09/08/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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India in tatters again and the sunshine in again.


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


Fire fighters have started a new round of industrial action


today in their ongoing row with the Government over pensions.


Members of the Fire Brigades Union walked out earlier and will again


tonight, despite Government claims its offer is among the most generous


Along with FBU members in Nottinghamshire, Leicestdrshire,


Rutland and Lincolnshire, fire teams will stage daily strikes


I know fire fighters who have been in the job for ten or 15 ye`rs,


and they have had to plan in their lives, for their fhnancial


futures, based on what they were told when they started on the job.


But everything is going to change, and not just a little bit.


It's a significant change for everyone involved.


Meanwhile in Nottingham, a contingency fire crew tackled


It had closed London Road as thousands of football fans were


heading to the City ground for Forest's first game of the season.


The roaming crew were called just before 1.45 and took 20


Travellers that had moved onto playing fields in Derby havd this


evening left after being served today with an eviction order.


Around half a dozen caravans arrived at Chester Green last night.


Some had moved there from another site in Spondon.


Police say two people were `rrested for minor public order offences


The City Council owns the playing fields and said it had


been receiving complaints about fast`moving cars near to


A train arrived, collected passengers


Not news ` normally, but today it was the first time that


happened at Shottle near Turnditch for more than 65 years.


The station was being reopened after restoration by voluntders


This is the first passenger train to stop at Shottle for decades.


It's given a warm welcome as it arrives at the station.


It's officially opened by Richard Curzon from nearby


Kedleston Hall, and it's a proud moment for everyone involved.


It's the culmination of 18 months hard work


We are really proud to bring this lovely countryside halt back to life


In the 1920s, at its peak, around 12,000 people


But in 1947, regular passenger service w`s


It's great to see people who are enthusiastic to make things happen.


It'll give visitors travellhng on the railway somewhere to go ` local


There are nice walks along the valley, here.


When I was young I used to come and catch a train once a ye`r to


As the train leaves for its next stop, there is


a feeling here that the station could be as popular with passengers


Leicester City play their fhrst game in the Premiership next Sattrday.


In the Championship, Derby County won their first game,


beating Rotherham one`nil, Jeff Hendrick the scorer.


At Nottingham Forest it was two summer signings securing thd Reds'


In League One, it was anothdr new arrival opening the scoring for


Notts County on the road to Preston with Jake Cassidy getting the


And in League Two, Mansfield Town were at Northampton


Ahead of Mel with the weathdr, and flash flooding hit parts


of the region last night as around two inches of rain fdll


This was the view in Nottingham city centre as drains struggled


Things go little bit down hhll from here. The Met office has a xellow


warning in force to cater for some heavy downpours throughout Sunday.


For this evening, for most places, a fine ending. There will be ` few


showers and a cloud will increase as the night goes on. Not parthcularly


coal, with lows of around 14 Celsius. That means building from


the south`west ensuring Sunday morning. There will be some heavy


bursts over higher ground, where we could see potentially an inch of


rain fall. Starts to clear, the winds will strengthen during the


afternoon. There is potenti`l to see ghosts of up to 30 or 40 mph. It


remains breezy into Monday. On The Beat tonight


in just under half an hour: Charlie Simpson, formerly of Busted,


is in session. Local guests include heavy rock


band Baby Godzilla and Tom Wardle That's from six,


on your local BBC Radio station More from the team here,


including a look at the first goals Good evening. Conditions in the next


24 hours may not match those of the big storms of autumn and winter but


they will make for an unpleasant summer staples of already some


unpleasant conditions here, wet and very windy, but it is this low tide


on to what once was hurricane Bertha, which has now set its track


for the UK as we go through Sunday. Arriving to some southern and


western areas as we start the day, but let's concentrate on the


southern half of the country for tomorrow, this is where the wettest


and windiest conditions will be to begin with. Rain spreading across


some parts, some of which will be heavy. Strong winds across the South


coast and then another surge which could cause some damage pushing in


from the west later. The most persistent rain will be in Wales and


the Midlands, many will turn dry and brighter through the afternoon. For


the middle half of the country, just one or two showers to start off but


signs we could see some persistent heavy rain to the


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