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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Our economy's grown faster this year than London's.


In a new water claims this region is number one for economic growth. `` a


new report. Also, Jessica and I are on a journey to find out just how


safe it is these days to cycle on our roads. Plus, drivers ard told to


expect major changes here as a mile long stretch of the new road opens


for the first time. And find out why this silver collection has `ttracted


thousands of people to Lincolnshire. ??PREVSUB


More good news on the East Lidlands' continuing recovery


Our economy is the fastest growing region in England so far thhs year,


That's according to a report by the Royal Bank of Scotland.


They found the economy here is now 4% bigger than it was a year ago,


This time it's the retail sector leading the way.


the future is looking bright for this zip manufacturer in Lehcester.


These apply major high stredt chains. They are recruiting more


staff and have seen a major increase in orders. We used to have hardly


any orders but now they ought for months in advance we are taking on


up to four people. `` three or four months. It is 4% bigger than a year


ago and is growing twice as fast as this time last year. Hotspots


include Leicestershire and Rutland, South and West Derbyshire, so it is


not the city 's leading the way Leicester, Derby and Nottingham also


blew the output but for now the recovery is moving faster elsewhere.


Retail is the hottest sector, up by 5.4%. Distribution like all those


weird houses along the M1. `` we're houses. `` warehouses. It is almost


a year since the Governor of the bank of England gave a speech to


business leaders citing that this business region was a bellwdther for


economic recovery. It was hdre that the governor made that remark and on


the surface it does seem like things have improved but underneath the


picture is more complicated. The region has seen the biggest drop in


wages in the country, a loss of around ?36 per week compared to the


previous year. So what does this growth mean for those who lhve here?


I am feeling the pinch more than four or five years ago. Everything


is going up and we have had no pay rise. We have been lucky, mx husband


has had a PI is at work which made things easier. The macro thhs year I


have been on holiday twice. The region has moved to national leader


and for companies like this one it is looking like a promising road


ahead. First there was good news, then bad news, what is going on


Mixed signals. We were told unemployment was falling thdn we


were told our wages are falling in the same period, then we ard told


the region is the fastest`growing in England for 2014. The truth is, the


economic recovery is not a simple picture. In the first three months


of this year the East Midlands was best for economic growth in England.


That was largely due to manufacturing. When you look at the


second quarter, the picture emerging is that the service sector hs doing


particularly well. We heard about that company in the piece, retail


distribution. They are quitd different. The truth is, anx


recovery is welcome but I think what a load of business leaders `nd the


government will be hoping for is for sustained growth. We will bd hoping


for manufacturing and possibly exports as well. We will le`ve it


there. Thank you. new figures show that in recent


years the number of people cycling But cycling campaigners clahm


the city's just too dangerots to July, a cyclist was killed


as she rode to work. Now the government's given


Nottingham an extra six million This report from our


Political Editor John Hess. Most days this woman cycles to work.


As a cyclist there is nowhere else to go but on the road and some


hearts have potholes. `` parts. There is a lot of hype from the city


council about how rain it is. How good it is for cyclists, but that


isn't quite true. We are he`ding through the city, we have mhst the


rush`hour and we are on the way to speak to someone about cyclhng


policy. Deal are going to bd more casualties because there ard more


people cycling. `` there ard. In Nottingham last year there was one


death among 130 casualties, Leicestershire's casualty toll was


172 and Derby's was 94. Ask any driver or pedestrian and thdy will


tell you when it comes to s`fety on wheels not all cyclists adopt the


Highway code. It is important drivers accept cyclists are there


and likewise cyclists accept drivers aren't there and give them courtesy.


Cycle campaigners say they want to see more lanes like this so it is


safe for the driver and cyclist too. Good roads be safer for cycling I


put that question to the deputy leader of Nottingham City Council.


Yes, we could, but it will take time. Do you believe that for many


cyclists the city feels dangerous? I do. I cycle myself, I do not find it


that dangerous. Statistics show Nottingham is safer than thd


national average. It seems that they are not so many cycle tracks. Some


of it is to do with an historic road configurations but we are wdak we


are introducing cycle tracks. `` where we can. There is an accusation


that cycling has slipped off of the agenda. That is not the casd, there


is a lot of future investment going on but at the moment money hs short


and it will take some time to get where we want to be.


Coming up in a moment, the latest on the A453.


And there's both good news `nd bad. The same could be said


of the weather. Here's Mel.


Police investigating the murder of a Nottingham man have arrested


two people, following what they say is the discovery of fresh evidence.


Bogdan Navrotski, a 22`year`old Polish man who was


living in Radford, disappeared from his home in January.


Despite large scale searches and appeals, he's not been seen since.


Two men aged 28 and 39 have been arrested on suspicion of murder


Nearly 70 current and former students at


the University of Derby are seeking compensation over fears thex've been


It follows the discovery th`t a worker at the university's health


clinic was re`using syringe barrels for taking blood tests and


More than 600 students, past and present, fear they may have


been infected with diseases such as HIV and hepatitis.


A ?1,000 reward is being offered for information about a number


of burglaries that followed a huge fire in Leicester a fortnight ago.


Three houses and a service station in Melton Road


were ransacked after they'd been evacuated during the factorx fire.


Cash and jewellery were among the items taken.


The charity Crimestoppers is offering the reward


for information leading to the arrest of those responshble


Drivers who use the A453 in Nottinghamshire are being told


to expect significant changds in the road layout from tomorrow.


A small section of the new carriageway will open


It's being described as a milestone by those in charge


But drivers and holidaymakers are being warned to pay attention to the


It may only be a small stretch of road but it is a giant leap towards


the white and carriageway. Drivers will be diverted onto this now


completed part of the carri`geway. What can they expect tomorrow


morning? Two`way traffic saw no change in the existing road. They


need to be cheerful because it is a new road layout but they nedd to pay


attention to all of the signs. That safety advice is important. Although


this will be the future westbound dual carriageway, for now it will be


used by traffic in both dirdctions. This road runs past the powdr


station and parallel to the current road which will now close as the


carriageway is diverted over here so work can start over there. This is


just the start. A further two miles will open in two weeks time )


further road will open but ht will remain single carriageway until next


spring. We have had the bendfit of a mild summer but I am confiddnt we


will have this finished by the beginning of May next year. The road


will close by eight o'clock tonight so it could affect people travelling


to the airport ahead of a holiday. The long awaited work to widen this


road enters its final eight months. Well all the details of those road


changes are on our Facebook page, there's the address. And we'll be


keeping you up to date with various planned diversions and clostres on


the A453 as that work procedds and we'll put all the details on


Facebook for you. we'll put all the details on


Facebook for you. we'll put all the details on


Facebook for you. we'll put all the details on


Facebook for you. Sticking with the report. Order


staff are blaming long queuds on 14 flights arriving in quick


succession. Managers say thdy are considering installing a covered


walkway after passengers colplained of having to stand outside hn the


rain. Plans for a quarry at a beauty spot have been thrown out. They


wanted to install industrial stone soars but the Peak District National


authority has refused saying it is too close to ancient monuments. The


final designs for a new art gallery in Leicester have been rele`sed An


extension of the University Centre for arts will open next year. It


will be the first of its kind since the city Gallery closed four years


ago. It will have free entrx for the public. Silver service norm`lly used


for state functions at Downhng Street has been put on display at


the grand film. Other reporter is one of those getting a tastd of


number ten. The grand dining room is exceptionally busy. This is why


This silver service, normally reserved for state functions at


Downing Street, is on displ`y. The collection was created in 1892 and


has been used by most of thd world's heads of state. These plates


each up there own individual design and story, this one, we belheve was


used by Nelson Mandela. It was produced specifically for the


purpose of state banquets at number ten. Already 9000 people have come


to see it from across the country. It is wonderful. I would like to


take some porn! It is magnificent and saw amazing to get to sde


something used by so many hdads of state. `` take some headrool! There


is still time for you to sed it A rare chance for you to see some


Number ten silver on our doorstep. Still to come, in cricket, @lex


Hales talks about his England call up. And ideas to keep the khds


occupied in the long summer holidays. We are just five linutes


from the city centre here. Get paddling! That was harsh. No ice


creams either! Now the sport. Early days but not in Forest fans will


enjoy looking at the championship table today. The Reds have gone top


after the win at Bournemouth last night. Derby County suffered the


first defeat of the season. The Nottingham Forest manager h`d been


critical of his defence at the weekend but last night they played


the art site. The defence hdld during a first`half bombardlent The


statistics will tell you how one`sided it was. 11 first`half


corners to one. Just minutes into the second half defences were


reached by Callum Wilson. No surprise to anyone that ever saw


this man in a forest shark. And the third of the season for this man was


scored to level the game. After being second best for most of the


match, Forest stole all thrde points. Level on points with


Cardiff, Millwall and Charlton. The defensive record only lasted 11


minutes for this team as Ch`rlton scored. The equaliser was a cracker


from the edge of the box. There were lots of problems and after dancing


through the defence this man was brought down and Charlton Rdid took


the lead from the penalty box. Then Charlton's third was headed home.


The game was lost and the R`ms with four points from three slipped to


13. Else we are there were wins for Notts County and Mansfield town The


first win of the season for Notts County. There were sending hs off.


The game against Colchester was hoped to boot last Saturday's


performance behind them. After seven minutes the first call. And then


during the second half this was scored and the manager was sent to


the stand for his protests `bout it being off site. There were late


sendings off of Jeevan Keand and Mickey Rourke. Chris Clements close


range effort rolled over thd line after just two minutes in this game,


the only one of the match. Hn cricket, Notts outlaws have a big


game in the one`day Royal London cup. A win for Notts will gtarantee


them a place in the quarterfinals. They are chasing 303 for victory.


Alex Hales is in good form, fresh from being cold up to the England


one`day squad. I caught up with him earlier to see how he feels about


the prospect of his one`day debut against India next week. I `m really


excited about it. I feel re`dy. It has taken a while to get into that


squad. Now you get your chance here. Definitely, I have enjoyed ly T 0


expedience so far and the sdlectors said you have to show as yot can


compile and build innings. H have hopefully shown that this ydar and


feel ready for the step up. My aim at the start of the year was to push


for the World Cup squad. So far I have managed to get into thd squad


and impress for selection for the World Cup. How about the test site?


Could we maybe see you knocking on the door there as well? That is my


rain, I will have to keep working hard and performing well for Notts.


Hopefully we can see you continue that with England in the ond`day


side? Yes, it will be a real test of everybody's skill. War medal success


for our swimmers in the European Championships. Adam Petrie swam a


great second leg on the bre`ststroke to give Britain a two second lead.


And they got medal came homd for Fran in a world record time. It is


fantastic, I have to maintahn it. It is good fun. Finally, big


congratulations to this Nottinghamshire gymnast, frdsh from


her sister's medal success `t the Commonwealth Games, she has won her


own at the youth Olympics. @ll the hard work has paid off, she has


picked up a bronze medal to prove she is a real prospect for the real


Olympics in two years time. Great stuff from heart. That is all yours


bought. And just before the weathered the last part of our


schools out CDs for the sumler. `` CDs. The `` `` series.. This might


not be your first choice of places to bring the kids during thd


holidays but it is an international success with bases in China and


Asia. In 1928 these stunning gowns were given as a gift and officially


opened as a college later that year. In 1948 it was awarded univdrsity


status. Albert Einstein, Gandhi and HG Wells have visited to lecture.


This pleases far more than just learning. There are a host of


activities to keep the kids occupied. Let's go on the bhke. Two


children. I'm worn out, it shall be go and do something else? Anyone


fancy a round of golf? All right! She recall. BBC Radio Nottingham on


the rain about to hit a hold in one. OK, the winner is Jeff. Yes And


there is even open air ping`pong. And ice rain. `` ice cream. If you


like it we can sign you up for September. I was thinking ftrther


away! Now the weather. August is still fairly cool and it cotld feel


fresher still tomorrow. The bees will pick up. This beautiful picture


was from earlier this morning. That is when we saw the best sunshine. It


was quite chilly but clouds bubble up as we head through the


afternoon. This evening showers will feed and most places will h`ve clear


skies. Temperatures will fall sharply. Overnight lows arotnd nine


Celsius in towns and cities. In the countryside it could dip as low as 4


degrees. A fresh start to Thursday morning. The best brightness first


thing again. There will be some outbreaks of showery rain. Not


everyone will see these showers but everyone will notice the brdeze It


will feel fresher than tempdratures suggest. Highs of 16 or 17 degrees.


Another cool bay with some sunshine but also a few showers. That is the


story heading into the weekdnd. Saturday will have some dry or


bright spells but also a few showers. This high pressure will


build later in the day and `t the moment Sandy will be the best day of


the bank holiday weekend. This rain will make inroads and it will take


until the early hours of Monday Some rain at some point over the


bank holiday weekend, timing and certain. The temperatures whll


remain fairly cool heading hnto next week. Dominic said earlier that is


not cold but it is cold for August. That is not actually cold! Goodbye.


We've got factory boys and butchers' apprentices and office clerks


Don't stop moving! If you go back you'll die!


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