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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davhs.


A black police inspector from Leicestershire has been chosen


to reform the way that forcds across the country use controversial


Nick Glynn has been seconded to the College of Policing after the Home


Secretary said ethnic minorhties were being targeted unfairlx.


He's been speaking to our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jerely Ball.


This police inspector has fhrst`hand experience of what it's


When he is not in uniform, Nick Glynn has been targeted by


He has already been advising Leicestershire police and now he's


People are rightly concerned and we know we need to make some changes.


Over 50% of stop and searches are focused


on street possession of drugs, and while that is an important hssue,


we need the stop and searchds to be focused on the big prioritids.


Robbery, street crime, violent crime, burglary.


Stop and search is a powerful way for police to prevent


crime, but the government is worried that it is damaging community


relations because some groups are being stopped more frequently.


Over the past year in Nottinghamshire, black people were


four times more likely than white people to be stopped and se`rched.


That is only slightly less than the previous year.


In Leicestershire, there was a fourfold difference, too, btt there


In Derbyshire, you are now almost three times more likdly to


People from other ethnic minorities were less likely to be stopped


and searched, but for these police cadets


My best mate got stopped and searched. He is Muslim.


He found that quite offensive. Obviously terrorism, 9/11, dtc. .


He didn't talk to me for a good week.


When I did get stopped and searched, it did make me not want to join the


But it's the job, we have got to do that and I respected that, really.


Now every front`line officer in Nottinghamshire is being trained


to use stop and search powers fairly, but Nick Glynn


If an individual doesn't fedl that the police are there for thdm,


it does have a damaging effdct on trusting the police and involvement


So we absolutely need to get it right every time we use ht.


The government is watching stop and search closely and if the fhgures


don't improve, the Home Secretary says she will change the law.


A man has been charged with the murder of a Derbyshire ledical


Neil Dalton, from Ambergate, and Aidan Brunger were stabbed to


death two weeks ago in the town of Kuching.


Five Malaysian men were arrdsted at the time.


A 23`year`old fishmonger has now been charged and faces


The other four will appear as prosecution witnesses.


the East Midlands has seen one of the biggest increases


That's according to a survex by VisitEngland.


It also found more tourist attractions are turning to digital


technology to draw people in, as Geeta Pendse reports.


And you can't make a gunpowder without soap, Pdter


Journey back to the 1600s and Newark's role at the centre


Today, a production company has been capturing this moment of history


So there will be a trigger hmage at several sites around the Newark


which people can use their mobile phone or iPads or


tablets and they can access that trigger image which will thdn


It sort of allows you to make your own trail around Newark.


The National Civil War Centre, which opens next year, came up with


VisitEngland says more placds are using digital technologx


According to the VisitEngland survey, Rufford Abbey and


Country Park was the most popular free attraction in 2013.


Also in the top five were Sherwood Forest Country Park, Wollaton Hall,


Attenborough Natural Reservd and the New Walk Museum in Leicdster.


Now it comes to paid attractions, Chatsworth House is still top of the


list in East Midlands, even though visitor numbers have dropped by 9%


Also in the top five, the Calke Abbey, the


National Space Centre, Belton House in Lincolnshire and Hardwick Hall.


Back to the set in Derbyshire and the crew are hoping these short


films will also be a another reason tourists flock to the East Lidlands.


Earlier, I spoke to Sarah Long from VisitEngland.


I asked her why tourism in the East Midlands was doing so well


There are a lot of different reasons. Firstly, the East Lidlands


are a great destination. Thdre are a lot of reasons to go there `nyways.


Fantastic countryside, great cities. There are lots of reasons. How


important our new technologhes? Remax new technologies has proved to


be incredibly important. Those. Communities that are up fivd


invested in new technologies. They are keeping up visitor trends. They


are researching their days out while they are on the go, on their


tablets. Looking ahead, is ` future good? I think it is. Visits to


historic houses were up, th`t is a another reason why the East Midlands


is doing so well. Thank you. Onto football,


and a busy night for our te`ms. In the Championship, Nottingham


Forest won away at Bournemotth, 2`1. In Division One, Notts County beat


Colchester by two goals to one. And in Division Two,


Mansfield beat Newport County, `0. So, it's goodbye from me,


but with your weather now, It has been a decent day, and


despite those wins. I can't give you a completely dry day tomorrow, but


those hours will be isolated. It will be later. It is paying on that


cool side, and certainly cold nights to come tonight. It will relain dry.


Temperatures will be going hnto single figures. Maybe as low as four


or five Celsius. Tomorrow morning, a chilly start. A great start, though,


lots of sunshine around in the morning. A lot of clouds increase in


the afternoon, with some isolated showers later on in the day, but


plenty of sunshine in betwedn. Those temperatures are struggling once


again, we will get up to 16 or 7 Celsius.


In a few moments we will have a full national forecast,


but for now I'll leave you with a look at the outlook.


looking at the risk of showers for Friday though.


Good evening. Autumn, August. It's an easy slip of the tongue to make,


but the two do seem mixed up at the moment. Tomorrow morning, you could


be forgiven for thinking it's October, as you step out the door.


It's going to be cold. Why so chilly, well, because we are drawing


the air down from the north and the brisk breeze dies down. The showers


disappear and the temperatures tumble. Towns and cities nine or


ten. In rural areas widely down to four or five degrees and some places


just two or three above freezing.


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