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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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That's all from us. Now, time for the news where you are.


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


Government figures show that pay here in the East Midlands has seen


the biggest drop in the country over the past year.


People in this region earn, on average,


6.7% less than 12 months ago, despite one of the highest increases


Our Political Editor John Hess can tell us more.


What are the people supposed to believe about the state of the


economy in the east Midlands. Recent figures showed the biggest rate of


unemployment. But what has happened to pay? The statistics come from the


Office of National Statistics, based on surveys, rather than employers


returns. In our region, which had the best news and jobs, it saw the


biggest drop in pay. In the East Midlands, average weekly earnings


stood at ?491, but one year ago, that figure was ?527, a drop of 37


pounds per week. No other region has seen any comparable loss. This will


add fuel to the argument that say the new jobs being created are not


as good or as well`paid as those lost. In the East Midlands, the


sharp drop seems to be that the jobs on offer are often zero hours


contracts, minimum wage jobs. We want sustainability, an economy


built on proper work for a proper wages. That is unrealistic according


to one boss. More runs its cleaning farm and pieces to have the minimum


wage. I want to keep their wages as they are as it gives me continuity.


put a lot of pressure on myself in put a lot of pressure on myself in


the business. Our people content with squeezed pay packets? I have


had a pay freeze for about four years. We have been offered a couple


of percent from next year, but it is not enough. If someone offers it to


me I am obviously going to say yes. But costs seem to rise a lot more


than you wages. It does not seem to be getting any better. When


mortgages start to rise again? In a recent survey, employers said they


would be awarding pay rises in line with inflation and sum in excess of


it. As Diamond Falls, while in patients pay continue to dominate


the political agenda? Royal Crown Derby is shutting


down production for three weeks, The pottery firm has already been


running on a four`day week because Now, it has decided


a total shutdown is necessary. A and destroy part of Darby says


study for hundreds of years. But demand for some products has fallen


and since 2009, the workers had been on a four`day week contract. On


Monday, the production line will grind to a halt. They advise the


members to back this change in production. They hope to safeguard


all the jobs at the site. When the company was taken over in 2012, they


said they were determined to get workers back on to full`time


contracts, but the turnaround is taking longer than expected.


Management say they are offering voluntary redundancies, but a


decision like that has not been taken lightly. We said there was a


danger of a shutdown. That clearly emphasise the importance of the


change. We are keeping everyone fully informed and keeping them on


board with us. We believe that taking these measures now will


secure the future and we will be able to move forward in a positive


way. Royal Crown Derby is the only porcelain company in the country to


have survived over 250 years, there are hoping that the tough choices


being made now will safeguard the future of the company in decades to


come. Three people arrested


in connection with the death of a seven`year`old girl in Nottingham


have been released on bail. Shanay Walker's body was found


at a house Two women and a man were arrested


on suspicion of murder yesterday. Shanay's aunt Kay`Ann


Morris has already been A medical student from Derbyshire


killed in Borneo is to be given Neil Dalton from Ambergate was on a


hospital work placement in Malaysia, Newcastle University is honouring


him with a posthumous MBBS. Fellow student Aiden Brunger,


who was also killed, This weekend sees the annual


re`enactment of the Battle of Bosworth and organisers say it


could be one of their biggest yet. Richard III's rediscovery has seen


visitor numbers to Bosworth soar. Thousands of people are expected to


attend this weekend and hundreds They will see our team in full


power, Phil always, genuine period armour and is close to a real war as


you're likely to find. Richard III is going to lose, but it is still


great to be involved. We have made the arena bigger than it has ever


been before. We don't have an extra field. It really will be quite a


spectacular event and we are all very much looking forward to it.


If you are heading to that or up to anything else outside this weekend,


In a few moments, a full national forecast, but for now, I will leave


Not too bad, but things are set to continue trying to tomorrow, but it


could get very windy on Sunday. Join overnight tonight. In towns and


cities, a low temperature of 12 Celsius. A lot of sunshine about if


you're up and about Italy. Cloud will continue to increase during the


course of the day and a lot of sunshine about if you're up and


about Italy. Cloud will continue to increase during the course of the


day in but it should be a dry day for most of us, whether they of 19


Celsius. Into Sunday morning, a call from coming in from the Sea. Try and


break again, but you will see the wind picking up. I will leave you


with the outlook look at the summary, as you can see


- it is largely dry, but definitely fresher.


Good evening. This weekend's forecast may be far from a summer


classic, with a strengthening breeze. At least it is not a


washout. For many, there'll be decent and dry spells to get out and


enjoy. Most are dry. We have a few heavy showers, drifting


south-eastwards. A few showers into the north-west of the UK. For the


vast majority it is a dry night, with lengthy clear spells. More


cloud later. Temperatures 11-13 Celsius. In the suburbs and the


countryside down to single digits. A cool start to Saturday morning.


Cloud from the north-west of Scotland, with outbreaks of rain,


will work southwards. Into the afternoon it will be across southern


Scotland and the far north of England. You can expect more cloud


over the rest of England and Wales. All in all, a decent day. Few


showers for many of you. In the sunshine it should feel warm. 18-23


Celsius is possible. Some of the best conditions on the south coast.


Thicker cloud into


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