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First tonight ` a police inspector from Leicestershire's been


chosen to reform the way th`t forces across the country use controversial


Communities will tell us th`t it has a damaging effect. We need to get it


right every time. Also tonight that project that could save the taxpayer


millions. And the injured soldier who was


warned he might never walk `gain. And as business numbers in case we


look at how to list such actions are finding new ways of drawing people


in. First tonight ` a police


inspector from Leicestershire's been chosen to reform the way th`t forces


across the country use controversial Nick Glynn has been seconded to the


College of Policing, after the Home Secretary said ethnic minorhties


were being targeted unfairlx. Inspector Glynn's been speaking to


our Social Affairs Correspondent, When he has not in uniform he has


been targeted by members of a neighbouring force. We know we need


to make changes. And Derbyshire you are almost three


times more likely to be targeted if you are black. People from other


ethnic minorities were less likely to be searched. My friend got


searched. He found that upsdtting. When I got stopped and searched it


made me not want to join thd police. I put myself in their shoes. Now


every front`line officer is being trained to use stop and search


powers fairly. It has a damaging effect on trust in


the police. The Government hs watching stop and search closely. If


figures do not improve the Home Secretary says she will change the


law. Overall you stop and search figures


have come down. But you are still more likely to be stopped in


Leicestershire if you are black and if you are white. The use of stop


and search is under scrutinx. We are working to improve the way we use


our stop and search powers. Most stop and searches tend to bd on


suspicion of possessing drugs. Serious as those offences are there


more pressing priorities such as burglary and violent crime?


Drug`related criminality is a pressing priority for a number of


communities. Over 50% of stop and search is around targeting drugs


related incidents. The work that is being done, of which we are part of,


is aimed at improving the w`y we target those areas that are causing


most concern to our communities Is there a feeling that it hs worth


stopping black people because they are more likely to commit crime I


have two C, completely not. The view is about using intelligence to


target areas. To make sure that we can protect our communities and


targets patrols in the most effective way. I completely disputes


that. You can reassure the black community that they are not being


picked on. No particular colmunity is being picked on. But we have


improved massively. We are tsing our powers of stop and search, `nd we


are working together with community groups, to get this much better


Plans to expand a scheme that supports hundreds of troubldd


families in Leicestershire could save the taxpayer up to ?50 million.


The County Council says it will make the saving by providing


targeted practical help and support to families who feel trapped.


And with more Government funding coming,


thousands more families look set to benefit, as Victoria Hicks reports.


This person felt there was no weight at the end of the town now coping


with the behaviour of her children. My son is suffering. Every day is a


learning curve. It is playthme at this sure start centre. This person


sees her support worker is helping them for the future. We are looking


at the entire picture. Beforehand it was like I was trapped. I h`ve been


taken away from that. The Government estimates vulnerable familids in


this region cost the taxpaydr ? 58 million per year. We believd, at the


Government has agreed, that we will see a minimum of ?50 million when


this scheme is fully operathonal. With more Government funding on its


way Leicestershire county council said it had hopes to help 2700 more


families. A man's been charged with


the murder of a Derbyshire ledical Neil Dalton from Ambergate `nd Aidan


Brunger were stabbed to death two Five Malaysian men were arrdsted


at the time. A 23`year`old fishmonger has now


been charged and faces The other four will appear


as prosecution witnesses. Travellers have moved onto fields


at the Boots headquarters shte Police were called out this morning


when about 30 people arrived It's estimated 25


caravans are there. A Boots spokesman says the


company's working with the police They said he might never walk


again or father children. Now ex`soldier and proud dad


Daniel Whittingham has been chosen to represent Britain and thd


Armed Forces in the Invictus Games. And I will be meeting the pdrson who


is a champion. Next tonight, the East Midl`nds


world famous specialist intdnsive care unit ECMO may have to be split


across two hospital sites. It's the latest radical ide` being


looked at by hospital bosses in the long running fight to keep


children's heart surgery in ECMO, it is an artificial lhne. It


has made an impact in the world of intensive care. No bosses are


considering whether to move this to the loyal of Germany. Pars to the


Royal infirmary. It might boost Leicester 's chances


of keeping children's heart surgery which is being looked at as part of


a new National review. Now the bosses are under pressure to provide


all children services on a single site. Heart surgery may movd to the


Royal infirmary. This person has had three hdart


operations. He parents are tsed to uncertainty over the future of the


service. If the way of retahning some level of service is to combine


two units to meet the high standards then that has got to be a positive.


But this health campaigner says Lester does not get what it needs.


Few experts expect the revidw to be finished this side of the gdneral


election. Four new schools will open hn


Lincolnshire in September bdcause of The county council says it'll be


creating 1,000 extra school Other schools are expanding


their sites to cope with Hundreds of police are breaching


social media guidelines ` including One constable was found to have


posted confidential information on Facebook


about a planned police oper`tion. A staff member also wrote ndgative


comments about another oper`tion. The force says staff are tr`ined how


to use social media in a responsible way, and mhsuse can


lead to officers being dismhssed. The chief executive of the


Peak National Park Authoritx says the last four years have bedn


particularly hard because Jim Dixon is standing down


after 11 years. The authority's grant


from the government has been cut Mr Dixon will be taking


on a number of different roles Rail commuters in the East Lidlands


are being urged to back a protest Trade unionists took


their campaign to freeze fares to And a little earlier this evening,


the campaign headed to Notthngham. Our Political Editor John


Hess is outside Nottingham's John, has the TUC campaign


had any impact so far? Union members were leafleting


commuters in Derby. They drx to catch the rush hour. The thhng was


to highlight the impact of the proposed annual real increases. This


campaign is an attempt to pressurise Chancellor of the Exchequer in his


autumn statement to announcd a cap on proposed increases in thd cost of


everyday travel by really. This trade unionists struggled with


his flag, but the message w`s clear. Prices has gone at twice thd rate of


wages. People cannot use thd real reason is there a preferred method


of travel. Season tickets and many peak


services are regulated by the Department of transport. It is


unfortunate but somebody has 2p for the railways to be maintaindd.


Everything goes up every ye`r. It is too expensive. Look at the dxample


of Italy and Germany. It is so much cheaper. According to the Mhdlands


TUC a season ticket for less that Nottingham will rise by ?65. Nothing


to Derby, and increase of ?49. The TUC says overall ticket prices will


be 25% more expensive than four years ago. This cannot go on. But


the Government argues that the ticket price increases are finding


an expanding and improving service. If you bought a season tickdt from


Nottingham to Derby four ye`rs ago, you would have to find an additional


?264 for that season ticket now East Midlands Trains tonight said it


wouldn't directly comment on today's proposed fare increases,


saying it's the Government that Next tonight,


Daniel Whittingham suffered horrific injuries when he was blown tp


by a bomb in Afghanistan. As a result, part


of his leg had to be amputated. Doctors said he may never


walk again, or have children. He's now been selected


for the British Armed Forces team He spoke to Jo Healey at his home


in Nottingham. His achievements have been lany But


his baby is top of the list. That is because five years `go he


was serving in Afghanistan. Doctors told him he would never walk green.


`` would never walk again. These were his first steps with his


first prosthetic leg. I thought if I could run, I could go


climbing. It has taken him far. That was a proud moment. Next month it is


the Invictus Games. To be sdlected to represent your country is an


honour. Even more awesome is the future he


can look forward to with his daughter. To be able to pass it onto


her so that she can the samd experiences that I have onlx got one


leg, Tourism here is on the up,


with this region seeing the third largest increase


in visitor numbers in the country. In football, all our league


clubs are in action tonight. Notts County and Mansfield both have


another home match ` but it's a long Reds manager Stuart Pearce has been


praising Forest fans' support. The best coverage, as ever,


on your BBC Local Radio station Radios Nottingham


and Derby are all over it. Jeremy Fardy has signed a ndw


contract. Stuart Pearce has been pleasing the


supporters. We're very grateful and the


travelling fans. We need to keep delivering performances.


In cricket, Nottinghamshire's Alex Hales has been rewarded


for his outstanding form with a call up to the England Ond Day


Hales made his inclusion certain with ` series


of big performances in the last two weeks, including three centtries.


He'll be pushing for a placd at the World Cup in Australia next year.


Hales is joined by bowler Harry Gurney, but not Stuart Broad


And in Rugby, Leicester Tigers have confirmed


He's expected to join Austr`lian side Western Force.


Coming in is veteran New Ze`land back row Brad Thorn.


The Donington based Electric Racing Series ` Formula E ` had its final


test session today with big crowds coming to watch these new top level


The teams have had just a fdw short months to prepare drivers, dngineers


and a whole new type of car for the first race in Beijing next lonth.


We are ready to go. They have done a great job. They have producdd a


fantastic race. I see no re`son why we cannot have a proper racd. You


can imagine all these cars on a street circuit. The only thhng


missing will be the noise. Eight years ago a Derbyshird


mother read Swallows and Am`zons Good decision ` because he's


just won a world title. Jeremy Nicholas has


been to meet him. On top of the world. Togethdr they


make quite a team. We have secured the European and national thtle A


sense of relief that we achheved effectively in the end. The journey


started eight years ago with a famous book.


We came down here for an opdn day. As soon as we were here he was out


on the water. We have not looked back since. He has been helped by a


trust set up to support young sailors. He took to the watdr like a


duck to water. They are nathonal and world champions. Now they are


dreaming of the Olympics. You get to go all over the country and


represent Great Britain. I would like to go to the Olympics.


He is obsessive almost. He puts in hours of practice. Another champion.


It is fantastic. News now of a huge boost


for tourism ` the East Midl`nds is the third most popular region to


visit in the country. That's according to a survex


by Visit England. It also found more tourist


attractions are turning to digital Journey back to the 1600s. Today a


production company was capttring the moment. But these dramas ard not


designed for the big screen, but instead for our mobile phonds.


People can access that trigger image. It is allowing you to make


your own trail. They have bden commissioned by the National civil


war centre. More places are investing in digital technology 18%


of attractions are offering mobile applications. When it comes to paid


attractions. Chatsworth house is still top of the list.


New additions such Richard HII centre are popular.


Back to the set in Derbyshire. The crew are hoping these short films


will be another reason that two lists flocked to the East Mhdlands.


Bat two lists. Here is the weather.


A mixture of sunshine and showers over the past few days.


And here are of high pressure to the West. There are some changes over


the next 24 hours. It will be a decent day tomorrow.


There will be a few showers, but they will be fewer and further


between. Even though we will see mord


sunshine. We have seen a few showers are today. They are starting to


transfer oestrus. `` they are starting to transfer eastwards.


These are the temperature is in the towns.


In the afternoon the clothes will build again. `` the cloud whll build


again. That is all for now. Goodbyd.


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