14/08/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


Good evening. Universities across the


East Midlands have reported record numbers of inquiries from school


leavers on A Level results day. There are more university places


available than ever before ` good news for students hoping to


make the grade. Navtej Johal reports.


And was almost over for these students. In this boy's envelope was


exactly what she needed. I cannot describe how I feel right now. Even


some of those who did not get what they wanted were still able to


celebrate. I did not get what I wanted but with some stroke of luck


I have got through. We want to make sure that as many students as want


to go to university can do. That is really good for the students and the


country in general. Scenes of the the spear where murdered across the


region. How are you feeling? Nervous. Gridlock. `` good luck.


What did you do? I got into university, I am happy. I have got


into my apprenticeship with Rolls`Royce. I am relieved now. I


did not have a back`up plan. A day of tension, it tears and triumph.


And, as we've seen, not everyone was aiming for a University place.


So are more students choosing work instead of a degree?


That's a question I put to Sue Husband who is director


of apprenticeships at the Skills Funding Agency.


Absolutely. They can search for apprenticeships or look at our app


which will give them all the opportunities in their area. It


gives young people the opportunity to be in the workplace already, not


only learning but learning at the same time. It allows them to


progress through business and businesses tell as that apprentices


are really valuable to them and contribute to the results. Do you


feel competition with universities, some of whom are dropping their


requirements for students. They are both valuable options and it is up


to people to choose what is best for them.


A shopkeeper says he's been forced to use weapons to defend


his store against petty thieves. Ali Nowroozi has chased away several


shoplifters from his corner shop in Derby.


He says some have even agreed to hand back the goods they stole.


Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, reports.


This man tried to steal a bottle, he threw a bottle at him and then gave


chase with a wooden bar. What do his customers think? He did not expect


it, the guy who came in, it serves him right. His very direct approach


to protecting his business might raise some eyebrows. He does not see


any alternative, having been challenged 20 times in three years.


Of course I am angry. I pay tax and everything. Across the East Midlands


there was a sharp increase in shoplifting last year. Many thefts


are not even reported. Most shoplifting is happening at the big


supermarket chains and police say those companies need to do more to


protect themselves. They do not advise protecting businesses like


this. It is unlikely to deter this shopkeeper.


Three more people have been arreste in connection with the death of a


seven`year`old girl in Nottingham. The body of Shanay Walker was


discovered at a house in Bestwood Park a fortnight ago.


She'd died from a head injury. Two women, aged 21 and 53 and


a 22`year`old man were arrested on suspicion of murder earlier today.


Shanay's aunt Kay`Ann Morris has already been


charged with her murder. Born at the lines is to start ``


stop flying from our local. They only started after another low`cost


ceased trading. charged with her murder.


More than 100,000 school children Born at the lines is to start ``


stop flying from our local. They only started after another low`cost


ceased trading. across the East


offered a nasal spray to combat flu. It's part of the expansion


of pilot flu vaccination projects held last winter.


Next term selected school year groups in Leicester, Leicestershire,


Rutland and Lincolnshire will be targeted.


Now the weather. This was spotted earlier today, a funnel cloud. Thank


you everyone who sent in photographs. It looks like being a


mostly dry day tomorrow with plenty of sunshine around. For now we still


have a fair few showers pushing through. Those will die out and it


will become largely dry and clear for the rest of the night. Foremost,


a dry start with any cloud breaking to get decent spells of sunshine


through the morning. In the afternoon there is a potential of a


few showers. A good deal of dry weather and warmer with highs


are very few showers around. It may be dry Saturday and Sunday, a chilly


wind, the national picture again with Louise now.


Many of us have been asking the question, where has summer gone?


Today, no exception. We started off with a cluster of showers across


Wales and the south-west. They gathered in intensity and pace as


they pushed furthered east, bringing localised flash flooding and hail


with the thunder storms as


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