17/08/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel and I will


be back With your news now for the


East Midlands, I'm Jim Davies. Four years after a temple


in Leicester was destroyed in a gas explosion, worshippers have


been able to celebrate their annual The celebration by members of


the Iskcon temple coincides with a 30 people escaped just before this


temple exploded four years ago. A massive fire then ripped


through the building. Since then, it's been a struggle


to find another permanent temple. It's hard to imagine


anything four years ago. The explosion actually happened


the day after our celebrations. But, then, at that point,


we didn't know where and what would happen, where we would go,


and what would happen after that. But it was only


after an anonymous donor came forward that the congregation was


able to move into new premises. Today's significant because it's


the first time we are having our celebration in the temple as


well as here in town hall square. It's all part of one big festival


in the city which sees more than 70 Any festival has got to


be worthwhile having. It attracts people


into the city centre. I mean, here in the Premier League


in football, From national scale cycling races to


parades through the streets, the city festival is on day and


night until bank holiday Monday. A Lincolnshire mayor has become


the first in Britain to have Mayor on Sunday is presented live


by Grantham's Ian Selby. John Hess, our political editor,


has been tuning in. Ian Selby is determined to make


an impact as Grantham's mayor. That is why he has reintroduced


the traditional role of town crier. A short walk from the Guildhall,


he's about to make it a bigger In the studios of Grantham's


community radio station, mayor Selby Welcome to Gravity FM,


97.2 with myself, Ian Selby, He doesn't always wear his chain


of office in the studios. I've got listeners that are


listening via the Internet, I want to promote what we do here


in Grantham, the local businesses, and it's just a wonderful format


in which to do that. And, as Labour councillor,


lays off the party politics, too. If you're party politics


on your radio show, you're basically alienating


a certain part of your audience. Back in the Mayor's parlour,


and a busy diary Sunday night is already booked,


though. In football, Leicester returned to


the Premier League and got a well deserved point, while


Forest and Derby remain undefeated. After a decade waiting,


this was the moment. Leicester's visitors, Everton,


are expected to push the top four this season and, so,


after an even start, no surprise the And featured record signing,


Leonardo Ulloa, starting to repay Then the sucker punch,


just before half`time. You can argue about who


dominated the second half. Forest also drew 2`2,


and also twice came from a goal down, after Bolton's opener,


Bolton's big signing, The home team responded immediately


but then shot themselves In League One, Notts County manager


Shaun Derry called his side's 1`0 In League 2, a late goal from


Adam Murray was enough for Mansfield In rugby,


Leicestershire's Vicky Fleetwood and Emily Scarratt are among the


English side taking on Canada in the More accolades for East Midland


athletes on the last day of the Loughborough's Michael Bingham


and Martyn Rooney helped Great Britain take gold and break


the three`minute barrier in the And Loughborough's Adam Gemili


helped team GB to the gold in the 100m relay, too, beating


Germany on the final stretch. Sky divers from the East Midlands


have helped set a new world record over the skies


of the Czech Republic. The foursome from Nottinghamshire


helped form a 100 person diamond It's the biggest of its kind


since the 1980s. You can see more footage


on our Facebook page. Well, cloudless skies for that,


but what's in store for us? Good evening. It's been another cool


and blustery day today. The winds are easing down over the next 24


hours but there's no sign of the summer returning. It is staying cool


and showery. We have seen some showers this evening and we continue


to see some pushing southwards so it is cloudy and damp. But those


temperatures are up into double figures at around 11 or 12. Tomorrow


morning, starting cloudy and damp, we continue to see the showers


pushing away to the south, and for many of us, it will brighten up.


Despite those winds being lied to, temperatures are struggling once


again with highs of 17 or 18. I'll have more for you just


after 10:15pm. Good evening. It was a slow start


for England and Wales. We got there in the end today. A cloudy morning,


with some outbreaks of rain. As that weather front sank south, breaks in


the cloud developed. Different further north - it stayed windy and


wet, with showers and longer spells of rain at times. That low area of


pressure drifts off to the east. A few showers drifting further south,


inWales and northern England. The strongest of the winds first


thing tomorrow morning across the far north-east of Scotland. Rough


seas. Hopefully fewer showers than we have seen today. A cloudy start


and we run the risk of a few showers through Wales, the Midlands, into


the south-east corner. By the end of the day to North Sea-facing coasts.


As we move towards Tuesday,


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