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On the programme tonight: for now. It is


The ups and downs of A`level results day. There are more university


places than ever before but not all are taking that path. To get one


like that is a dream come true. Also tonight: Support for a shopkeeper


who are earned himself to fight off thieves. He did not deserve it, the


guy who came in, it serves him right. And thousands of children of


nasal sprays to help combat winter flu will stop and the pupils turning


wristbands into remembrance poppies. On the programme tonight:


Welcome to Thursday's programme. First tonight, there are more


university places than ever before. Half a million are available


and that's good news for young people across the East Midlands.


This morning thousands of school leavers got their A Level results.


There was a fall in the number of top grades for the first time


in three decades but there was still plenty of joy and relief `


and that was just the parents. Well, Tom Brown is at the University


of Derby for this evening. Tom, we've seen those familiar


images of celebrations and commiserations haven't we?


Yes, I'm sure many of us can remember going into school


one August morning, being handed that sealed envelope and finally


knowing whether all that revision and hard work had been worth it.


Well this morning, for many young students in the region, it was `


as despite the overall pass rate going down slightly, a record number


of university places were on offer. Here at the University of Derby,


for example, they had 4,000 places, as opposed to 3,600 last year.


So what was this morning like for the students, well,


I was at Loughborough College, bright and early, as they opened


those all important envelopes. ??PREVSUB ??NEWSUB the wait was


almost over, weeks of excitement and worry where about to come to an end.


In this boy's on below what exactly what she needed. I cannot describe


how I feel right now. For this boy it is astrophysics and physics at


Leicester University. Over the moon. I am so proud of him. Even some of


those who did not get what they wanted were still able to celebrate.


My offer was for the C C but I got four these and buy some stroke of


luck I have got through. We want to make sure as many students as


possible who want to go to university can do. I think that is


good news for the country in general. This space engineering


student is going to do an apprenticeship at the bus. To get


something like that is just a dream come true. While others are


appealing to enter the world of work. I am going to try to get a


job. Students here were murdered across the region including


Nottingham. The final visit to college and the corpse of hundreds


resting on a single piece of paper. How are you feeling? Nervous. But I


will give it a go. Good luck. Yes! I got see, D and D but I got into


university so I am happy. Loughborough University welcomed


students for the last time to discuss the results which could


shape the future is. I have got into my apprenticeship at Rolls`Royce. I


am just relieved now. I did not have a back`up plan. I was counting on


these results! I am pretty chuffed with mine. I am getting a job and


then university the year after. The exams in January peak even more


pressure on young people. For me it is awesome. So it is tension, tears


and triumphant. The full spectrum of human emotion. Due in Derby they


have had almost 3000 calls. What does all this mean? Let us have a


chat with the Deputy Vice Chancellor. We have heard you have


all these extra places, we have heard of students getting in on


lower grades but is getting into university easier these days? There


are able more places available at universities will get is more


opportunity but I think the students themselves will have told you it


does not feel like it has got any easier. We have heard stories of


people getting in with Wendy had been told they would need be and


see. `` when they had been told. The universities have to discount some


results slightly when it comes to cleaning. There will be some people


who will be disappointed, what is your advice to people who might have


narrowly missed the grades but have not yet had a firm offer? Do not


panic. It is a likelihood that you will get the right course at the


late university. Take a chance and talk to cleaning. The stress of


exams and the nervous wait is all over. Congratulations to everyone


involved at to not panic if you are having to go through something like


this. those all important envelopes.


Three more people have been arrested in connection with the death of a


seven year old girl in Nottingham. The body of Shanay Walker was


discovered at a house in Bestwood Park a fortnight ago.


She'd died from a head injury. Two women, aged 21 and 53 and


a 22`year`old man were arrested on suspicion of murder earlier today.


Shanay's aunt Kay`Ann Morris has already been


charged with her murder. Monarch Airlines has announced that


it's to stop flying from East Midlands Airport.


The company says the decision to pull out of


Castle Donington follows a strategic review of its short`haul operation.


Monarch started operating flights from East Midlands two years ago


after low`cost airline BMI Baby ceased trading.


The final Monarch flight will take place at the end of April next year.


Grantham has unveiled its first new council homes for a decade.


The four two`bedroom flats on Sandon Road mark the start


of a ?3 million investment by South Kesteven District Council.


It's planning to build 33 new council homes over


the next two years ` offering more variety to tenants.


Still to come: Cutting edge surgery at the vets.


Holly's about to be spayed, but thanks to keyhole surgery


the experience will be a lot less painful for her and her owners.


Next tonight: A shopkeeper says he's been forced


to use weapons to defend his store against petty thieves.


Ali Nowroozi has chased away several shoplifters from his corner shop


in Derby. He says some have even agreed to


hand back the goods they stole. Our Social Affairs Correspondent,


Jeremy Ball, reports. ??PREVSUB ??NEWSUB a thief caught on


camera as he dabs a bottle and runs for it. Ali tries to stop him by


throwing another bottle then grabbing a wooden bar and chasing


the shoplifter out. I said give me my money, I will not make money ``


trouble for you. So, what do his regular customers think? He is


right, he is doing something for the community as well. Stopping it. He


did not expect it, the guy who came in, it serves him right. His very


direct approach to protecting his business might raise some eyebrows.


After being targeted 20 times into UCC is no alternative and he says


three shoplifters have returned stolen goods after he chased them


with a weapon. Of course I am angry, I pay tax and everything. The


Derbyshire force recorded almost 6000 offences of shop theft last


year but many instances are not reported. The police say companies


need to do much more to protect themselves. Of course, they do not


advise protecting businesses like this but traders to take on


shoplifters are putting their own safety at risk. That is unlikely to


deter this shopkeeper. Jeremy Ball, reports.


Last winter the nasal spray was given to primary


school children in Leicester city people East Leicestershire including


people in Melton area and Rutland. This winter the whole


of Leicestershire will be covered not just primary school children 12


and 13`year`olds too. Now Lincolnshire will be joining in


too this winter for the first time. There 16,000 12


and 13`year`olds will be targeted. The success of this will depend


on the take up. And there is work to do there?


We have some pictures of children getting the spray during the last


time. A badge of honour for the brave youngsters to. This year's


pilot will be better than ever. The idea is that ultimately children


will be offered the vaccine from age to to 17 every year. The pilot is


about how best do we organise that? It is given intranasally, a squirt


into the nose, no needles. Very easy to have. Who gets the spree? They


will be living in certain areas. You can see that last year it was over


in Leicester City where people were given it. Primary schoolchildren and


as well as part of Leicestershire was the neighbouring counterplay of


Rutland. The whole of Leicestershire will be covered, that includes


Caldwell and Lincolnshire will join in. We will see secondary school


children for the first time also given it. I suppose the success will


depend on the take`up. It is going to parents at the end of the day.


Last year the take`up was 52% saw quite a week to go.


And there is work to do there? The Queen has bought one


of the biggest retail parks in the East Midlands.


Fosse Park in Leicester has been sold to the Crown Estate


for just over ?345 million. The estate, which looks


after a range of properties for the monarch, said the deal was


the largest in its history. Fosse Park is home to 40 stores


and attracts eight million customers a year.


Nottingham`based Raleigh has released a new model of its famous


Chopper bike. The original mark 1 Chopper bike. The original mark 1


and mark 2 Choppers proved to be massive hits in the 1970's. There


have been some limited editions released since then. But the company


says it?s now created a black and gold 2015 version ` inspired by the


world of motor racing. A swimmer from Leicestershire has


abandoned a world record attempt in the Lake District.


Julie Bradshaw from Loughborough was leading an international team trying


to complete the world?s longest freshwater swim


` 14 lengths of Windermere. But one of those taking part


fell ill this morning. The attempt had been in memory


of Susan Taylor from Leicestershire who died while trying to swim


the English Channel last year. We're known as a nation


of animal lovers and most of us would do anything for our pets.


No wonder then that pioneering keyhole surgery to neuter dogs


in Nottinghamshire is proving popular with owners `


it reduces pain by up to 65%. Rushcliffe Veterinary Centre is


the only practice in the East Midlands carrying out the spaying


procedure and it now performs three times as many keyhole ops as it does


the traditional type ` despite them costing over ?100 more a time.


Amy Harris reports. This golden retriever is on her way


for pioneering surgery. Her owner has brought her especially to this


vet to be neutered by a keyhole operation, only carried out by 100


surgeries in the UK. To have it done microscopically with minimal in


sessions I feel is much kinder for her. A short while later in the dog


is in the theatre. Using this high`tech camera system he removes


her ovaries through two tiny hole is reducing pain and healing time. It


is open 65% less painful than the traditional operation. Dogs


recovered really quickly, it will go all within three hours of the


procedure. These keyhole surgery are proving popular, over the last four


years they have carried out 300 of these operations, three times the


number of traditional procedures. Despite the higher cost, vets here


believe there will be more and more of this type of procedure as their


nerdy science keeps up with human surgery.


Amy Harris reports. Still to come:


Two very different but equally striking ways


of marking the centenary of the start of World War One.


Children fashion remembrance poppies from the loom bands they'd normally


wear on their wrists and the Leicestershire maze that's


been designed to resemble a giant field gun.


Now the sport. We're going to start with cricket


and the smashing of records by Nottinghamshire.


Led brilliantly by Alex Hales and then by Captain James Taylor,


the Outlaws scored their highest ever List A total in their


Royal London Cup game at Middlesex. Their 368 for 2 off just 45 overs


including the highest ever county White Ball first wicket stand.


All the more remarkable given the pressure of the hunt


for a quarter final. Sadly the rain has intervened.


Leicester are still in with a quarterfinal chance. There are two


days to go now until the Fox's first season in a decade in the Premier


league. We have a build`up to their time back in the big time. Many


teams are expected to go straight back down so plenty of the questions


today where about expectation, it can Leicester stay up? The manager


says it will be a steep learning curve but he believes in his team


and his striker. We are champions. We were unbeaten in preseason. We


are going in confident. I am 100% that we can stay up. Everyone seems


to have a good season the first year, we are looking to finish above


18. What do the fans think? Can he keep you up? Yes! I reckon so, I am


excited. Two CB would be happy with 17th or above is great. Do they have


a chance? Two out of three do stay up and recently teams coming up have


done well. But what does history tell us? In 2003 they went down and


the next time they went up they were ninth backed down the next year. In


2004 at the same thing happened. You have only got another one and then


you can stay up but I would rather look for a mid`table place. I think


they can do it, I am very confident. Leicester are an unknown quantity,


it can be used that in the first three games against Everton, Chelsea


and Arsenal? News just in that Nottingham Forest announced the


signing of midfielder from Hamburg. for a quarter final.


Derby County striker Jamie Ward has become the latest Rams star


to commit his future to the club. The 28`year`old has signed


a new two`year deal that will keep him at the Ipro until 2016.


And Head Coach Steve McClaren is delighted to have secured a deal


for yet another of his squad. He can play in previous positions,


right or left. His attitude is great. On and off the field he is


infectious to the team. for yet another of his squad.


Sheffield United an almighty scare in the Capital One Cup last night.


Alex Butler had put United ahead early in the second half.


But only four minutes later Alex Fisher pounced to level the scores.


The Stags went looking for the winner ` and nearly got it `


but just four minutes from the end of the 90, Marc McNulty


did the job for the home side. So, Leicester City enter


the competition and we have three In Athletics, Loughborough has


a new European Champion. James Dasaolu's began paying out


on his potential by taking the 100 metre crown in Eindhoven last night


` with Loughborough colleague Harry Aikines Aryeetey in third.


If he's spared more injury trouble we could be in for a great couple


of years from him. In Rugby, huge congratulations to


Desford's Emily Scarratt and Hinckley's Vicky Fleetwoodwho are


part of the England Rugby team that rampaged its way to the World Cup


final by beating Ireland last night. Scarratt one of the try scorers.


Fleetwood just delighted. It is my first one so I am just over


the moon, it is amazing, I cannot wait. We are going to thrive on them


being against ours and we will play our hearts out.


Fleetwood just delighted. Finally, we'd like to add our


tribute to the many that have poured in for one of Notts County?s


greatest supporters ` in every sense. John Mounteney, who died


yesterday aged 79, was a club Vice Chairman at Meadow Lane for 24 years


and before that one of the leading lights among the supporters. Former


players have described him at the club's number one fan.


Children in Nottinghamshire have come up with a unique way of


commemorating the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One.


Youngsters from Radcliffe on Trent are making loom band poppies.


Their efforts are all part of BBC Radio Nottingham's Big Poppy Knit.


Angelina Socci has been to take a look.


In many homes across the East Midlands children are doing this,


twisting, weaving and creating bracelets, necklaces and things from


loom bands. Here a group of children are making poppies. We are making


poppies because of the world War, so many people died. We are trying to


make 11,000 for the 11,000 who died in World War I. You are one of the


Rowan Vine teachers here. How does it work? You pull the bands over


every foot and it is almost like in a knot but when they get together


they end up looking like a poppy. I think it is fantastic, they are all


into the room bands we just cannot keep up with purchasing them. What


is this you have here? This is a piece of the newspaper. It is my


great grandad and his three brothers in the world War. He was posted for


four years in Germany. This was the Battle of the Somme. The children


have made dozens of the poppies but they are not stopping here, they


plan to create as many as they can by October.


a look. And staying with the Great War


Centenary, news of a piece of art on a massive scale that takes us right


back to the start of the conflict. A field in Leicestershire has been


turned into a maze in the shape of an enormous field gun.


Paul Bradshaw reports. Now the weather.


These children were learning about the war at the great Glen. To mark


the centenary of the conflict, this theme and design is a timely


reminder. I thought it was important people realise the sacrifices made


during that time. We have multiple choice questions on the First World


War, it covers everything from the First World War beginning to the


effects of shell`shocked. The plan was to use GPS technology, now fully


grown the laws of corn have created three miles of pathways and the quiz


boards are ahead in along the way. It was interesting finding out


different things about the First World War. I have found out things


today I did not know happened in the water. It was very good actually


finding out all about the history of the First World War. I Cannes it is


open to the public until the end of August. That is amazing! It


certainly is! As Rob Ogleby will be the weather. We have certainly had


some heavy showers around earlier today. Some of you were lucky enough


to spot this, the cloud developing around lunch time was spotted around


many areas. It is a funnel cloud, a violent and rotating column of year.


It did not touch the ground, if it did, that is when it would be


classed as a tiny dog. Thank you for your pictures, we could only show a


few of them. A good deal of dry weather and some sunny spells


tomorrow. We continue to have a few showers reading through this


evening. These will die out into the early hours of Friday morning. There


will be a dry night with clear spells and mist in places. Tomorrow


morning starting fairly dry, some decent spells of sunshine through


the morning. Just as we start to head into the afternoon we will see


more showers which could be heavy in nature. It will be a largely dry day


in many places. The high 20s Celsius in the sunshine. Saturday looks like


a dry day. The best sunshine through the morning, cloud increasing


through the day. From Sunday on words we have the potential of


showers from Sunday. It will also be quite breezy on Sunday. That theme


will continue for the new week, the easy with showers around. It is like


summer has gone on holiday! I'll need to put the heating on!


Fiddlesticks! Goodbye.


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