16/08/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel, we are back


With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


An international service was held in Leicester today to pay tribute


to nine soldiers from Belgium who died in World War One.


They succumbed to their injuries while being treated at the local


hospital, which is now part of the University of Leicester.


The names of Belgian soldiers who never returned home. Injured in


France, they reported that treatment but died shortly after. So many


people lied for what they believed to be such a short war and it


wasn't. `` died. The event was also attended by representatives from the


country. I studied here ten years ago and I wasn't aware there were


nine patriots of mine buried here. It is interesting to note that we


can publish that a bit more and make it known more to those living back


home in Belgium. This man's mother was from Belgium. This reminds me of


my mother. It reminds me of many happy times that we went to Belgium


for our holidays. At a time when the 100th anniversary of World War I is


being commemorated, people here in Leicester say it is important to not


all of those who sacrificed their lives.


The King Power Stadium was packed, as expected,


for Leicester City's first game back in the Premier League.


The Foxes have been hosting Everton for their first match back


There were high hopes for the game and the season


We played really well last season and I think we have a chance against


some of the big clubs. If we played like we did last year and attack, we


might surprise a few teams. Once we see how we perform against Everton,


that is when we will know a little bit more about how the season will


go. In the Championship,


Forest also drew 2`2 at Bolton, while it was a goalless draw


for Derby at Sheffield Wednesday. In League One,


Notts County lost 1`0 to Fleetwood. And in League Two, Mansfield Town


beat Oxford United 2`1. Another great win for Loughborough


athletes at the After James Dasoalu took gold


earlier this week in the 100 metres, Adam Gemeli took gold last night


in the 200 metres. In a time under 20 seconds, he not


only set a new personal best, but also became the first ever Britain


to run the 200 metres sub`20 twice. I'm so happy. Just to get out and


become a European champion, it is something that was a big target for


me this year and to achieve it, it is amazing for me. I am really


happy. To break 20 seconds, I did it last year but to do that again it is


a great thing. I am sharing a room with James Dasaolu. It would be nice


if we could get both titles in our little cam. I have done that.


Rutland adventurer Sarah Outen has completed a major milestone


in her attempt to cross the world using only human power.


She's successfully rowed across the North Pacific, the same


stretch that two years ago saw her abandon her attempt and need


She restarted the row from Japan 101 days ago and has arrived now


From there, she'll continue her trip by road.


It has been a cool blustery day today and if anything, the winds


will be picking up. There will be a lot of dry and bright weather but


the winds will make it feel quite nippy once again. It is try at the


moment. We will see little bit of rain pushing into washed in parts


and that will slowly go southwards. We are staying into double figures


with those of around 12 to 13 Celsius. Tomorrow morning will start


off fairly damp. There will be some dry and bright weather in the


afternoon. One or two showers following on behind. It will feel


quite cold out there and temperatures tomorrow really


struggling. We are looking at highs of around 17 to 18 Celsius. That is


it for now. Goodbye. The start of the football season


reminds us autumn is around the corner and the an autumnal flavour


for the next few days. For Sunday, north-westerly winds and some rain.


The rain comes from this front crossing


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