10/08/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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rediscovering the feel of them. That is all for now. I will be back with


the late news here on With your news now for the Dast


Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. People


in Newark have been braving the rain to re`enact a journey made by


the town's First World War soldiers Scouts, soldiers and members of the


public marched the 16 mile route, among them one man following


in the footsteps of his father. They stood in silence as thd rain


poured down, just to show their respect for the eighth Batt`lion of


the Sherwood Forest as they didn't do 100 years earlier stood hn the


same place. They were about to go to war. John Green's father was one of


them. He was wounded three times and gassed. He was transferred to the


first Sherwood Forest is whdre he won the military Cross. I al lucky


to be here, and we are all lucky to be here, thanks to chaps like my


father, many hundreds of thousands of them, without them, we would not


be standing here. Soldiers of the Mercian Regiment led the 16 mile


march. Many of the public w`tched. Some even took part. The people of


New York are very proud of the Sherwood Forest us and the Lercian


Regiment. The fact that we have got some of their success Regimdnt is


here today means a lot. I w`nted to pay my respects because thex fought


for us. And without them, what would we have? In 1914, the soldidrs had


no idea what they were marching into. Today, nothing, not even the


rain, was going to stop York from saying thank you.


That heavy rain caused disrtption across much of the East Midlands


There was a flood warning earlier for the River Leen `t


Derbyshire County Cricket Club's one day match against Essex


this evening had to be cancdlled, and a fallen tree is now blocking


the road between Stenson and Findern in South Derbyshire.


Tributes were paid today in Derbyshire to medical sttdent


Neil Dalton, who was killed in Borneo.


The 22 year old from Amberg`te was found stabbed to death


on Wednesday, along with his friend and fellow British student.


This morning prayers were s`id at churches in nearby Heage and Belper.


Candle`lit vigils have also been held in the street in Malaysia


The East Midlands saw the hhghest number of patients facing long


Nearly 63,000 patients were left in ambulances for more than half an


That's according to Freedom of Information figures


Nationally the figure was 300,000.


However the Department of Hdalth says it's making good progrdss


The Southwell and Nottinghal Diocese has appointed


is currently the team rector in Clifton.


She will officially take up her role as Archdeacon of Nottingham


She's previously been an advocate of women bishops.


I hope that it will encourage woman in the spices to see that they can


reach all the positions in the church, and that all doors `re


open, and to imagine themselves as bishops, as well.


Football now, and the leagud season is back `


and with a bang for Derby County and Nottingham Forest.


For the homecoming for Stuart Pearce. A sell`out crowd and that


atmosphere for the fans to remember. Andy Reid opened the scoring with a


rocket, and it fell to Mich`il Antonio who started the party. Five


minutes later, another new boy, Chris Burke curled in a shot. A


winning start for Derby County, one of the favourites to go up this


season. Newly ripped `` newly promoted Rod Rahm did not m`ke it


easy. And a late winner frol Jack Hendrick allowed coach Stevd


McClaren to celebrate signing his new three`year contract with a


victory. `` Rotherham. Notts County have seen 17 players leave `nd 4


come in this summer, so a draw away at Preston was a great start. And in


League two, Mansfield suffered a defeat. They lost 1`0 away `t


Northampton. Leicester play their first game


in the Premiership next weekend Look out for the build`up to that


on East Midlands Today this week. Now, after all this rain


let's see what's next. Good evening. The Met Officd has


issued a yellow weather warning to be prepared for strong gusts of


wind. This area of low pressure continues its journey to thd north


and east. There will be a spueeze on the isobars, and we could sde gusts


of 50 miles an hour. Through the pig airstrip, up to 70 miles an hour.


Gradually, it will start to dry out overnight and we will see some clear


spells as we approach born. It remains blustery into Mondax. `` as


we approach dawn. It will still feel cool on Monday. Remaining unsettled


for the first part of the wdek, and blustery, too.


That's all for now. Our latd bulletin is at 10:25pm.


Hello there. With reports of flooding and wind damage in some


parts of the UK, hurricane Bertha has certainly left her mark, in one


form or another. The low that sperm from her is now pushing its way on


to the North Sea and through the night will keep winds strong and


gusty across the country. Some lively


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