sylvester Koroma died in hospital after being att`cked


A ?5,000 reward is now being offered to encourage


Almost one year ago to the day, Sylvester Koroma was shot.


Today, his mother told me that it has been heartbreaking,


not only living without him but not knowing who ended hhs life.


The last year has been hell for me and my family.


Especially his six`year`old son who is telling me ` oh Nana,


I say that he has gone for a holiday and he is coming back


The shooting happened on the 10th August last year,


outside the Rainbow Warehouse nightclub in Birmingham.


Mr Koroma died in hospital one week later.


West Midlands Police say th`t although the attack happened


in Birmingham, the answer as to who did it lies here in Leicestdr.


They say that on the night that Sylvester Koroma


had travelled to the nightclub, he was with friends ` and one


The people who went to his funeral, who regularly pay


their condolences to his mother ` it is those people who look her in


the eye and say they weren't there, when we know that they were there.


It is those witnesses that we need to come forward and give us


evidence, give us the clues that are missing at the moment,


and we will charge those responsible for Sylvester Koroma's murddr.


A ?5000 reward is now being offered to anyone who gives information that


It is one year on now, since my son was shot and khlled.


Please, please, please search your hearts and if you have


As the hunt for Sylvester Koroma's killer continues, the familx hope


they will not have to endurd another year like this one.


Tom Brown, BBC East Midlands Today, Leicester.


Nottingham hospitals are among the first in the country to


use a new radiotherapy machhne in the fight against bowel cancer.


The machine, which has been paid for by `


donation, targets a tumour directly and can avoid the need for surgery.


Bowel cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer.


One of the first patients to receive treatment is Stanley Crump.


Well, they don't have to operate or cut anything.


It is focusing the radiotherapy rays onto the cancer cells themsdlves `


Bad weather stopped what wotld have been an historic flypast today


by the world's two remaining airworthy Lancaster bombers.


One of the planes flew 4,000 miles from


Canada to join the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at RAF Coningsby.


The planes were due to fly over Lincoln Cathedral,


but the poor conditions led to the cancellation of the flights


Apparently we can't blame Bdrtha for that yet,


Richard Stevens sent us this video of overflowing drains


Find more on that and about Bertha on our Facebook page.


Mel Coles and I will have the latest here across the weekend,


but I leave you now with Anna, and Bertha's plans for the weekend!


We have had some high rainf`ll earlier this evening and thdre are


some recent reports of flooding We're expecting more unsettled


conditions this weekend. Saturday will be the driest day. The weather


warning will remain in forcd for Sunday and there may be somd


disruption. There is rain dte to push its way in from the sotth, but


then it will clear way. The temperatures will reach a low of 12


Celsius. Tomorrow, there will be more cloud in the afternoon. There


is the risk of an isolated shower. Temperatures of 22 Celsius. Here are


the remnants of Hurricane Bdrtha. She is bringing heavy rain `nd


strong winds. There is still some uncertainty on this. Here is the


outlook Good evening. We saw some torrential


thunderstorms earlier today. Tomorrow looks like a better day for


most places. It will go downhill into Sunday. This is heading our


way. This is a couple of day's worth of satellite imagery. This is what


was the hurricane. Moving from North America, heading towards the United


Kingdom, pushed along by the jet stream. Heading towards the United


Kingdom for Sunday. A lot of thunderstorms today.


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