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to be lower than average. Make sure you pack your jumpers if you are


going away. This is East Midlands Today, with


Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale. We have seen the country 's biggest


drop in wages. We are questioning the sustainability of any recovery.


Plus Royal Crown Derby halts production to protect jobs. As the


refugee crisis in Iraq continues to shock the world, we hear the views


of Kurdish families here. In sport, this is what it is all about for a


Leicester City this season. We are with the Premier League trophy.


First tonight, what is happening to our pay packets?


Earlier this week, we had great economic news in this region


when the latest jobs figures showed we had had the biggest drop


in the unemployment rate of any region in the UK over the last year.


But other official figures show something else, too.


In the same period, the East Midlands saw by far the biggest


We are now, on average, ?36 pounds a week worse off than


Our Political Editor John Hess has been examining whether the


What ordinary people supposed to believe about the state of the East


Midlands economy. It had the biggest rate unemployment dropped. The best


figures we have other ones produced by the Office of National


Statistics. The reliable surveys rather than employment records. What


do they reveal? In our region, we had the best news and jobs, we also


had the worst news on P. Average earnings in the last quarter stood


at ?491. One year ago, that figure was ?527, a drop of ?36. No other


region has seen such a drop. This will add fuel to the argument for


those who see the new jobs being created are not as well`paid as


those have lost. We have seen the sharp drop and it seems to be the


likes of zero hours contracts are lowly paid jobs. We are looking for


sustainability. The fight people worse off before this recovery


came, we cannot sustain recovery on that. More runs a cleaning firm on


the outskirts of Nottingham and pays his stuff the minimum wage. I have


to keep my wages they really are, because it gives me some sort of


confidence. If I increase wages, it would put more pressure on myself in


the business. Our people in content with squeezed pay packets? There has


been a pay freeze for about four years. We have been offered the


percentage next year, but it is not enough. Obviously, as I for that, I


will say yes. But he seems to say the same. It is a low wage currently


that does not seem as if it will get any better. When will we start


rising? The vast majority of single will be awarded pay rises up at


least in line with inflation rises and some larger. Will impatience


over pay dominate the political agenda?


Is there then a simple correlation here?


It is probably more complex than that.


It might be that lower levels of pay do encourage employers to


That looks like a simple enough equation that would explain this big


fall in both pay and in the unemployment rate, but on the other


hand, it might be that employers in this region at this particular


moment in time need people at the lower end of the pay scales, not


In this area, there are a lot of jobs, which tend to be in the likes


of lower paid and industries. Is the issue of pay likely to cause


increasing political difficulties? I think it will. We have heard


arguments about the economic revival. The council will be joining


with unions to complain about zero hours contracts and low pay.


One of our best known pottery companies is halting production,


Workers at Royal Crown Derby have voted in favour of plans


which will see the factory close for three weeks from Monday.


The firm is also asking for voluntary redundancies.


A proud industry which has been part of Derby for hundreds of years. The


demand for some products has fallen. Since 2009, workers have been only


40 B contract. For three weeks on Monday, the production line will


come to a halt. The union advised the workers to back this plan. They


are hopeful this will protect the jobs in the long term. When the


four`day week in 2012, the company said they were determined to get


everyone back on to full`time work. But the unknown looking for


voluntary redundancies. We had an overwhelming vote on acceptance of


this. This demonstrates that our employees are on board. We do a lot


of work behind the scenes to ensure that people are fully informed and


that the are on board with us understand the challenges. We


understand taking these measures are no will ensure the future of the


company. The company is the only porcelain company country to have


survived for 250 years. They are hoping that the changes will ensure


that production will continue for years to come.


Still to come, the return of the Foxes to football's top flight.


Add 529 years since the King of England died here in battle,


hundreds of people are preparing to reunite the Battle of Bosworth.


Plus, I was going to see all quiet on the weather front. However, come


Sunday, we may be battling the wind. Police


in Nottingham have been granted more time to question three people about


the death of a seven`year`old girl. Shanay Walker's body was found


at a house Two women and a man were arrested


on suspicion of murder yesterday. Police now have a further 12 hours


to continue questioning them. Shanay's aunt Kay`Ann


Morris has already been A medical student from Derbyshire


who was killed in Borneo is to be Neil Dalton, from Ambergate, was on


a hospital work placement in Kuching Newcastle University is honouring


him with a posthumous MBBS, along with fellow student


Aiden Brunger, who was also killed. Tests are to be held


on wind turbines in Derby, after it was found they could affect


radar at East Midlands Airport. The turbines


at Spondon were built early this year for Severn Trent Water,


but were put on standstill in June, However, this week they started


moving again, ahead of new tests. The firm says it is working with


the airport and hopes new radar Iraq is back in the headlines and


so is the question of Britain's possible military involvement


in the crisis there. Today, the UK government said it


would consider arming the Kurds The announcement came as the Kurdish


community here protested against the continuing violence


in their homeland. They gathered in Nottingham to


condemn the actions of the group As the statue of playing Clough


looks on, the Kurdish community comes together to make a stand


against the slaughter in their homeland. The United Nations see


thousands of people have been driven out of northern Iraq by the


self`styled Islamic State. This is making me so sad. Every night I am


crying. I am playing for my people. Do you still know people rear,


friends and family? Yes, I know people who are on the front line.


Altogether, 25 of my relatives are no fighting. Last week, my brother


was injured. The protesters here welcome the help of Britain. We are


grateful that the British government is coming along to help us. It is


really worrying because you need to wake up in the morning and check


which city is under threat, you need to make sure, are they OK, have they


got away. It is very unsettling to be here and watch this. Many people


want an independent country for the cards out with Iraq.


New plans for 300 homes on a disused theme park


Waystone Development wants to build the houses, a retirement village


and leisure facilities on the site of American Adventure,


but the local parish council is concerned about access and traffic.


In May, the scheme was rejected by Amber Valley Borough Council


for being "too vague" about the housing types.


It will consider the new proposals later this year.


Drivers using the A453 will be switched to a new


The route between the M1 and Nottingham is currently


From 8pm on Wednesday, the existing road will be closed between West


And then on Thursday, vehicles will start using


A World War One memorial window has been commissioned for Southwell


This design, by the artist Nicholas Mynheer, has been chosen.


It shows combatants from both sides of the war seeking common ground.


To a much more ancient conflict now and a battle considered one of the


It left a Plantagenet king dead and heralded the dawn


We are talking, of course, about the Battle of Bosworth


This weekend, 529 years on, hundreds of people will re`enact it.


The annual event has long attracted thousands of visitors, but


organisers say this year's event could be one of their biggest, all


The weapons are nearly ready. We will be hitting each other as hard


as possible. Bosworth battlefield is about to welcome visitors in their


thousands. We have traders all the far far side, so there will be a


wide range of goods. There will be jousting over here, there will be to


battle re`enactment over the weekend. The re`enactment is


traditionally seen hundreds of people taking part. This group has


driven all the way from Germany. I am interested in the study and it


has been a great lot of fun fighting with people. Unfortunately, my side


is going to lose, but that is OK! They are wanting to give the public


are more accurate impression of what the battle was actually like.


Cannons, swords, axes, firearms banging into each other, a lot of


screaming. This year 's re`enactment could be the biggest since the 500th


anniversary back in 1985. Interest in the battle has soared since the


remains of Richard III refined and Leicester. You have got a big battle


tomorrow, do you fancy your chances? Of course. I think the loyalty of


most of my group are secured. It will be no problem at all. History


tells us is confidence may be a bit misplaced, but at least he is not


facing 500 years under the car park. An East Midlands charity is getting


into the furniture business Age UK Leicestershire and Rutland


has received so many desks, tables, sofas


and chairs that they have opened They say charity begins at home, but


this one helps to furnish homes and businesses. Faced with funding


cuts, age UK in the region have been forced to look at new streams of


income. We were trying to look at ways to generate a lot of stock that


we could sell on. We could then plough this back into the charity.


The offer a range of services which are often a lifeline for older


people. They are hoping this will be safeguarded by the new venture. The


needed to change. We know of a respite support for older people. We


help people who are no longer able to look after themselves over any


more and to help with these centres. The goods on offer could make a big


difference for new companies starting up. For new businesses,


funding is often very tight. People can get the likes of furniture for


their officer very good prices. The rear house on Saint Georges Street


opens to the public tomorrow. Tonight, only once place to


be here at Leicester City. The Premier League trophy is here,


a reminder than we are only hours way now for their first season back


in the top flight for a decade. For many of the players this season,


this is their big break, a chance for


the first time to play in arguably But for striker David Nugent,


it mean much more than that, as Natalie Jackson reports on his


big season back in the big time. Last season, he was the best striker


in the division. David Nugent scored 20 goals as Leicester won the title.


On the eve of the new season, he still feels he has a point to prove.


He has played for England, won the FA Cup, but he has unfinished


business in the top division. Portsmouth arrowhead. A great strike


from David Nugent. I do not think I got a good enough


shot with Portsmouth in the Premier division and I am determined to take


the most of it now. No 29, he feels this is the biggest season of his


career. He plans to shore with Leicester that he is good enough


with Leicester to score goals in the top flight. I definitely got the


pleasure of when I was a lot younger. There was a lot talked


about me when I was at Portsmouth, with the likes of England. But I


want to prove I can play at the very top level. His manager says he has


scored over 50 goals for the club in scored over 50 goals for the club in


three seasons. I am ready. The fans have been excellent and they will


get right behind as this season. They will be our 12th man and help


us get as high as possible in the league. He is itching to walk out


tomorrow against another top`flight team. I have been out of the top


five for four years, so it is great to get back into the Premier League.


There is a huge buzz about the place. Everton are the visitors


tomorrow. We will get the few predictions. 2`1 to Leicester. I


agree, 2`1 Leicester. 1` nil to Leicester. The viewer, consensus


that Leicester are definitely going to win.


So, those Leicester fans are out the picture as far as Forest


and Derby are concerned, which will focus their rivalry even


Both have their eyes on this, the Championship trophy, and both


believe they have a chance of lifting it, just like Leicester did.


Kirsty Edwards has been in both camps this week.


Just a quick look at the other fixtures, with both Notts


County and Mansfield having their first home games this weekend.


At Notts County, there will be a moment?s silence


Two wins out of two. The goals scored and none conceded. Whatever


of the teams you support, it has been so far so good at the start of


the season. For me, the attitude has been very


good. They are very honest. I just hope that during the season we will


get better and better. If you are doing well, it is going to be a good


environment to work on, when everyone is pulling together. We


want to just continue on alert. A good start for both, but no one


happy to be involved in the Forest captain. This will be an emotional


return after his name months out for a knee injury. I was very humbled


with the reception I got. I have been here a long time and it is one


of the best receptions I have heard since I have been here at the club.


They go to Bolton tomorrow, Paul Darby play at Sheffield Wednesday.


We want to make sure we stay in the game and after 1012 games, we are


right up there. We want to go in there with the well and winning


mentality. We are going there to win the game. There are tough


challenges, but that is how we wanted. We have set ourselves a


number of goals and we want to make sure we are ready to do what is


required of the season. Two big rivals with big ambitions. Both are


expected to be in the mix for promotion, although it is early


days, the signs are good. Just a quick look at


the other fixtures, with both Notts County and Mansfield having their


first home games this weekend. At Notts County,


there will be a moment?s silence and a minute?s applause for former


vice chairman John Mounteney, There will also be a book


of condolence. With that in mind,


I would just like to apologise on behalf of all of us for showing


the wrong pictures last night, Two county championship games


on today. Leicestershire and title chasing


Nottinghamshire both playing. Catch up with day one scorecards and


reports on the BBC Sport website. Return of Leicester to the Premier


League. Let us talk to a couple of ambassadors from the club. Alan,


what does this mean for the club? It means everything. You can see their


reaction. We have not in the beam in the top division for a decade. The


place is absolutely buzzing. They have even brought the trophy for us.


Maybe that is being a bit optimistic. I remember seeing him


when he arrived. Of clubs which have been promoted, they probably have a


better chance than most. Back in the day, they got the likes of Peter


Shilton and David Nash. But we had many great players in that period.


In 1996, I was much more worried about Martin O'Neill said, with a


got regard to relegation. They are very much like this one. They are a


very young side. But they have been building up nicely. In 2003, Mickey


Adams went the opposite way, it was not a young team, it was full of old


stalwarts. I do not remember last week, never mind ten years ago. The


average age of that side was over factory. They certainly have not get


that this time. How do you feel about the new season? Very


optimistic. I think the manager has the players with them. We have got a


good team from last season and have added a few, so I think we will have


a good season. We shall see and we shall follow Leicester during the


course of this season. Two county championship games


on today. Leicestershire and title chasing


Nottinghamshire both playing. Catch up with day one scorecards and


reports on the BBC Sport website. Just before the weather,


there is a story this week that seems to have really captured


people's imaginations. These two Lancasters,


flying together over the region One is ours,


from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and the other has come over


from Canada, so they can tour We've put some video of them


in action in our skies So, if you want to see those planes


again ` and hear those Merlin There is also some great air`to`air


footage on our page, so fill Looking scary words as the lady to


my left, but not very good news. Well, but of a mixed picture. If you


are getting out and about, it does not look too bad. It will be a


largely dry weekend by the day, with the few showers on Sunday. But it


will become increasingly windy. For now, we had a largely dry day, but


we have had some heavy rainfall pushing through during the past


hour, particularly in Nottinghamshire. More heavy showers


coming in the rest of the evening. They will die out overnight


tonight. A tiny, with clear spells. In the towns and cities, a low of 13


Celsius. A decent start to Saturday, with plenty of sunshine in


the morning. It will come increasingly cloudy during the


course of the day. The odd shower in the afternoon. But it will stay dry


for most, with high temperatures of 19 Celsius. Saturday into Sunday, we


have a cold front coming from the north and that will bring patchy


light rain on Sunday morning. Behind it is when things start to change


low pressure on the North Sea is going to bring in cold arctic gear,


unusual for this time of the year. It will feel fresher and cool on


Sunday. Sunday does look like it will be a largely dry day again,


with just the odd shower. I am leaving there is the chance of snow


in Scotland! You are joking!


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